Xe facilitates quick, simple, and secure money transfers to over 130 countries with over 1,000,000 customers around the world. Businesses and individuals alike trust Xe to provide competitive rates and comprehensive money transfer and foreign exchange risk management solutions. An expert authority in the currency world for over 25 years and part of the NASDAQ-certified Euronet Worldwide family, Xe is committed to ensuring its customers’ transfers travel quickly while remaining completely secure throughout the process.

FEATURES ((Currently showing rates for USA to IND change)

Today's Rate
$ Amount
₹ Exchange Rate
$0 - $999
$1000 - $9999
$10000 - $99999
$100000 - $500000
Exchange Rate Type
Transfer Fee
Bank Account
$ Amount
Up to $499
Transfer Time
Bank Deposit
Up to 2 Hours
Transfer Type
  • Online Transfer
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • ACH Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
Daily Transfer Limit
Daily Transfer Limit: $500,000 USD
Customer Service Info
Company Headquarter
Newmarket, Ontario
Company Type
Remittance Providers
Mobile App
Company Established
Text Update (SMS)
Email Updates
Provider's FAQs
Referral Program
Key Feature
Great exchange rates and transfer in minutes
Document Requirements


Posted on February 04, 2023 11:35 am

Bad service!!!! Scammers! they take all your information and don't send the money. Do Not use! Very bad, Waste of time. 0 stars!!!!

Posted on January 14, 2023 08:08 am

Please don’t use XE. Transfer time shows as 0-2 hrs. But it takes years. After submitting order, they change their promise by saying, From the time they debited money from sender account, they say it takes 14days. Also they might initially show you a better price. Please check rate again before submitting order. They reduced conversion just at that final step. Never going to use xe again. I will not recommend to use this for transfer.

Posted on January 03, 2023 07:33 pm

DON'T USE! I just arranged a transfer of a reasonable sum of money (over $30k), which XE were happy to take. Once the money had reached their accounts they decided that they needed to do additional verification as to who I am, once they had the money of course. I followed their procedures and heard nothing back. I contacted their customer service and I was told in summary too bad so sad.. I would have to wait until they feel like reviewing the additional documentation. 4 days and waiting with no clear way forward or estimate as to when I might receive the money back. We are one phone call away to the police at this stage. This organisation is basically criminal use them at your own risk!

Posted on December 29, 2022 04:11 am

Money is locked longer than committed. I have not yet received it.

Posted on December 16, 2022 11:23 am

X.E transfert is Scammer Really bad application to transfer your money it take a eternity for pick up take hold you money more than 15 days before they release really really bad service avoid it it’s scam

Sankar Arumugam
Posted on December 05, 2022 08:31 am

I don't even like to give 1 star. Poor Customer Service. They took 3 to 4 days and still money hasn't been deposited to my recipient bank and i complained to the customer service in mail and phone and they cancelled my transaction and told the money will get refunded back. it took 10 days to get the amount back to my account again.

Posted on November 29, 2022 10:03 am

1st time payment was through with no hicups , after 2 weeks have done one more payment and that is shown as transfered. Money got deducted at source bank and was never deposited at the receiving bank. No update as such. When reached to cutsomer service 2 times, they said they have raised request with payment department. Still waiting for the issue to be resolved.nevershouldhaveusedtheirplatform.

shailyn arboleda
Posted on November 07, 2022 06:56 am

TikTok payment

Posted on November 04, 2022 02:06 pm

I used Xe just the other day to send money to my friend in Pakistan. He in hospital at the mo and received in just a few mins. Will use again

Posted on November 03, 2022 12:09 pm

Fantastic service.


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