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Western Union is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement. From small businesses and global corporations, to families near and far away, to NGOs in the most remote communities on Earth, Western Union helps people and businesses move money - to help grow economies and realize a better world. In 2017, we completed more than 800 million transactions for our consumer and business clients. We continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels, with an array of convenient pay-out options to meet business and consumer needs. We are a business centered on the needs of our customers, and over the years, we’ve invested and innovated to provide consumers and businesses with even more choices – in products, in services, and in how and where they can access Western Union when moving money across borders. We move money for better, enabling individuals, families and friends to securely and seamlessly transfer money in the ways that are most convenient for them, whether that is walking into a retail location or using our Western Union website or app to move money in minutes.

Western Union, moving money for better.

FEATURES (Currently showing rates for USA to IND change )

Today's Rate
$ Amount
₹ Exchange Rate
$0 - $100
$101 - $1000
$1001 - $9750
*Exchange rates applicable for account deposit transactions only
Exchange Rate Type
Transfer Fee
Bank Account
$ Amount
Up to $5000
starting at $0.00
$5001 - $50000
starting at 0.00
*Fees apply on Account to Account transfers only; the fees differ for Credit/Debit transactions
Transfer Time
Bank Deposit
4 Days
Transfer Type
  • Online Transfer
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Cash
  • ACH Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
Daily Transfer Limit
$50,000 from an account
*some restrictions apply
Customer Service Info
Company Headquarter
Denver, Colorado
Company Type
Remittance Providers
Mobile App
Company Established
Text Update (SMS)
Email Updates
Provider's FAQs
Referral Program
Key Feature
Document Requirements
Sending money in Person:
  • Exact name as it appears on their government-issued ID
  • Receiver’s street address, city/province/state and country

Sending money directly to a bank account:
  • Within the US: Bank name, account name, account number and routing number
  • Outside the US: International bank account number (IBAN) and international bank identifier code (BIC), or the receiving country equivalent


Posted on June 15, 2021, 12:11 pm

Terrible Terrible customer service, Reps are soo rude! They don't care to loose a long time customer. Luckily WU is not the only place to send money.

Suzannah Avila
Posted on June 02, 2021, 09:08 pm

I have had the absolute worst most terrible time dealing with this company I sent cash to my husband in Nevada from Florida and we had to go through a personal questionnaire when he went to go pick up the money mind you I had a cab outside waiting my husband did at the place where he went to go pick it up because he's visiting his brother so this cab is running Fair while these people are asking me how did I meet my husband how long did I know my husband all these personal questions which are irrelevant to the fact that I'm sending him money we're married okay and they really gave me a hard time and it was a very difficult thing to do and in times of an emergency it was not helpful useful at all this company is terrible

Ronnie A.
Posted on May 07, 2021, 05:14 pm

I had a terrible experience in Western Union. I sent a money last May 1,2020 to the Philippines but my recipient messaged me that the money I sent was “on hold” so I decided to called up the customer service to check what happen. Upon speaking with 3 different agents unfortunately they failed to answer my questions. But in fact they were trying to transfer my calls to other department and I’ve waited for so long for 20 minutes didn’t even address my concern and worst happen hang up. It’s really terrible Ive been patronizing this money transfer for many years but sadly I experienced lately terrible thing, very UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE customer agents. They would have informed me right away if western union doesn’t want my money or whatever. Because they are wasting the customers time. This is unacceptable service, a bad service!?? I will NEVER EVER do business in western union anymore. VERY POOR SERVICE!

Posted on April 29, 2021, 10:58 pm

Never ever use this company. I have a very bad experience of sending money to a bank account outside Canada. It took more than 15 days after repeated follow ups through emails and phone calls.

George C
Posted on March 30, 2021, 03:53 pm

OMG,,DO NOT USE THIS "COMPANY" EVER, EVER, EVER !!! I sent $250 plus a $25 fee for immediate access to a friend that I had sent money to in the past, using this sick, disgusting "organization" [lol]. Her name was on the kiosk as someone I had sent money to before. Three hours later my friend was told the funds were not going to be given and that I, the sender, must call the 800 325 6000. When I called, talking to an operator in the Philippines, of course, she asked me several, very, very personal questions like my name, address, the receiver's name, the state and how do I know this person, when was the last time we spoke, saw each other, and the nature of our relationship, All of which I answered and after 15-20 minutes of this nonsense I was told, "we believe there is fraud occurring and are going to refund your money. I asked on what basis, a was given the same answer, even by a supervisor. ABSOLUTELY INSANE NONSENSE BASED ON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH ANY BASIS IN REALITY.

Posted on March 23, 2021, 06:26 pm

Thief!!!!!!! Learn my lesson, don't deserve 1 star!!! long term customer!!!! I recently sent money through your website but unfortunately the receiver forgot to update me what his full first name belong to his actual ID, so i decided to correct the mistake and try to edit his name by calling the customer service via chat ( which first time i've done) Now the chat was provided to your website but unfortunately he was unsuccessful to help me with my request so i decided to call the customer service. i spoke to this representative and told her the issue but unable to help me so i asked to speak to supervisor she connected me but few sec ringing it got disconnected so i decided to call back. Now it's a different representative. I explained to him what happened on the first phone call and requested a supervisor again but i have to repeat myself explaining the issue AGAIN! which is frustrating and a waste of time but i shall try to be patient and explain everything to him. I express my satisfaction with the service due to one simple mistake I made which should be corrected easily but both representative unsuccessful to give me an answer. I understand that I made the transaction through the website and the application but your company has NO RIGHT to steal money from me. When I decided to cancel the recent transaction I noticed on the bottom message saying the transaction fee would not be able to refund WHICH ITS BUNCH OF BS AND STEALING. your company made millions of $ all over the world and i know i made simple mistakes but for you to steal $4.99 transaction fee is very unbelievable and your representative goal is to stand by it and steal from me. The transaction i cancelled would not be refunded 7days from now but knowing i will not get FULL AMOUNT of what used to send this money and the representative offer me a discount for future transaction but i only can use it if i send through AGENT LOCATION. We are still in PANDEMIC and I get off late from work and work my butt off during this PANDEMIC SEASON but he has audacity to tell me that.!!!!!!!! First of all I am a healthcare worker and I do not have time to go to an agent location to send money if your company made it clear that APPS AND WEBSITE to send money is more convenient . PS. I demand FULL AMOUNT REFUND

Posted on March 19, 2021, 06:53 pm

*************Avoid WU like it's the plague************** Like others, a transaction was put on hold after several successful transactions to the same person! Of course they don't bother to warn you, you have to figure it out yourself. Asks you to call a number once you click on the relevant link, which I did. I was shocked at how personal the questions were, not just about me but about the recipient, especially my relationship to her. I objected to this line of questioning and he went off on one about how he was trying to protect me from a relationship scam! I explained to him that I know this person well, for two years, have been together many times, etc. but he wasn't prepared to listen because he'd made up his mind already. I really had a go at him, told him these questions were inappropriate, far too personal and should not be of any concern to WU and he should not try to offer me relationship counselling; the only concern they should have is to deliver the funds on time. He then switched tack to saying he was protecting the reputation of WU Are you kidding me???!!! This is exactly how to ruin a reputation The customer service there stinks. I eventually spoke to a supervisor. I told him the decision was preposterous, explained why, told him I would never use WU again and now had to find an alternative means to send the money, while waiting up to 7 days to get back the original funds Guess what he said: I advise you sir not to send the money because we detected possible fraud! At which point I told him he had no right to say this to me, to not send money to a friend who needs it and I cut short the conversation because it became clear to me that it was a waste of time I will delete my account as soon as I get my money back

Terrible Service! Look elsewhere
Posted on March 19, 2021, 09:54 am

Another very disappointed customer. Horrible customer service. They screw up transfers all the time, take forever to get you a refund and they could care less about your complaints. Thankfully, there are other better services that will eventually drive western union out of business.

Abdel Houchaimi
Posted on March 18, 2021, 08:05 am

try to take your money one way or the other. not a trust worthy company at all

Rashad Anderson
Posted on March 09, 2021, 07:06 pm

This by far has been my worst way of wiring money. I was trying to receive money in New York. After contacting customer support, they verified that all of my information was correct but their system still tell me that it's incorrect. They told me to try a different branch but all of them have me the same feed back. Some of the branches close down before closing hours, so they pretty much have false information containing hours of operations. After my sender request for a refund, they responded there will be a 7 day wait of the refund and 7 days later there's no refund or feedback. I will never go through them again neither will I suggest their services to anyone else. After my experience, I feel like their business of operations should come to an end.


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