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CompareRemit Announces Data-Driven Personalization With New Sleek App Launch

Updated on Apr 04, 2022
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As the remittance world reeled under lack of transparency and exorbitant fees to send money internationally, CompareRemit has been successfully shaking up the remittance industry. For the past decade, the company has been operating one of the biggest marketplaces for remittance services helping consumers save close to $28 billion in transfer fees and exchange rate markups by availing the best deals on money transfer. Their platform enables its users to find cheaper and faster ways of sending money abroad. 

On Sunday, April 3, 2022, CompareRemit released the latest version of its app. The launch of the new app is the first step in many changes as the company moves to be platform agnostic - the app is available for free for both iOS and Android. The most eye-catching feature about this new version is the personalized homepage depending on your preferred currency and a watchlist indicating the exchange rates offered by your favorite money transfer companies.

With a clean design and expanded offerings, the new mobile application's rich feature-set includes:

  • User Friendly Design - Compare top remittance service providers at a glance including exchange rates, fees, and transfer time
  • Speed - The new app is faster and snazzier than ever before
  • App Ecosystem - Seamlessly open and checkout through your preferred remittance app directly from the CompareRemit app
  • News - Get the latest remittance news and updates
  • Push Notifications - Get notified when a desired exchange rate is reached
  • Coupon Codes - Save big by getting access to coupon and promo codes
  • Business Listings - Explore money transfer services that cater to businesses
  • FAQs - Get quick answers to most frequently asked remittance questions

CompareRemit is dedicated to transforming the remittance ecosystem by working with its partners to meet consumer expectations. This best-in-class remittance comparison app serves as the catalyst for CompareRemit's continued mission to transform how the expatriate population sends money internationally. 

"One of the most crucial ways we advance CompareRemit's mission of providing a fair and transparent remittance marketplace for our users is by working with our money transfer partners to solve some of their biggest challenges by providing them with efficient, data-driven consumer solutions in real-time," said Rajeev Srivastava, CEO, and founder, CompareRemit.

"CompareRemit has helped millions of consumers save money on remittances and the addition of our new mobile app allows for a seamless experience for our users." He added. This ultimately allows money transfer companies to understand and create deeper relationships with millions of consumers. 

CompareRemit is helping money transfer companies serve their existing customers better while attracting new ones.

About CompareRemit

CompareRemit, the largest online marketplace for remittance services, connects consumers to money transfer service providers helping send money to friends, families, freelancers, and businesses around the world. As a leading marketplace with over 15 partners, CompareRemit offers a platform for digital remittances comparison, helping consumers to save money and money service providers to gain new customers. The CompareRemit App is available on both iOS and Android. Download it today!

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