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XE Money Transfer Reseñas

La Banca
Davis R
Publicado en April 12, 2024 05:46 am

Do not trust them. Sketchy. They will make you create an account and just decide to close it after your transfer. They will hold your money. And customer service will only give vague answers.

Davis R
Publicado en April 12, 2024 05:40 am

Requested a $3,000 transfer to Philippines using my debit card. Complied with all the requirements as requested. Then I got an email indicative they decided to close my account. Consequently, they already debited my money from my bank and customer service doesn’t know when will they give my money back except to wait for their email. They still have my money. This company is sketchy. Don’t trust them.

Publicado en April 10, 2024 02:46 pm

The Amount I sent from here, went well on time. However, Xe promised that there will be a $20 Gift card with COMP20 and they didn't issue the gift card at all.

Publicado en March 28, 2024 07:59 pm

Please do not use this XE Money transfer, i transfer large amount Australia and they told me with 24 hr funds will be release their once they received even though after 3 days they emailed my how you got this funds i explain them and send documentation submitted , i called 4 times and no response they are trying to use my money for their larger earnings to use my money for weekend so they are not responding to my call even i spoke to their supervisor he confirmed everything is fine he will follow up with clearance department he promise me he will get back to with in 30 min never i got called i called back again and no response from customer services, So please please do not use this exchange services in future

Publicado en March 21, 2024 06:06 pm

Worst and most F**** Experience with them when i cancelled my ordered.One of the worst exchange to use for money transfer. I do not recommend this exchange. You will never receive money and they never fulfill what has been promised.

Karthikeyan Jaganathan
Publicado en March 19, 2024 04:31 pm

Worst and most F**** Experience with them when i cancelled my ordered.

Publicado en March 01, 2024 10:25 pm

I was sending a transfer from US to INDIA. First problem, could not enter the indian address right. Their text boxes have some restrictions which will never work for Indian addresses. So, because of the bad address, the money 5 figure got rejected and sent back to xe. Then given its 2022. their app or website do not even care to inform if its ACH transfer or WIRE transfer. My money was stuck for 5 days. TransferWise has all this automated depending on ACH or WIRE, they auto populate the right routing number. But, with XE, it was a headache. But, whoever I called did respond promptly. But, they seemed under trained to ask the right questions.

Krishn Garg
Publicado en February 28, 2024 10:08 am

One of the worst money transfer provider. Please don’t use for higher amount of money. They do shit and hold your big money and when the rate is down and then they cancelled your transaction with higher and good rate. I am really frustrated and wanted to complain to police about it . They are completely cheating customers. SCAM

Publicado en February 14, 2024 05:56 am

very good transfer and rates

Publicado en February 07, 2024 05:11 pm

Requested simple $1,000 transfer to Philippines using debit card and having sent to a bank with SWIFT code. XE took the money, then emailed me they had closed the account and the transfer did not go through. They still have my money. A scheme to skim some interest of my cash? Lower exchange rate but much better service with Remitly. Avoid these predators..

Publicado en January 28, 2024 08:28 pm

One of the worst exchange to use for money transfer. I do not recommend this exchange. You will never receive money and they never fulfill what has been promised. They advertise as 1-3 business days for ACH transfer but, for me the bank debit happened same on 01/23 and still status show as "We are currently processing your payment" after 6thday.

Publicado en January 09, 2024 09:36 am

i should not give them a star even, send a money on 1/1/2024 and still in under process, i should ask them to give my money back.

Publicado en January 04, 2024 12:07 pm

While the first few transfers went well, for my most recent transfer my money has been stuck with them for over a week now. Their agents are mostly just outsourced phone answering representatives who can't do anything apart of saying that they will forward your complaint. You can't speak to folks who can actually help you and they don't respond to tickets for weeks. I am not very optimistic as to whether I'll even receive my funds or not.

B Zaydan
Publicado en December 27, 2023 08:10 pm

I had a terrible experience with the XE money transfer! I give them negative seven stars… I initially got the confirmation and contract info saying my transfer was confirmed, so I forwarded it to the recipient… saying it could take a couple of days. After two days, I received an email saying they were still waiting to receive my money. I checked with my bank in Australia and they confirmed that XE received the money and the transfer to them was successful. When I called XE, and after several painful attempts, I spoke to their agent, who confirmed that he could see my transfer and that they received the money. He also advised me to ignore the emails that claimed that they were still waiting for the money. He explained that the verification team who ere still checking my account. I told him that they already called and asked for all my details and confirmed that it was okay. I can't sign into my account at all now...keeps logging me out. I sent an inquiry and complaint about that… two days later, still no answer. They have all my banking info… I had to trust them with that… and they can't even give me a reason they aren't transferring the funds. It has been 10 days and there is no money transfer and no action. Unacceptable and Fraudulent. I advise everyone not to do business with this company. Beware!

M Herrick
Publicado en December 26, 2023 04:40 pm

Absolutely terrible experience with XE money transfer! I initially got the confirmation and contract info saying my transfer was confirmed so I forwarded to the recipient...saying it could take a few days. Then I got an email saying my account was reason given. I signed into my account and chatted with a rep who said my account wasn't closed...she assured me. So I waited a couple more days....then tried tracking my transfer...but I can't sign into my account at all now...keeps logging me out. I sent an inquiry and complaint about that...three days later they finally sent another email saying "sorry for any inconvenience" ...but they closed my account and contract! I called the customer service and was told the same thing...sorry...account close...NO REASON can be supplied! They have all my banking info...I had to trust them with that...and they can't even give me a reason they aren't transferring the funds. Totally unacceptable! I advise everyone to not do business with this company. I should have read other similar reviews here before I even tried using them! Beware!

Ian Holdsworth
Publicado en December 22, 2023 08:25 am

I am going back to WISE. XE have become so slow. With an excuse that they're ensuring my money's safe! The rate has just happened to improve for them. Oh, and it's now the weekend. And Xmas. Thanks a bunch and Merry Xmas to you (not). Never again.

Publicado en November 29, 2023 04:48 am


Publicado en November 29, 2023 04:46 am

cheapest rates i've seen and transfer went v quick

Publicado en November 16, 2023 03:53 pm

Do NOT send money with! I am buying a house in mexico and I wired the money to them from my bank, and they canceled the transaction and now I have to wait

Publicado en November 14, 2023 07:38 am

I am giving 2star because they are holding for a long time and their claim to send money in 2-3 hour is totally a false statement.

Publicado en November 07, 2023 10:47 am

Their exchange rates are good,for me first transactions were good but after some time they sent email saying my account is closed or restricted,they could have done that before deducting money from my account but they sent after deducting the money from my account .i have to wait 7 working days to get my money back.i have to raise multiple requests to get my money back.if they need any details they could have mandate that before accepting the money transfer but they are not doing that and just closing the account to get and use our money for few days.

Fisher Alfred
Publicado en October 27, 2023 07:52 am

The best hackers I have seen are [email protected], they got me $15,000 via hack

Rick G
Publicado en October 24, 2023 11:14 am

They confirmed my account registration (with ID documents). After I executed my first payment (small bill for an accomondation), they debited my bank account. Few Hours later I got an email that they have closed my account completely. Called the customer service. They just told me that they blocked account because of a business decision, it will not be opened again and I will not be able to register again - without any explanation of the reasons. I don’t know if I will ever see the money again they have charged me. Never in my whole life I experienced such a bad behavior of a company. Unfortunatelly I can just recommand to stay away from them.

Publicado en October 16, 2023 12:56 pm

I got my money, takes a few days, loose a few points on the dollar doing so. Rates are close, low but close

Publicado en October 08, 2023 06:54 pm

Don't use this company. I couldn't get my money back when it was time to withdraw , please stop now ! They are very attentive when you begin to invest but then completely ignore you when they have your money ! scam! BRO ADO AK-CAP IT AL COM helped me get out of this mess fast.

Publicado en September 15, 2023 03:38 am

Worst ever service. I have used wise to transfer my money but used XE and it really made my life miserable. Two Payment of 5000 Euro processed and converted but it was stuck into compliance for some reason. I just asked for refund to source but it is more than 10Days and still stuck with compliance team. Their customer care is joke and emails never answered. Customer care guys give different answer every time and never seen such a worse team. My advice never transfer any big amount more than 5000Euro. WISE transfer is much better in my experiance. Never try XE.

Publicado en August 01, 2023 05:27 pm

Absolute disaster. What should have been a simple international money transfer taking 2-4 working days has become a case of the missing AU$27k after 16 days. The money has not arrived with the recipient and just tells me the transfer is still being screened for approval. XE is withholding valuable information for me to contact the Recipients Bank. I regret not using my Bank to do this transfer. XE's service and systems are nothing short of diabolical. Their ability to solve an issue is non-existent and care factor is zero. I highly advise against using this company, it is a sham.

Publicado en July 12, 2023 10:06 pm

Poor service, transferred 1000 GBP to INR was told account has been closed and money has not been returned to date.

Publicado en June 26, 2023 02:32 pm

Horrible time in connecting to their server. Once I was about able to connect, they denied the transfer. Filed a complaint with Consumer Protection Bureau but that was a joke. They really have no authority other acting as a go between. Horrible company I wouldnt even give them one star.

Publicado en June 16, 2023 09:04 am

I have used for about a year. But the recent transfer I made on May 26th still has not been deposited into my bank account. Today is June 15th. Customer service answers the phone but then says "the funds are being traced and there's no way to estimate the time that takes."

Publicado en April 17, 2023 11:29 pm

They accepted the transfer on 4/10, then rejected the verification on 4/11/, but pulled money from my account on 4/13. Inquiry submitted today.

Publicado en April 13, 2023 07:39 pm

Closed my account for no reason and kept my money too. Been chasing for over a week to get my money back.

Publicado en March 13, 2023 01:40 pm

They closed my account and would give no reason. I'd give zero stars if that was an option.

Publicado en March 13, 2023 04:01 am

Solid service!!!! Been using now for a few years and always fast and great

Publicado en March 06, 2023 10:11 pm

Created an account...Attempted a transfer... Xe withdrew my money...After 5 days no transfer... Asked Xe Help chat what was happening... Responded transfer is being processed... Xe kept my money for 10 days, then returned the money and "closed" my account but didn't tell me... I tried to transfer money again but got an error message saying that "Sorry you can't send money from this account" Help chat told me I would get an email in 48 hours. Email confirmed my account was closed and Xe couldn't help me transfer money. What a scam...use your money for awhile then return it...

Publicado en February 26, 2023 04:13 pm

XE is not a legit service. It has been 10 days since I initiated 30000 USD transfer. They deducted the money from my account and still not credited to recipient account. Now when i call them, each agent says a different story - one said the money was rejected by my recipient account, another said the money was rejected by a middle man service because they dont like the reason for my transfer. Oh wow, these people are fraud!! I'm sitting her anxiously praying for my 30K USD to get refunded back.

Publicado en February 08, 2023 10:39 pm

Service is beyond awful. The will close your account no reason. Someone is expecting money, and they just close the account. They will respond with the jargon of “we take security seriously” really! You have told me my account is reinstated how many times only to keep it closed! Complete joke!

Publicado en January 03, 2023 07:33 pm

DON'T USE! I just arranged a transfer of a reasonable sum of money (over $30k), which XE were happy to take. Once the money had reached their accounts they decided that they needed to do additional verification as to who I am, once they had the money of course. I followed their procedures and heard nothing back. I contacted their customer service and I was told in summary too bad so sad.. I would have to wait until they feel like reviewing the additional documentation. 4 days and waiting with no clear way forward or estimate as to when I might receive the money back. We are one phone call away to the police at this stage. This organisation is basically criminal use them at your own risk!

Publicado en December 29, 2022 04:11 am

Money is locked longer than committed. I have not yet received it.

Publicado en December 16, 2022 11:23 am

X.E transfert is Scammer Really bad application to transfer your money it take a eternity for pick up take hold you money more than 15 days before they release really really bad service avoid it it’s scam

Sankar Arumugam
Publicado en December 05, 2022 08:31 am

I don't even like to give 1 star. Poor Customer Service. They took 3 to 4 days and still money hasn't been deposited to my recipient bank and i complained to the customer service in mail and phone and they cancelled my transaction and told the money will get refunded back. it took 10 days to get the amount back to my account again.

Publicado en November 29, 2022 10:03 am

1st time payment was through with no hicups , after 2 weeks have done one more payment and that is shown as transfered. Money got deducted at source bank and was never deposited at the receiving bank. No update as such. When reached to cutsomer service 2 times, they said they have raised request with payment department. Still waiting for the issue to be resolved.nevershouldhaveusedtheirplatform.

shailyn arboleda
Publicado en November 07, 2022 06:56 am

TikTok payment

Publicado en November 04, 2022 02:06 pm

I used Xe just the other day to send money to my friend in Pakistan. He in hospital at the mo and received in just a few mins. Will use again

Publicado en November 03, 2022 12:09 pm

Fantastic service.

M WAY Vans 0
Publicado en November 03, 2022 11:15 am

Beware of XE ..... be Wise and avoid XE like dog excrement .... be Wise you'll get a much better rate elsewhere. I joined XE and my first transfer went smoothly, however they failed to process my second £20,000 transfer, so four days after the transfer, I contacted the helpline and had the misfortune of dealing with an apparently inept staff member who was unable to access the relevant information. After he wasted my time for a few minutes I asked him to email me regarding the issue he was having. A few hours went by and I received no email from them, so I emailed the help desk and I also used live chat to requested an immediate full refund of my £20,000 to the original GBP account I made the initial transfer from, as it had become apparent they could not be trusted to handle my money in a prompt, professional and trustworthy manner. Jordan on live chat refused to provide his full name but said the transfer had been actioned. However, when I checked my account there was no refund. I applied pressure throughout the day including a threat to report them to the governing body, but this had no effect. Sadly, its taken 14 emails, 4 Live Chats, 1 Telephone Call, 1 Complaints to their bank, 1 Complaint to the financial ombudsman, and multiple threats of High Court Action in order to receive a refund and this has used up approx. 16 hours of my valuable time dealing with several individuals especially Reena Johal who stooped so low as to ask me 'where my nearest hospital is' in an email it sent, maybe more suited to a shoplifting roll than handling other people's money. Finally XE refused to compensate me for wasted time. Due to my experiences with them I would consider them an absolute disgrace to the money transfer markets and not a company I would trust with even the smallest amount of money .... be Wise and avoid XE like a pool of vomit .... be Wise you'll get better rate elsewhere.

Pathetic service
Publicado en October 02, 2022 02:21 pm

They claim money is available within few days but indulge in malpractices and HoARD the money to their accounts before transferring to the receipient

Publicado en September 21, 2022 08:15 am

bad bad bad run for your life! I used to send money with XE, no big amounts and everything went smooth. By the time I decided to send a big amount for my housing project, There was suddenly a technical issue. Probably because the rate was not that favorable for them so they just decided to keep the money and wait until the curreny goes up and refund me by stating a "technical issue" When you call, they never have an answer, they always have to reach out to an other departement, by writing. When you ask about time when this or that will be done? No one knows. They'll just say: the other departement / business partener (which is RIA btw) did not give us any processing time. never ever business with them

Publicado en July 15, 2022 05:20 am

Had great rates from this one and always liked Xe. would recommend to any1

Publicado en July 14, 2022 11:58 am

I have had reasonably good service with Xe in the past so thought I would utilize their newer pick-up service. I created a transaction to be picked up in Mexico and received an email that it was available for pick-up. Upon arrival at the location, I was told it was not there. The next day I see a note online that now says the transaction was canceled by myself(?). Attempted to understand why but was unable to get an answer. Will now have to wait an additional 5 days for the return of the money.


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