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CompareRemit Onboards MoneyGram, A Global Leader In Cross-border Payments

Updated on Aug 06, 2020
Moneygram PR

SANTA CLARA, CA, August 06, 2020: CompareRemit, a leading online marketplace for cross-border payments onboards MoneyGram, a global leader in the industry.

This partnership is at a strategic juncture as the payments ecosystem undergoes rapid digitalization.

MoneyGram, a global leader in the industry has heavily invested in its digital segment and reaped phenomenal revenue growth. MoneyGram reported 106% year-over-year digital transaction growth in June of 2020 as demand for digital remittance continues to grow during the pandemic. 

Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of CompareRemit said, "CompareRemit strives to make remittances more inclusive and affordable for all. By bringing MoneyGram onboard, we continue to ensure that every major player in the remittance industry has an opportunity to showcase their best exchange rates and services for users to review, compare and send money home to their loved ones." The service providers who offer consumer-centric digital experience and who are quick to adapt to the changing environment and consumer behavior benefit the most, he added.

CompareRemit is already working with other leaders in the cross-border payment service providers such as Xoom, Western Union, and Remitly.

About MoneyGram International, Inc.: MoneyGram is a global leader in cross-border payments and money transfers. Its services enable users to send money in more than 200 countries and territories instantaneously and affordably. 

About CompareRemit: CompareRemit is a world leader in the online marketplace for cross-border money transfer service providers featuring the world's top money transfer companies and banks. CompareRemit offers a mutually beneficial ecosystem where remitters have free access to an easy-to-use marketplace where they can find, review, and compare money transfer service providers for the best exchange rates. And at the same time provides money transfer service providers an opportunity to showcase their service offerings to the right niche. 

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