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The United States stands as the largest sender of remittances in the world. With transactions spanning across the globe, the US population sending money overseas is largely comprised of migrants working in the United States sending money back to their families in their home countries. Whether the end destination is India, the Philippines, Mexico, Pakistan and other leading countries in the remittance business each of those countries are comprised of millions of families being supported by their relatives that migrated and settled in the United States.

USA money transfer

Sending money overseas to developing countries entails many rules and regulations around electronic fund transfers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) oversees the interactions with the purpose of establishing basic rights and liabilities of the consumers as well as the financial institutions that use remittance transfer services.

USA money transfer

User security and protection is paramount across all realms in the United States, and even more so when related to any transactional activity. The CFPB holds the authority to regulate any and all transactions to ensure the consumer's safety and assurance that the transfers made through financial institutions are authorized. Teaming up the most reputed remittance transfer services, we at CompareRemit make sure to keep our user's security to top priority as well.

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CompareRemit is a really nice app and website, where I am able to compare all the remittance rates with all the competitors. CompareRemit highlights the highest-rate provider on the top of the page which easily helps me decide which one to choose to transfer money for my needs in a short time. I would love to continue using CompareRemit as a steady reference for my money transfer.

CompareRemit service is very essential for anyone who is out of their home country for work., because they all need to send their hardly earned money to their country. For that, there many vendors are available in market but their prices are keep on changing. The best way to know which vendor is offering a good transfer rate and all of their pros and cons, is CompareRemit. A great deal of time and research is involved in the remittance process, but CompareRemit will provide all the necessary services for you.
Naresh Babu Selvarajulu

CompareRemit User Testimonial
CompareRemit User Testimonial

CompareRemit provides a unique platform for remittance service providers and customers and brings them together. It offers great value to customers, while bringing greater opportunity for service providers to remain in front of the customers.
Roshan Polepalli, Director, Business Development    Transferwise

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