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Western Union Reviews

Posted on May 15, 2024 11:58 am

Gavin Russell
Posted on April 23, 2024 09:07 pm

ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT!! DO NOT USE EVER!!!! Getting ready for my first holiday in 3 years my wife and I decided to head overseas to her homeland, Thailand. We decided it would be wise to transfer our holiday money to her Thai bank account which we have been sending money to for years, to reduce bank charges for currency conversion. Attempted to transfer our entire holiday funds in one transaction but the transaction failed numerous times. Called WU and was advised that it was a problem with our bank. Called bank, no it’s a problem with WU. Called WU again, oh the amount is over your transaction limit so you need to make transactions of smaller amounts. Attempted 2 transactions of half each, transaction failed, money taken from account with no tracking information. Contact Western Union again to be advised that there was a glitch in their system causing this problem and they will refund my money in 5-7 working days. This $6000 is the entirety of my holiday savings for which I am leaving for tomorrow and they say I can have my money back in 5-7 days. Thanks for ruining our holiday Western Union! Never again.

A M Golan
Posted on December 20, 2023 10:49 pm

Western Union misleads by saying they deliver cash within minutes & it's simply not true. I spoke to an agent & they said sending cash to Mexico would be a maximum of 2 days. I was willing to wait 2 days, but not 4 days which they said, after the transaction was made over an email. 4 days places a heavy burden & puts me in a bind.

Amitabh Lall
Posted on December 20, 2023 05:06 am

I initiated a transfer and my transfer was cancelled for no reason. On chatting I was given random answers and no answer to my question. I started typing in upper case and I was asked to call a number. On calling the hopeless AVR which kept on telling me it will disconnect the call as he was unable to understand whom I needed to speak to! the first human who answered told the compliance team cancelled the transaction and I will get my money back in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I asked the reason I was told I can initiate another transfer and call them whenever I initiate a transfer! I never had to do it over the years since I have been using WU, more than15 years I think.. When I tried to initiate a new transfer, the rate was too low and also an extra fee was added!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ONLY CANCELLED AS THEY WANTED TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!!! RETURN MY MONEY YOU HAVE KEPT AS CAPTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Managed to talk to a human in the end, it was a 'SYSTEM FAULT' and I need to make another transaction using the new rates and inflated fee!!!! MY LAST TRANSACTION WITH THIS COMPANY. GOOD PAYBACK FOR BEING A USER FOR OVER 15 YEARS!!!!

Sherwin Davis
Posted on September 15, 2023 06:16 pm

I canceled a money transfer that I was sending for my mother in law surgery because the transfer was taking too long. Western Union claims that I needed to upload identification which I had already done the same day I processed the transfer. I canceled the transfer because I wanted to send the money by MoneyGram. It’s going on 4 weeks now and the money is not back in my bank account. My mother in law just died because I could not send her the money ($4,000.00) since western union is still holding on to my money. I have never dealt with an organization with such poor customer service. Every time you call them someone in the Philippines that offers zero assistance. They continuously lied to me about returning the $4,000.00 to my bank account. Do not use western union guys. I recommend using MoneyGram. Also, I am looking for a good attorney that can assist me with filing a lawsuit against western union. Please let me know if you guys have any experience where you had to file lawsuit against western and the attorney you used. My email is [email protected]

Nofan of WU..
Posted on August 18, 2023 04:41 pm

Never in my life have I dealt with a business that performs the lowest amount possible of Customer service 3/4 hours ,4 different Reps. with 0 fucks given in regards to my 700$ printed piece of paper ? It's been more than frustrating not to mention embarrassing standing at the counter of my bank with the manager on spkr phone conversation with a Rep.of Western Union who can only speak very little English apologize repeatedly and assure the Bank the MO was in fact valid and may honor by cashing which the manager politely declined and refused to let me deposit the 700$ MO I purchased into my acct..Now this is repeated a 2nd time at the Wells Fargo bank i deal with..Same situation? Not 1 human spokesperson from WU or Wells Fargo or Wal Mart could openly discuss reasons they Refuse cashing the 700$ MO I paid CASH for 4 days prior? To be frank, I fukd around and found out! Don't be a Victim of MO fraud?? just Say"in??????????

Posted on August 07, 2023 01:54 am

Worst remittance service because I always have to upload my ID for verification. It’s ok for first time or second but every time I am sending a remittance, I have to upload and ID. Then it will take more than 30 minutes for the process to complete because of “verification”. Compared to remitly or xoom the remittance is almost instant. This is the last time I will use western union even if their fees are lower than remitly and xoom.

Posted on July 13, 2023 04:10 am

Kaya what’s happening with western Union nowadays ! There’s no cash everywhere I go !have gone to five places including East park,arcades,Mandahill some town outlets????couldn’t find money-wouldn’t be surprised with Mandahill brach because they don’t have cash mostly! I have been using western Union and I think the level it has reached is bad????

Posted on July 08, 2023 04:34 pm

I have been using their service for over 14 years, all of a sudden they discontinued my service without a reason. I have filled all their questioners provided all proof a wages. I have always used the service to send money to family members and now I can't without a motive. HORRIBLE service

Posted on July 06, 2023 05:00 am

What a terrible company to deal with. I was trying to send money abroad and got a phone call where a gay with a difficult to understand accent was asking tons of questions and at some point those questions became very personal and suspicious for me. They rejected my "send". On a tot of this their commissions are insane! Fine... I used PayPal - it was easy and no questions asked with the commission half off what WU charges. Never AGAIN I will deal with this company.

Posted on June 11, 2023 06:31 pm

This company actually deserves 0 or negative stars. With so many good money transfer companies, I have no idea why Western Union is still in business. I managed just one transfer through their website, only to learn it had been cancelled supposedly because they required a phone confirmation with me. My phone call log proves they never called. They are liars. Customer service morons have told me my error was using Chrome for my browser -- that I should use Firefox. First, what company doing e-commerce of any kind does not work on Chrome? Amazon doesn't seem to have a problem. Second, it doesn't work on Firefox either. I decided to give them one last chance earlier this evening and when the transfer failed after completing the entire procedure, I called customer service. This latest moron said their fee was $12.50. I told him I would pay it, complete the transaction and then begin doing what I am doing right now. He hung up on me and then made three harassing hang-up calls immediately thereafter. On the third I politely offered him a great big bouquet of f*ck-yous. Western Union. -- ANYONE but them. I went to Wise (formerly TransferWise) and completed the transfer inan amazingly short time!

Jerry Thomasson
Posted on June 03, 2023 08:04 am

I like Western Union and I had to wait 15 minutes for the review, but I would rather that than PayPal approving any and every transaction and then pull back your cash.

Jim Z
Posted on December 16, 2022 03:56 pm

Worst website ever! SInce customer care so is so rude. I tried to find help and it looks like it was a machine or someone who did not care write the answers. THere is help center, faqs, customer care, millions of repeated titles and everything is a mess. They only have one topic with a video on how to send money. Then there is not organization and the English doesn't read right. Couldn't solve my problem on my own. You cannot even go to the right place if you search in Google. You cannot find anything if you try to search their fake help center. Virtual assistance is a joke. Since your customer service people are so rude at least hire people who know how help content operates. I can write better answers. Extremely disappointing experience.

Posted on December 06, 2022 08:15 am

Good luck cancelling your transaction after they put it on hold. Took me 5 interactions with support to got it cancelled. Apparently they sent it to additional review to their security team and it is stuck in limbo there unless you give them Photo ID of the receiver (cmon, you can’t be serious). And still for cancelling the transfer they are asking for a formal email with receiver’s information (even though they are talking to you on the phone and even though you are explaining them that you cannot provide it just because you don’t know the receiver's passport data) with the EXPLANATION and details of why you are cancelling. Will never use them again, their competitor platforms are so much better and faster

Posted on December 01, 2022 10:25 am

I live in California and have been sending money to missionary friends around the globe for four years. Western Union makes $4.99 every time I send money and we have had a decent relationship. Occasionally there is a glitch and I have had to go the old fashioned way and use the local Walgreens. Recently they wouldn't transfer funds for me and requested that I email their Global Consumer Reinstatements department, which has no physical address or phone number and no accountability. That department asked me for information, which I provided. Everything except an ID number, which as I explained, "what ID number?" because I had given them myWU number, what other ID number is there? The response I got was: "We regret to inform you that according to our internal policy and local regulations, we cannot disclose any specific details why your service has been discontinued." From Diego Op457. There other options, so it's not the end of the world, but what a bad business! After four years of service, they cut me off without explanation. Don't use them.

Posted on November 06, 2022 06:49 am

The most despicable company EVER! Thankfully there is Karma. Was a victim of a kidnapping scheme. These heartless vindictive apathetic customer service reps...as well as their 'fraud promotion department' are the most heinous and evil escalators of terrorism I know of. Why the US Attorney General hasn't investigated them is very suspicious! They don't even investigate or involve law enforcement. American citizens especially the elderly fall prey to this company every day and they turn their backs and laugh. I sincerely hope during the holiday season they experience the same as they do onto us. Hearing your child scream in the background, personal private information disclosed, and in the end being told you are an old fool. This company has created a pipeline for kidnapping ransom money...can only imagine how they support the cartel drug money.

no name
Posted on October 07, 2022 10:46 am

the give me less rate of USD right now the rate of the USD is 224Pkr and they give me only 205 for one USD and also the person has no manners at all that how to talk. I wish I could give 0 start into that

Posted on September 12, 2022 08:37 am

western union has the worst customer service. I called to complain about the too long waiting period for my money to be delivered the person that picks up the call has zero manners. When I said, I am afraid their service is unreliable and the next thing he said is, it's my choice to use western Union. This statement gets me upset.

Posted on July 26, 2022 01:52 pm

I am waiting for the money to get delivered for past 8 days! Worst part is the western union website says transfer complete!!! I checked my bank account and verified that no money was sent and got in touch with customer care. This is not acceptable!!!!

Posted on July 15, 2022 01:21 am

Money never gets delivered. Every day customer service has a new story to tell. Still did not get money. Scammers.

Posted on June 21, 2022 03:46 am

They made it very difficult for my sister to collect the money, I had to cancel. Will never use them again.

Justin Guillaume
Posted on May 21, 2022 12:12 pm

Western Union refused to let me send money to a friend in Lagos Nigeria who was dying from Malaria. They asked how I knew him and I let them know he and I did ministry together from our church. THEY REFUSED AND SAID IT WAS AN INTERNET SCAM! I TOLD HIM INTERNET SCAMS TAKE PLACE BY INTERNET. NOT SOMEBODY I DO MINISTRY WORK WITH. HE ACTUALLY LAUGHED AT ME AND SAID CHURCH IS A SCAM AND PERMANENTLY BLOCKED ME FROM USING WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM! I had to contact a scammer in Nigeria to find another way to send money and sending 250 cost me 700 because of that idiot! I tell everyone I know what apps to use to send money now so to avoid Western Union.

Janne Kattainen
Posted on April 18, 2022 08:04 pm

I got ceated by an Indian person. Western union blocked MY account now and in the future.

Posted on April 12, 2022 04:45 am

WU announced that they send money to Ukraine free of charge until April 30, 2022. I sent my first transfer to my family. It was free first time and then they started charging fee. What a greedy company! It is war going on there! People are donating millions and company making profit! Shame!

Adil nasim
Posted on April 05, 2022 07:09 pm

Horrible service lately. Take money out of your bank account and cancel the transaction. Then promise a refund in 5 days. It's been over a month now and no refund. Spent hours over the phone and no resolution. They want an English translated id for the receiver. The money was never sent!! How can I get a copy of some Joe ID when I never sent the money. DONT USE THEM IF YOU DINT WANT PROBLEMS.

Posted on April 02, 2022 10:57 am

DON’T DO IT. Closest thing to being robbed in broad daylight. The poor customer service and nightmare process to cancel a transaction after a half day on hold verifying my identity is not worth it. Go over to Moneygram!

Joe Czernik
Posted on March 31, 2022 08:55 pm

rs they wouldnt answer....NICE. Bunch of MORONS....

Posted on March 30, 2022 03:02 am

Absolute scammers. They have been holding my college fee payment for weeks without even replying once to my enquiries. I lost count of the number of times I have emailed them. THEY WILL NOT RESPOND, STAY AWAY FROM WESTERN UNION.

Posted on March 24, 2022 07:05 pm

I am not a happy customer, I used to be one because of their excellent and reliable service, well not anymore. It now takes 7 days for recipient to receive the fund, I called the customer service got someone from India, which I could hardly understand, he said that it's under investigation, why? They took the money from my bank, instead of next day delivery, will take 7 day? Wondering what they do with the 7 day of my money.

Posted on March 21, 2022 02:24 pm

This is the worst company ever! I was trying to get money on my debit card sent to me in Mexico, and it said it could not be done numerous times, so I sent a check home to the states with my aunt to send money through western union. The inept person at the counter sent it to the wrong place, even though I had clearly written down where I needed it sent. It said it was ready to pick up, but they had no record at the bank. Then my aunt called to change the pickup town in Mexico, and they put in Baja Norte, Sur. After 3 30 mile round trips to town to get the money their website said was ready, I finally had to cancel the transaction, but they had my $1,000 for a week plus. My aunt tried again, only to have the transaction cancelled and was accused of money laundering. This was my money trying to get to me! After several more tries, all the attempts were cancelled and when I tried to find out why, I was transferred to 4 people, the last of which hung up on me! After paying for numerous calls from Mexico, I still have gotten no answers about why my money was mishandles or cancelled. Stay as far away from western union as you can. They are scammers!

Raymond van Laake
Posted on March 08, 2022 08:06 am

Western Union dumps me as a customer and doesn't tell why!!! I have been happy with Western Union for quite some years, but now suddenly they have banned me as a customer. They completely refuse to tell me the reason for this, and only refer to their General Regulations (I went through them and found nothing that I would have done wrong). Dumping a years-long customer without telling why.... Western Union sucks big time.

Marietta Carriere
Posted on February 11, 2022 04:19 pm

I sent money to Cancun Mexico, copied exactly the ID of the person receiving it, they did not dispense the funds because the last name should go first , so, I canceled it and send it again putting the last name first, still no good enough , having the correct ID #, correct name, picture of the transaction. If zero was a rating I would use it.

Posted on July 15, 2021 11:45 pm

Its been ten days that my recipient did not get the money. I called on jul 13, 14 and jul 15 morning. I was told the money will be deposited on Jul 15 at 3.52pm EST. It did not get deposit. I called again jul 15 twice. Now I was told that the money is hold and they need additional info to release the hold. My recipient will need to wait another 7 days to get the money. I did not get any email or agent did not tell when I called multiple times. Now the agent from the last call said that I am faking about the call. There is no notes that I called. I can grab my phone list and conversation history from the phone company to prove it. I do not have time to play around making fake calls. My recipient has been waiting for ten days now and still the money is not his hand. This so so frustrating. I am very much hurts with the blame that I did not call. I have been calling and tensed last three days to make transfer happen and now you guys portrayed me as a liar. Very disappointing and irresponsible service.

Posted on July 01, 2021 04:08 pm

Easy, fast and conveniently from home. No problems whatsoever! Highly recommend! Thanks WU!

Posted on June 25, 2021 08:48 pm

NEVER USE WESTERN UNION!!! They keep you on hold for hours, they constantly put your money on hold "for fraud review" and you have to give too much personal information just to send your love one some money. I will never use WU again!

Yola Fimon
Posted on June 23, 2021 08:17 am

It has been very positive, fast sending and the recipient receiving the money through WU online.(NO FEES Bank to Bank transactions) They have the highest Philippine pesos to Dollar rates, I think there’s no problem or questions asked as long as You and your recipients have a secure bank account and the info is accurate and already established in the systems.

Posted on June 15, 2021 12:11 pm

Terrible Terrible customer service, Reps are soo rude! They don't care to loose a long time customer. Luckily WU is not the only place to send money.

Suzannah Avila
Posted on June 02, 2021 09:08 pm

I have had the absolute worst most terrible time dealing with this company I sent cash to my husband in Nevada from Florida and we had to go through a personal questionnaire when he went to go pick up the money mind you I had a cab outside waiting my husband did at the place where he went to go pick it up because he's visiting his brother so this cab is running Fair while these people are asking me how did I meet my husband how long did I know my husband all these personal questions which are irrelevant to the fact that I'm sending him money we're married okay and they really gave me a hard time and it was a very difficult thing to do and in times of an emergency it was not helpful useful at all this company is terrible

Ronnie A.
Posted on May 07, 2021 05:14 pm

I had a terrible experience in Western Union. I sent a money last May 1,2020 to the Philippines but my recipient messaged me that the money I sent was “on hold” so I decided to called up the customer service to check what happen. Upon speaking with 3 different agents unfortunately they failed to answer my questions. But in fact they were trying to transfer my calls to other department and I’ve waited for so long for 20 minutes didn’t even address my concern and worst happen hang up. It’s really terrible Ive been patronizing this money transfer for many years but sadly I experienced lately terrible thing, very UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE customer agents. They would have informed me right away if western union doesn’t want my money or whatever. Because they are wasting the customers time. This is unacceptable service, a bad service!?? I will NEVER EVER do business in western union anymore. VERY POOR SERVICE!

Posted on April 29, 2021 10:58 pm

Never ever use this company. I have a very bad experience of sending money to a bank account outside Canada. It took more than 15 days after repeated follow ups through emails and phone calls.

George C
Posted on March 30, 2021 03:53 pm

OMG,,DO NOT USE THIS "COMPANY" EVER, EVER, EVER !!! I sent $250 plus a $25 fee for immediate access to a friend that I had sent money to in the past, using this sick, disgusting "organization" [lol]. Her name was on the kiosk as someone I had sent money to before. Three hours later my friend was told the funds were not going to be given and that I, the sender, must call the 800 325 6000. When I called, talking to an operator in the Philippines, of course, she asked me several, very, very personal questions like my name, address, the receiver's name, the state and how do I know this person, when was the last time we spoke, saw each other, and the nature of our relationship, All of which I answered and after 15-20 minutes of this nonsense I was told, "we believe there is fraud occurring and are going to refund your money. I asked on what basis, a was given the same answer, even by a supervisor. ABSOLUTELY INSANE NONSENSE BASED ON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH ANY BASIS IN REALITY.

Posted on March 23, 2021 06:26 pm

Thief!!!!!!! Learn my lesson, don't deserve 1 star!!! long term customer!!!! I recently sent money through your website but unfortunately the receiver forgot to update me what his full first name belong to his actual ID, so i decided to correct the mistake and try to edit his name by calling the customer service via chat ( which first time i've done) Now the chat was provided to your website but unfortunately he was unsuccessful to help me with my request so i decided to call the customer service. i spoke to this representative and told her the issue but unable to help me so i asked to speak to supervisor she connected me but few sec ringing it got disconnected so i decided to call back. Now it's a different representative. I explained to him what happened on the first phone call and requested a supervisor again but i have to repeat myself explaining the issue AGAIN! which is frustrating and a waste of time but i shall try to be patient and explain everything to him. I express my satisfaction with the service due to one simple mistake I made which should be corrected easily but both representative unsuccessful to give me an answer. I understand that I made the transaction through the website and the application but your company has NO RIGHT to steal money from me. When I decided to cancel the recent transaction I noticed on the bottom message saying the transaction fee would not be able to refund WHICH ITS BUNCH OF BS AND STEALING. your company made millions of $ all over the world and i know i made simple mistakes but for you to steal $4.99 transaction fee is very unbelievable and your representative goal is to stand by it and steal from me. The transaction i cancelled would not be refunded 7days from now but knowing i will not get FULL AMOUNT of what used to send this money and the representative offer me a discount for future transaction but i only can use it if i send through AGENT LOCATION. We are still in PANDEMIC and I get off late from work and work my butt off during this PANDEMIC SEASON but he has audacity to tell me that.!!!!!!!! First of all I am a healthcare worker and I do not have time to go to an agent location to send money if your company made it clear that APPS AND WEBSITE to send money is more convenient . PS. I demand FULL AMOUNT REFUND

Posted on March 19, 2021 06:53 pm

*************Avoid WU like it's the plague************** Like others, a transaction was put on hold after several successful transactions to the same person! Of course they don't bother to warn you, you have to figure it out yourself. Asks you to call a number once you click on the relevant link, which I did. I was shocked at how personal the questions were, not just about me but about the recipient, especially my relationship to her. I objected to this line of questioning and he went off on one about how he was trying to protect me from a relationship scam! I explained to him that I know this person well, for two years, have been together many times, etc. but he wasn't prepared to listen because he'd made up his mind already. I really had a go at him, told him these questions were inappropriate, far too personal and should not be of any concern to WU and he should not try to offer me relationship counselling; the only concern they should have is to deliver the funds on time. He then switched tack to saying he was protecting the reputation of WU Are you kidding me???!!! This is exactly how to ruin a reputation The customer service there stinks. I eventually spoke to a supervisor. I told him the decision was preposterous, explained why, told him I would never use WU again and now had to find an alternative means to send the money, while waiting up to 7 days to get back the original funds Guess what he said: I advise you sir not to send the money because we detected possible fraud! At which point I told him he had no right to say this to me, to not send money to a friend who needs it and I cut short the conversation because it became clear to me that it was a waste of time I will delete my account as soon as I get my money back

Terrible Service! Look elsewhere
Posted on March 19, 2021 09:54 am

Another very disappointed customer. Horrible customer service. They screw up transfers all the time, take forever to get you a refund and they could care less about your complaints. Thankfully, there are other better services that will eventually drive western union out of business.

Abdel Houchaimi
Posted on March 18, 2021 08:05 am

try to take your money one way or the other. not a trust worthy company at all

Rashad Anderson
Posted on March 09, 2021 07:06 pm

This by far has been my worst way of wiring money. I was trying to receive money in New York. After contacting customer support, they verified that all of my information was correct but their system still tell me that it's incorrect. They told me to try a different branch but all of them have me the same feed back. Some of the branches close down before closing hours, so they pretty much have false information containing hours of operations. After my sender request for a refund, they responded there will be a 7 day wait of the refund and 7 days later there's no refund or feedback. I will never go through them again neither will I suggest their services to anyone else. After my experience, I feel like their business of operations should come to an end.

Sandra B
Posted on March 09, 2021 10:40 am

Western Union is the absolute worst. What they are doing is basically fraud. I have tried to send money and they canceled the transaction for no good reason. (You cannot understand the reason because they can barely speak english) , yet they charged my account. I phoned customer service and I was told that they reimburse the money in 5-7 days. They took the money for a service that was not provided and they are free to use it for 5-7 days. FRAUD that's exactly the name of it. Absolutely horrendous customer service. I seriously don't know why this company is still in business.

Yenny Clarke
Posted on March 09, 2021 03:24 am

THIS SERVICE IS RIDICULOUS!! Can't collect the money anywhere (shops that are open) WE HAVE WAITED 6 DAYS FOR ANY PLACE TO SEE IF IT WORKS!!!! and charging £32 for the transfer NOT REFUNDABLE???!!!!!? telephone service very poor not helpful at all!!

don righettini
Posted on February 25, 2021 04:02 pm

Will never use again they lied about times it takes to send money and froze money in bank account for 7 days even though canceled transaction. Customer service was useless and just transfers me from person to person doing nothing. screwed up my plans

W Larson
Posted on February 10, 2021 07:57 am

Western Union is the worst company to do business with. If you need money transferred in a hurry don't use Western Union. They cancelled my transfer after saying it was ready for pick up. They took the money out of my bank account after cancelling it and say it will take seven days to get my money back. That happened previously and it took over two weeks to get my money back. This time I put a stop payment with my bank so I should have my money back tomorrow. I must be stupid for trying to use them again. Horrible company.

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