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Heard about Zenbanx? An Innovative Way to Send Money Overseas

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Zenbanx has taken hold of the fintech reins and created a mobile, global and versatile financial service by offering a multi currency account that also allows customers to exchange money when the rates are favorable, hold up to five of the nine available currencies, earn interest on savings and send money domestically and internationally.

Zenbanx is an online and mobile account app which offers features that traditional banks do not, therefore simplifying the banking experience for anyone who travels, sends money to family and friends, or manages funds in multiple currencies.

Zenbanx was founded by Arkadi Kuhlmann, a seasoned industry veteran who is known for creating ING Direct and changed banking for the better of consumers.

How is Zenbanx Different from Remittance Providers?

Zenbanx is much more than just another way to send money. The ability to hold multiple currencies, travel globally with the mobile convenience and enjoy the flexibility to exchange when you want, are three of the most differentiating factors. Zenbanx customers can take advantage of the many facets a no maintenance fee Zenbanx multi currency bank account offers, such as:

  • Exchange money when the foreign exchange rates are favorable and hold the funds (including INR) in your no monthly maintenance fee bank account.
  • Earn a great interest rate on your INR, USD and other foreign currency funds.
  • Send funds overseas from the convenience of your phone.
  • Convert your funds back into USD or any of the other foreign currencies supported by Zenbanx at any time of the day by accessing our app.
  • Have access to a VISA debit card which can be used while traveling overseas and avoid having to carry cash. The card will automatically detect the country you are in and process all transactions in the form of that country's currency (as long as you have converted some funds to that currency).
  • Zenbanx is offered by Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB in the U.S., Member FDIC

How does Zenbanx Work?

Becoming a Zenbanx customer opens the door to freeing your money on a mobile and global scale.
Zenbanx is a virtual bank account offered through WSFS in the U.S.. When signing up, customers must provide their ID and link their Zenbanx account with a primary bank account. Once your primary bank account is linked to your Zenbanx account, you can move money in and out of your Zenbanx account using the app. You will also be mailed a VISA debit card and PIN. You do not need to wait for your debit card and PIN to arrive in order to fund your Zenbanx account or transact online. Zenbanx gives travelers and anyone who lives in multiple currencies freedom when it comes to currency exchange. With Zenbanx, you can take care of your international money needs anywhere, any time, enjoying a more free way to manage foreign exchange. Zenbanx’s mobility and global abilities with the app and debit card relieves customers from calling in and notifying companies of travel or experiencing foreign transaction fees.

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