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About Panda Remit

Panda Remit - The Fast and Affordable way to send money globally with 24/7 customer services & 100% Money Transfer Guarantee
Panda Remit aims to provide safe, convenient, and low-cost international money transfer service to people who travel, live & work internationally. Whether you are sending money to support Family living overseas, re-paying your loan, sending your salary or selling your property, and recharging your online shopping e-wallet, Panda Remit will help clients send money in an easy, secure & fast way and receive more.



Why Panda Remit?

• Exclusive Offers & Rates – Receive more money at Exclusive Exchange Rates with 0 sending fees.
• Flexible Receiving Methods – Receive money by E-wallets, Bank Cards, Cash Pickup at your convenience.
• Flexible Sending Methods – Send Money by Mobile Banking, Bank Cards and Online Payment System.
• Global Remittance Support – We provide money transfer services across 30+ countries including Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.
• Easy to use – Complete your money transfer online with our mobile App.
• Fast & Secure - Receive money in fastest 2 minutes & We use industry-standard security protocols and encryption to protect your personal data.

How to send money with Panda Remit?

1. Open a free Panda Remit account > Select your sending country & Use your mobile number or email to register an account.
2. Complete your profile > Submit personal inf
ormation & required personal ID (like passport/driving license/ID card etc.) in 2 mins.
3. Select Trans
fer Details > Select receiving country & put sending amount.
4. Create Recipient Profile > Submit Recipient Information and Select Receiving Method.
5. S
elect Sending Method > Choose supported sending method of sending country.
6. Confirm Your Transfer > M
ost Transfers will take around one working day.^
^90% of major currency transfers are processed in 24 hours on receipt of funds to Panda Remit


As an international remittance product and brand, Panda Remit was founded in Hong Kong by Wo Transfer (HK) Limited, holding MSO license in 2018. They are invested by World-renowned investment institution-Sequoia Capital & Light Speed in 2019 & also were selected into Mastercard Start Path Program in 2020.

They have expanded markets rapidly into North America, Oceania, Asia, Europe since 2018. They have served millions of global clients & are still continuing to expand into new countries and new regions to serve more clients.

With their professional 24/7 customer services team, their services have received more than 50,000 high-rating reviews & achieved 4.9 review score out of 5 as the highest score of remittance app in Trustpilot.

In addition, they highly focus on keeping their clients' money and personal data secure. Panda Remit operations are regulated under over 30 regulators globally & they hire Symantec Security Solution to protect clients' transaction data. Meanwhile they provide 100% Money Transfer Guarantee to ensure clients' funds are safe with Panda Remit.


FEATURES ((Currently showing rates for USA to IND change)

Today's Rate
$ Amount
₹ Exchange Rate
$100 - $3000
Exchange Rate Type
Transfer Fee
Bank Account
$ Amount
Up to $3000
Transfer Time
Debit/Credit Card
Up to 2 Minutes
Transfer Type
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • ACH Transfer
Daily Transfer Limit
Customer Service Info
Company Headquarter
Hong Kong
Company Type
Remittance Providers
Mobile App
Company Established
Text Update (SMS)
Email Updates
Provider's FAQs
You can email us on [email protected]
Referral Program
Key Feature
Document Requirements


Posted on February 18, 2023 05:37 pm

Transfer fees of $3.99 from the second transfer onwards hurts the overall transfer amount. I referred a friend who would get $24 and I would get $30. However, these are given in separate coupons ($24=$12+$9+$3 and $30=$20+$10), meaning you will have to initiate multiple transfers to use those coupons. With the transfer fee involved, this works out to be $12+$5-$1 = $16 for the friend and $16+$6=$22 (by deducting $3.99 transfer fee for each subsequent transfer other than the first one). Other competitors are providing referral amounts in a single coupon and their transfer rates are much higher than Panda Remit. So, this may only be worth for a single transaction or if you get that refer a friend coupon of $20. Transfer speeds are ok (3-5 business days). No customer support available even though there are some working hours listed on the chat section of the app.

Posted on February 14, 2023 12:12 pm

Pretty decent transfer speed. The first transfer took about 5 days to process (as indicated initially). There was no transfer fee on that transaction. However, I do see transfer fees of $3.99 now if I were to initiate a second transfer. CompareRemit shows $0.00 for transfer fees, this is only true for the first transfer looks like. Panda Remit does offer some coupons every now and then, so that may offset the transfer fees. Overall decent. Had the transfer fees not been levied, then their rates are better than most other money transfer services out in the market.

Kranthi Kiran
Posted on January 19, 2023 04:23 am

Worst company, no way to reach out to customer support. My transfer still stuck in process from past 10 days. Do a favor for yourself and avoid this company like plague. I don't even know if I can get my money refunded back.

Venkateswara Rao Akkireddi
Posted on December 26, 2022 10:49 pm

Horrible experience and Unable to see any support contact number Finally money credited after one week

Posted on December 15, 2022 08:40 am

The app will say it takes 2 minutes to transfer but when u initiate transfer it will take 3 to 5 business days. You would not be getting any options to cancel your transfer. I think it’s money looting app. Just stay away from this app

Eric Lim
Posted on April 03, 2022 02:48 am

Rates are good! & No Transfer fees at all!

Posted on March 31, 2022 09:04 pm

Top-quality app! All my transfers just went smooth and safe! can't be happier than this, The rate is exactly what I needed. Thanks, panda!

Kandish chopra
Posted on March 31, 2022 08:51 pm

Very fast and easy to use! excellent service!

Arthur Week
Posted on March 31, 2022 08:20 pm

Great product! I absolutely love it.


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