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Remittance is an important source of income for Mexico, as it stands as the largest remittance receiving country of the Latin American region. Migrants of Mexico are typically involved in the US labor market, and these workers are sending their hard-earned money to their home country and helping support their families. A majority of the inflow to Mexico goes to living expenses of the family in forms of mortgage, utilities, food, and more. Over the years, the amount of money transferred to Mexico has steadily increased as more and more migrants have made their way to the US and other countries to work.

The US stands as one of the largest remitters to Mexico, because most of the migrants from Mexico settle down in the United States for work. The US labor market is consistently growing, which in turn increases the flow of migrants entering the country seeking work. This fuels the growth of the remittance exchange between the United States and Mexico further, which has reached a value of up to 10 billion USD a year.

CompareRemit aims to streamline the process of sending money to Mexico. With more transactions being made through financial institutions, the remittance business plays a significant role in Mexico's economy, and will continue to do so in the years to come. 

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