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MoneyGram Money Transfer Reviews

Rasha Abou romia
Posted on June 16, 2021, 06:09 pm

Lame process. If you have a slight error in receiver’s information then you lose all your money and they don’t care to help you once they get their fees.. My money was never received by the recipient and I never got a refund back, I swear I wouldn’t use such a way of sending money again

Posted on June 08, 2021, 08:17 am

Very disappointing and unethical. We used MoneyGram to send money to a ministry in Haiti. When the recipient went to pick it up, he was told they didn't have enough money. He tried another location with the same result. He then tried again at the original town. We cancelled the transfer. Finally we got the money back, but MoneyGram has refused to refund the exorbitant fees to date. Since December, we have tried and tried to get contact with a real person. All we get is an automated reply.

Posted on May 31, 2021, 02:53 pm

They suck! They're crooks! Customer service is always handled by people in India! I made a mistake on my transaction. They punished me by taking $17 off of the transaction just for to correct the mistake!

Vanessa Stringer
Posted on May 19, 2021, 12:16 pm

I have never experience such us backwards and poor customer service company. These people out of nowhere closed my account with no explanation other than "not feeling comfortable with the transaction" excuse me? can you not verify nowadays if something is genuine? card information, phone number, address... This was going to be my first time trying to use this company and I am actually glad I did not use it. They are so backwards that they don't have a department in charge of verifying this information? These people are ridiculous. Do yourself a favor Stay away from there!

Rosemarie Henry
Posted on March 29, 2021, 07:08 pm

I will not be sending money with your company again. On March 22 2021, I sent money to my son for an important purpose. Instead of the agreed cash pickup, he was given a check which he had to deposit in his bank account. Today is March 29 2021, one week later, and the money is still not accessible to him. He was sent more money via Western Union yesterday, and he got the cash today. ( their offices do not open on Sunday) This is unacceptable and a breach of your agreement. Your company advertises (and I paid for) cash pickup and not check pickup.

Posted on March 23, 2021, 11:22 am

Same here. I used them over a month ago. Took weeks for refund. They deleted my account and everything saying I was fraud. Now, greendot has deleted the transaction and never gave me my refund so we are getting ready to file civil lawsuit join up. Most of all it was embarrassing to the person I was sending as a gift for birthday.

Posted on March 03, 2021, 05:01 pm

Please don’t use Money Transfer. Without any reason they canceled my transaction and deducted money from my bank. Then they have deleted my account. Now they are telling they did not receive any from my bank account. But my bank says there is money deducted in my account from Money Gram.ScamCompany.

Posted on January 23, 2021, 01:15 pm

Horrible! I sent $25 to someone who was then denied the money because Walmart would not accept any of his 3 forms of ID. They charged be $6.50 for the transaction. I have asked for a refund, but they just refer me to the online page. Doing that it says I have no transactions! Therefore they won't even refund the $25 even though they charged my credit card. Never again!

Posted on January 22, 2021, 04:19 am

I've been used their online service for years and my last transaction just got canceled and my profile deleted. Without any reason. I'll neve use their service again. Just use other services like Western Union, Worldremit Paypal etc...

King Israel S Prioleau
Posted on January 01, 2021, 03:14 pm

I tried to send money to my niece four days before Christmas. They cancelled my transaction and deleted my profile, leaving her wondering when the money was coming. I tried to find out why they cancelled it, and deleted my profile, but all they can say is for "security reasons." I am not a thief and my niece needed the money. WARNING: Please don't use this company find a better more reliable alternative.

Posted on December 22, 2020, 06:37 am

Don't use this company! Alternatives such as Western Union, PayPal - literally ANY other competitor will be better. They have "lost" my transaction. Customer service is non-existent; most of the representatives don't know what they're talking about and will send you on a wild goose chase to pickup locations - which their website isn't correct about which locations offer their services. 90 days is an unacceptable amount of time to find out what is going on with an etransfer, let alone receive it. Any time you're transferred to a manager, the call is conveniently dropped. My clientThat's an extremely high fee for literally the worst customer service had. they will transfer you to three individuals and all will have the same questions and at the end of the call NO progress only frustration

Posted on December 18, 2020, 06:39 pm

First of all they force you to exchange by not offering the same currency at pick up location, second the exchange rates are ridiculous. They really think everybody is stupid or they just don't care about customers and rip them off.

modi m
Posted on November 10, 2020, 04:04 am

Posted on November 09, 2020, 02:51 pm

PSA: Don't use this company! Alternatives such as Western Union, PayPal - literally ANY other competitor will be better. They have "lost" my transaction. Customer service is non-existent; most of the representatives don't know what they're talking about and will send you on a wild goose chase to pickup locations - which their website isn't correct about which locations offer their services. 90 days is an unacceptable amount of time to find out what is going on with an etransfer, let alone receive it. Any time you're transferred to a manager, the call is conveniently dropped. My client paid $10 for a service that isn't anywhere close to as stated. That's an extremely high fee for literally the worst customer experience I've ever had. While I have heard of people successfully completing transactions, mine was unsuccessful and their process to escalate the situation is abysmal.

Posted on October 29, 2020, 09:14 pm

If I could give Moneygram less than one star, I would! I've been with Moneygram for more than 18years. Due to childcare issues, my mom is currently taking care of my daughter and I send her money monthly. Recently, I found that I have been blocked and no-one can explain what is going on. IDIOTS do they not know that the third world countries make them the most money? Why would I have all my contact info saved with them if I was engaged in something fraudulent?

Frank Spencer
Posted on October 24, 2020, 12:02 am

First, some who made obviously negative reviews here show Five Stars............I suggest either the reviewer made an entry and did not carefully look at the Rate It Star check off entries or MG changed the reviews to Five Stars.............Anybody who already posted negative reviews doublecheck the Star Rating entries. Five Stars but a negative experience upgrades the overall Star Average.....That makes the overall rating of MG look better than intended........................ Apart from my experiences detailed below.......MoneyGram has been in legal trouble before..........Plus you can read a lot of other complaints on other Websites such as Better Business Bureau Mos tother businesses are never completely perfect nor are complaining customers always correctal of the time either.However, with MoneyGram? LOTS OF RED FLAGS...Where there is smoke there is Fire. Usually when you play with fire you will eventually get burned.I twas okay for awhile but these last twoi ncidences have made me runaway as fast as possible.Even if not Burned dollar and cents-wise directly. You can be without use of your own money for anything else while tied up with them.You can get burned time-wise and unpleasant experience-wise............those are very valuable commodities in life too. I have other options and doing those going forward after these last two instances with MG. With me, I was a pretty satisfied customer for about one and a half years. Maybe $ 20,000. in total.........However,duringOctober,2020 we started one and MG took $3,000.and fees just like usual and provided tracking number but when attempting to pick up at Banrural Bank as usual (the last previous transfe was in August. Ikeepallmytransactionrecereceiptsandrecords) with al proper ID the bank said their system showed transaction cancelled but MG system still said valid and ready for pickup.I went to Banco Azteca and they said the same thing...None of my own money out to me but in MG and other bank possession.MG was nothing but run around on phone without one comment that did not contradict another comment or informationfrombankwhereIattempted to pick up at and conflicting info on website/internet tracking reports/ MG bought themselves at least 8 days worth of assets for their use of my money until Icouldgetitbackasrefund Twice and send information saying Available for Pickup but when attempting to Pickup with absolutely perfect ID and with out a doubt we are not criminals,not large sums of money and my own very hard earned money For My Needs (The entire point of this service. Custome rNeedsT heir Money),once again BanRura lBank (I go there all the time for other pickups and I know the staff. In these two instances they probably spen six hours with me trying to get to the bottom of it. Ultimately they said the only way to resolve was to call MG.)....These are not distinct separate organizations as far as customer is concerned nor should their data not matchup . MG System still said it was ready for PU and would never answer why they would not give me MY money.Passport IDsaddresses/Gov.IDcards perfect and they absolutely knew who s ender was because we were regular customers.If they asked us any security questions we could have provided exact answers....................Their Stories Just did not Add Uponmultiple,multiplepointsandoccassions..Twice in a Row and high quality sender/recipients. All they do on phone was run around to both my freind the sender when he called multiple times and same for my calls..........................................I happen to be a Licensed Certified Public Accountant n Washington,DC and can prove it.I have been a CPA since1982 and other financial credentialsand experience....................Huge errors when Moneygram quickly took in thousands of dollars but then I could not get my money event hough they said available.I was giving them Interest Free Loans.MG and all the distribution institutions they partner with are ONE organization as far as customer is concerned.They both share in the profits of your transactions................After really legitimate suspicion what was going on in all of this seriouslyconflicting information with in what actually is ONE connected banking relationship........................... I several times called MG and told them that by this point I suspect they are manipulating and asked them questions in order top in them down but still allow them the opportunity to explain themselves...............But they constantly tried to pull the usual tactics of.........Instead of Answering my clear questions to them that I told them I wanted a direct answer?...........they would reply with questions of their own on a different subject trying to deflect............An obvious clear straight forward statement to them and he would say he did not understand the question or what I was asking......The one woman on phone just began repeating her line faster and faster and louder over and over again trying to talk over me or cloud my words........................The last call ended with the man doing the silent treatment (sort of Ironic .When you want them to listen they will Not Stop talking) to my questions and then I asked him what was he hiding.I told him that thieves hide in the dark........I tried to pin them in the right spots with facts and give them every opportunity to reply to questions I had every right to ask.................but all they did was try and dance around,deflect,pretend not understanding pretty clear comments and questions......................Then the last guy hungup......................The results of what they did bought them more time of interest free loans from me without any justification or any explanation on their part after giving them every single opportunity...................They were basically thieves on these two atleast eastintermsofInterestFreeLoansonfaultynon-matchingstories...............Theyhappily took money.............But ultimately kept it as Interest Free Loans.Huge conlicting stories Red Flags when company takes in money and says customer has access............... ......................They are in the money business.They want money for their use.That is fine when they do their part of the deal....Plus when you pay a Transaction Fee you are buying what entitles you to a QualityTransaction.................They had more money to work with for their own financial betterment but huge discrepancies in the functioning..................................Either they were incredibly incompetent or intentional manipulators..............Actually Both.........................Never hand over a penny to MG again...Two instances was enough to detect patterns .................They were basically ConArtists behind appearance of FinancialManagers....................And incredibly disrespectful treatment of human beings.They want to act Holier Than Though. Butdonotevenhavetheirownacttogether.................That is another behavior you will see in dishonest people.Honest people usually have stories that matchup and easy to answer a customer question.I cannot prove this.....but I would not be surprised if they use Protecting Your Security as a bit of their deception excuse to hide behind.Maybe not all of the ****time...............but now I think they have become A Slippery Lot.***Plus it made no difference whether I called for information or my friend the sender called MG with questions about the transactions and fact that....I never got my money where I needed it.MYLife.............I could have been doing a million better things with my time.****We have opted to using WesternUnion to send me my moneyand so far working fine.Money successfully in hand.Ireallyneededit...........butMGmademessandwasteoflife............Buttheymadefinancialprofitviacustodyofmymoneywithnothingbutcontradictory unanswered behavior that would only lead to the conclusion that they wanted to hold to the money for thei rown use.Inretrospectonthesetwotransactiontheyofferedarereallygoodconversionrateturnaroundtimeandlowfee...Almost too good to be true. Theyseemedtosomuchwantmoneyinthedoorbutthenneverouttheotherendaspromisedandsaiditwas. Onlyfinalthingwasapply for refundsgivingthemevenmoretimewiththemoney............A simple answer from them in the very beginning why the discrepancy between them and the bank would have resolved the issue quickly and professionally.Plusifyoutellthemsomethingyouarecertainabout??They treat you like an idiot and say to you..."But Our System Says" WellMoneyGram??Maybe you should hire some better Programmers.Or maybe you are usingy your electronics to cover your tracks and why errors.Maybe on purpse and then use System as excuse. Lies and deceit often show up as contradictory information. Like Detectives interviewing both suspects separately........each of their stories do not match the other .Maybe you purposely program to do improper things...........or better yet?Hire people with some basic integrity and forthright honesty. **************A strange thing too.......It is sort of funny how one person/business with another persons money would ever question the honesty and integrity of the actual owner of the money...........Makes Zero Ethical sense. My friend was the same senderonbothofthesetransactions. Wehavedonesimilarsuccesfulbeforealmostexactlythesame. When the34929717turnedintonightmarewedecidedtoretrytomyfriendandneighborheretothenhandittome..............EverysingleTwascrossedperfectlyorweatleastwantedtoknowwhythecontradictoryinformationandultimatefailures.............butneveranswered. IftheydidsayananswerbeforeIreallystartedwonderingwhatwasgoingon?Thatansweralsocontradictedsomethingelseeitherstatedbyapersonorelectronically...................MoneyGram?? Why the heck would I be lieing on my end now or not telling the truth? Do you think I am an Idiot? What would my point be in doing that?I cannot actually prove you intentionally did things.........but the fact patterns and so many things add up to raise some serious questions about you during these two incidents. Most importantly? You had you own financial incentives and gains. Who came out ahead on every single level in all of this? MoneyGram!! Who would never fix or resolve problems/conflicts somehow under their doing and control whether asked by the sender or anyone else involved including banks on the other end? MoneyGram!!

Pam munsterman
Posted on October 02, 2020, 02:25 pm

Why do charge people18.00to get you replacement back money order it not fair at all to us when it was pay a bill that did not make to there

kamala johns
Posted on September 30, 2020, 04:22 am

Transfer was made on the 5th of August 2020, Funds was supposed to be received by my supplier on the 12 August. Today is 24th and no funds was received. The supplier is someone who I have relationship with for decades, I know him very well. The amount is not to high (1400$) but still it is money. The problem is that the company have a ridiculous policy in the case funds are not received. They asked me to ask the supplier (receiver) to provide his bank statement which is ridiculous. No company will accept that. Bank statement has confidential information and even me I will refuse to provide it to my customers to prove that funds are received. So, I keep trying to explain that and the only cold answer from the customer service was sorry we can do nothing. For my supplier to track the transfer his bank asked the

saring s
Posted on September 23, 2020, 02:52 am

Posted on September 06, 2020, 09:52 pm

Just like other reviews...they gathered my personal information then closed my account! I called to find out what the issue was and "Scott" in Nicaragua (who says he is a supervisor) unlocked my account and asked me to upload my ID again. I did. Same thing! I asked him to help me understand what the issue was so I could do something and he REFUSED to help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and that's when he told me he was a supervisor. I asked to speak to him manager and he said "No. They don't take calls!" Everyone with this experience should file a complaint with the FTC, BBB, and consumer protection agencies available and let's get them OUT of the market!

Posted on August 10, 2020, 05:42 am

Beware! They will ban or cancel your account for no reason stating some non-nonsensical reasons. Try others, they are more humble, professional and reasonable.

James roth
Posted on August 01, 2020, 04:38 am

You got some nerve charging 18.00 for a replacement..

Ari Bond
Posted on May 25, 2018, 05:03 am

The most f...ked up company there is. The most terrible customer service, Indians which couldn't speak a word in English (I'm an emigrant too, learn the f...ing language). Furthermore, the most terrible management and the most terrible service. They canceled my transaction because they didn't feel safe to complete it, learn the f...ing English and maybe you will understand better the answers people give you. When I went to get my money back, they said money orders only and I had to go to a different location, because the one I worked with reached its refund limits. I ended up doing a normal bank transfer, which was $ 55.00 cheaper than moneygram, and my family received about $100.00 pounds more for the same money I sent. Extremely terrible, stay away from this sh..it !

Posted on May 17, 2018, 07:43 am

I pay tuition for 10 students in Ghana. I have sent money their regularly for years through MoneyGram. First, MoneyGram cut me off from their online services because of "security risks" and I will, according to them, never be able to use it again. I had used it 1X using a credit card. This was caused by me wanting to make my payments directly from my bank instead of a credit card. I have an over 800 credit score and have never had issues with my credit or sending money to Ghana. Now, on Sunday May 6, 2018, when sending money the manner I've done 20+ times at CVS, I was initially denied to sending money for "security risks." The service person asked me ridiculous questions that I've never been asked before such as why was I sending money, have I met the person I'm sending the money to, how many times had I met the person I was sending the money to, when was the last time I'd seen this person. I had never been asked these before. I asked for a supervisor. I was told they'd have the same answer. I waited 5 minutes before hanging up. I then called back, was not asked any of those questions and had my money transfer approved. Getting any kind of reasonable answer to my difficulties has been impossible.

Posted on April 20, 2018, 09:55 am

"Sorry but money gram is sucks" the Moroccan money gram guy working in their agency said to the receiver. and I really agree. when I went to the guy working in post Canada, he did not provide even the minimum help, what he says call them I can not do anything for you. Plus when i called i couldn't understand their question and their costumer services is really in button. but thank you you refund my money back.

Posted on April 19, 2018, 08:28 am

I have been sending money to my son in federal prison for months, then all of a sudden moneygram says I violated the terms and conditions and blocked my account. They refuse to tell me what I violated saying it would be a security risk. This is a crock of sh*t, I sent 25.00 every week with no problem, sending it the same way every week.

Posted on April 04, 2018, 12:18 pm

MoneyGram declined my transaction without giving any reason then they deduct the money from my bank account. When I called they said it couldn’t go through in they gonna refund me back the money and the money will be back in my account within 3 to 10 Business days has been going on a month I did the transaction 3/11/2018 it’s now 04/04/2018 and I still do not have my money have talked with over fourteen representatives and received over ten promises that the funds would be returned. Due to the fact that the funds were withdrawn from my account I reuse to take a 4,000 dollar lost I need help on what I have to do to get my funds back

Posted on April 04, 2018, 12:05 pm

I tried to use the service today to send money to Mexico. When I set the account up, it went just like you would expect, but when I tried to send money, it told me the account was locked and that I would have to go to a store with cash. I tried using their customer service chat, but it would appear to be a "no customer service" chat. After wasting half an hour of my life, I went to Xoom and was done with a confirmation in less than 10 minutes, mostly typing information.

Iola Foy
Posted on January 03, 2018, 04:02 pm

MY best friend sent money to me at 100pm today MoneyGram has been officially offffff line telling us to KEEP calling back in 2 hours they scheming I am scared we ain't gonna get our money please help

Posted on July 26, 2017, 06:08 pm

MoneyGram is the worst. They held up our money for several days claiming they had to check it out. We needed the money to respond to a fair where we would get a $1000 discount if paid at the fair. They delivered the money a day late even though we had given them information about the requirements of the fair to get the discount. Horrible service. Rude and accusing attitude.

Dianna aho
Posted on May 31, 2017, 05:38 am

I canceled my transactions the correct way and it's been over a month . I contiously get the run around. They will not refund my money. They deposited it then took it out the same day. Made it look like I got my refund but still have not received it. Everyone I have talked to has been completely useless. Very frustrating to not get the money that is owed to me. Worst company ever! I would never recommend using moneygram!

Posted on May 27, 2017, 01:46 pm

NEVER USE. Tried to send money online to a family member in another state. First few did not go through. Finally one did for a lesser amount. But to get it through I had to answer more questions. Tried a second transaction for the remaining funds needed and was unable to. When family member arrived at site to pick up money from first transaction that too had been canceled altho it showed on my credit card. I tried to access my Moneygram account and had been locked out. When I called the number provided for help I was told to use another service provider and they were sorry. Spent a whole day with nothing to show.

Lilian Hull
Posted on April 27, 2017, 11:46 pm

DO NOT USE MONEYGRAM!!!!!!! I was coned out of nearly $1000 and moneygram did not help at all.. It is not a secure payment method! It is used by criminals extort money out of you and moneygram claimed no responsibility. There call centre is located in India and the customer representative couldn't even understand me! It should be used by no one!

Posted on April 20, 2017, 10:48 am

If only I can give this a zero, I would. Never will use it again and will not recommend it to any friends of families. When you have problem, you are on your own and you will just have to forget about your $500 lost because if you don't, you will lose even more than that by filling applications to money gram for help and pays fee each time with it. I AM SO PISSED.

Ahmad khizir
Posted on March 19, 2017, 11:41 pm

Thanks bad services all the customer care number not reachable and email services also not rply from my mail

Hates incompetence
Posted on February 28, 2017, 10:33 pm

I have never used this service prior to today. I called, asked how long it would take for the recipient to get the money. I was told ten minutes. It cost me almost $100 to send the money. I called the recipient to say it had been sent. It was crucial to get the money there right away. I explained to the person I dealt with on my end, who I was sending it to and why. Gave ID, names addresses, etc. 45 minutes later it was still not available to this person. I called the office, which by the way is of course, in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I have to deal with any company who's call centre is in the Philippines and been pleased with the service. I again had to answer the series of questions then was told the money was available to the recipient. WRONG. They lied (big surprise there). I called again, and had to go thru the same song and dance. I have zero tolerance for incompetence, lies or stupidity. I made the person stay on the phone until I got confirmation from the recipient that the money had finally been received (in hand)... 2 HOURS later. Both of us had better things to do. So, when I finally had more time, I called to complain. I told the person that answered the phone I wanted to speak to a manager that understood and spoke fluent English. I was tsf'd to a person claiming to be a supervisor. This person had all kinds of background noises going on (people talking, etc). I asked if he had an office..."yes we have a corporate office" Huh? What part of "Office" did you hear "corporate" from? I knew it wasn't going to go well. It didn't, I was done very quickly with that stupidity (English.... I pressed 1 for English.... so put me thru to someone that speaks/understand fluent English, WTH). I hung up called back told the agent I wanted to be put thru to someone in the US or Canada. She tsf'd me, the person answered and hung up. I called back. Repeated what I wanted. Was told "I can help you"... Did you miss what I said? If you want to help me, then listen to my request. Simple right? Not for them. Finally I got this person to tsf me.... but where did she transfer me? Nicaragua! What? This person did nothing but run her mouth off, lie and and make her self sound incredibly stupid. Not to mention she was utterly incapable of answering answering a question. Had I had a wee bit more time to research this option, I would NEVER have used them. I will never use them again.

Michael Buhmiller
Posted on February 27, 2017, 07:34 am

MONEYGRAM ONLINE SUCKS AND I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. Completely inconsistent. They went for two months with perfect small money transfers. Then they became hit or miss and would explain that the same people that were NOW acceptable and MONEYGRAM cannot now be sent money to them due to some unexplainable review. This is after my friends travel to get the cash only to be told the reference number is not valid. Of course when my friends contact me it is the first I have heard of any problem. No notification of a rejection from MONEYGRAM so I could save my friends a trip to the cash location. THE ONLINE PEOPLE WERE NICE, BUT COULD NEVER PROVIDE ANY ANSWERS, THE COMPANY SUCKS AND I WILL NEVER USE THESE LOSERS AGAIN.

Joe blough
Posted on February 14, 2017, 07:07 pm

0 stars - these people are the worst! I have also have my transactions "under review", so they're NOT "Ready for Pickup". Most infuriating is that you don't even know it from any communications! Back to Western Union for me.

Keith Reynolds
Posted on February 06, 2017, 03:59 pm

Been using them for over a year sending money to a friend in Texas. All of a sudden they started saying my transfers were under review didn't matter how much I sent. My transfers were always under 150 dollars. Then they want to make you wait a week to get your money back. Your loss, you'll never get my money again.

Useless Customer
Posted on November 10, 2016, 10:57 am

I had an online MoneyGram account and because I did not use it for a few months got locked out. I called the Customer No Service line 50 times only to be rerouted to India or the Philipines where they will read you a canned script and then tell you to try in 24 hours to request a new password. When you ask for a supervisor or manager you are informed there is none and try to call in 24 hours. Online MoneyGram accounts sucks big time and Customer Service (or lack of) is a million times worst!

Posted on May 17, 2016, 10:23 pm

Very poor Customer support and all from foreign countries with no understanding of how to talk to a customer. Be careful because they can hold your money for a very long time and will not send it

Posted on February 13, 2016, 12:36 am

I have used multiple money transfer sites and have had one or other issues. However moneygram is becoming my favorite. I have gone through others' comments here but I haven't faced any problem though. Sometimes big amount transfer is declined due to security purposes. It was resolved as soon as I called them up and I didn't wait long to speak with customer rep. too. So it's been good experience with moneygram so far.

Posted on January 27, 2016, 11:09 am

If that was possible to rate this company -5, I would. This is the WORST way for you to send the money, especially abroad. I sent some money for a gift for my mom to Russia. The policy says she can pick it up at any bank with moneygram service. Okay. So, she drives up to each and every spot there and... They say their "Moneygram program" is not working, so she can't get the money! She couldn't receive my money for TWO WEEKS, trying to find the spot with the working program. (While the moneygram says she can get it at any Moneygram bank in Russia. She lives in a big city, there is a bunch of Moneygram banks,but non if them are actually working!) After all, she finally finds one where they agree to give her my money, but... Only in Rubbles. While I sent it in $ and put a request in my order for her to receive it in the same value... She's glad they finally got the money either way, cause it took FOREVER for her to find a moneygram bank which actually works. I'm very disappointed in thi

Posted on December 28, 2015, 07:51 am

This is the worst money transfer service of all. First they register you successfully on the portal by taking identity proof, last 4 digit of social. Then you transfer the money hoping that everything was alright. Suddenly you recieve a mail that the transfer was not a success. They immediately delete the online account that you created taking away a chance to erase your personal data like bank acc no, 4 digit social, identity info. They provide a number to contact through mail and then when you call the number, you would go through a worst call of your life with the customer care representatives. They hang up the phone on asking the basic question to have your login enabled. All i asked them was to send a mail that my account has been closed. I need to show a lot of patience and at last was connected to customer care supervisor. They finally agreed to send an email but not with proper wordings. Thank you moneygram for the worst remittance service you offered.

Posted on December 25, 2015, 07:24 am

Really never go for moneygram...to confirm transaction i called customer care. they kept me on hold for more than 30 min and transferred for verification at least 4 people. Later they was not sure . Though I transferred to receiver account they said receiver has to go and pick money from office.Still money is not transferred..planing to cancel.Genuine advise ..never go for moneygram.

Posted on December 18, 2015, 12:35 pm

I sent money on Dec 16th and no money was transferred and I tried through credit card the payment of 2999 but unfortunately money did not reach my account in India and the users in MoneyGram have little knowledge on how transactions take place and finally the transactions got cancelled and they said it would take 2 weeks to get back the money to my credit card. I am keeping the fingers crossed and tensed up. Not sure will I get back or not. So do not send through this site and it is really very bad..

Posted on December 11, 2015, 09:10 pm

Be very careful while sending money using debit card. In moneygram, your data are not at all secured . I lost my USD 400 today as somebody did a fake debitcard transaction (retail money gram transaction) with my card details. I never shared my debit card details to anybody otherthan Moneygram. Be very careful

Posted on November 24, 2015, 05:57 pm

Money gram is by the worst money transfer service available. Not only is it going on day 50 for a refund from a transaction that could not be picked up by my receiver bc of there screw up, I had to call to inquire why the refund hadn't been made and was placed on hold 5x and hung up on before I actually got to speak to someone that I could barely understand a word that was spoken... I'll never use there services AGAIN!!!!!! I don't give it 1 star I I've it -5.....

Posted on November 24, 2015, 05:32 am

It is the worst. I transfered my money to india. But the recipient havent received it. The money is still with moneygram. They haven't given my money back yet. The customer service is the worst. This should be sued. Never ever use moneygram to send ur money. u will never get it back

Posted on November 21, 2015, 06:58 am

Went to cvs to do money gram to India. You need to call customer service from a red phone and it takes 15 minutes to get them on line.the website says transfer is free of charge but they want 11$ for 500$ transfer. Rip-off 100%.when l tried to do online transfer, it keeps directing you to use a local location and didn't allow me to transfer. Read that Western union and money gram earn commission's from hard working Mexicans in usa who send a few dollars to Mexico. Risk of losing personal information as they lack clarity in their transactions. Caveat!


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