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Sending Money Through PassTo To India

Updated on May 12, 2021 09:09 am
PassTo Money Transfers

Launched in late 2019, PassTo is a London-based money transfer app that offers international remittance services in over 50+ countries, including India.

 PassTo is the trading brand of BlaBla Connect Limited. As BlaBla's own mobile wallet, PassTo allows you to send money across international borders quickly at a lower cost with real-time exchange rates and no hidden charges. 

Targeting mainly the expats residing in the United Kingdom, PassTo has been developed to provide seamless, cost-effective money transfer services that save time, effort, and money.

For the Indians settled in the UK, sending remittances to family in India can't get any easier and convenient than this. 

The UK to India money transfer corridor is one of the top remittance corridors in the world. It is no surprise that money transfer companies compete for business opportunities in this corridor.

More on BlaBla Connect Limited

A British technology firm founded in 2012, BlaBla Connect Limited mainly focuses on financial services with a vision to build a bridge between the financial and telecom industries.

It owns and manages the BlaBla Connect app, an international Voice-Over Internet Protocol service with over 2 million downloads. 

It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and holds the licenses of EMI (Electronic Money Institution) in Europe. PassTo is compliant and safe to use for money transfers. 

PassTo app and Blabla Connect app are available for free download from Google Play and the Apple app store.

Is PassTo the Right Money Transfer for You?



PassTo is a relatively new service in the online money transfer arena, only being launched in 2019. As an independent money transfer service, it has no allegiances to any remittance partner.

With an in-house algorithm built to compare the market on behalf of its customers, PassTo aims to provide the best exchange rates when sending money to an ever-increasing number of destination countries. 

Despite the global pandemic-induced crisis and economic uncertainty last year, it proved to be a reliable and easy-to-use money transfer app thanks to its growing number of satisfied customers after its debut. 

For expats sending money abroad, it proved to be a cheaper option as well.   

Listed below are the services offered by PassTo:

      1. International Money Transfers

You can send money overseas from the UK to 50+ countries including India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, China, Somalia, and more with few tabs on the phone without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

      2. Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees

Compare rates in real-time, get the best exchange rates and clear pricing for your every transfer. 

     3. International Airtime Top-Ups 

You can send Airtime Top-ups to over 150 countries in real-time.

     4. Multiple ways to receive money 

Send money to over 120 cash pick up points globally or directly send to your recipients' bank account, or opt for mobile wallets 

    5. Open Banking 

Make instant deposits from your bank account or debit card using the PassTo Open Banking feature from inside the app. No need to use different apps and websites. 

Users can securely and seamlessly connect a funding source to PassTo to enable instant deposits.

    6. Request Money

Request for money from your PassTo friends and family members at any time. You can send messages, reminders, and about why you need the money.  

    7. Security 

The company is regulated by the FCA in the UK and holds money transfer licenses. Your money is protected by the highest levels of security

    8.  Customer Service 

Reach out the customer service through chat, email, and phone. The team is available for contact 24x7.

How to Transfer Money Abroad via PassTo?

Here are the steps to send money through PassTo:

  • Download the app from the app stores
  • Sign Up & create an account in seconds 
  • Get a quotation
  • Enter your destination country 
  • Enter recipient's details 
  • Choose your payment method
  • Review & confirm your details 
  • Make the transfer 

Money Transfer Alternatives to PassTo

When it comes to international money transfers, there are plenty of options in the market. The right money transfer provider will depend on your transfer needs (urgency, amount, payment method, etc.)

Some of the top money transfer companies to send money from the UK to India include Wise, Western Union, Instarem, Azimo, etc. 

Read more on ways to transfer money to India from the UK.

When choosing a service provider, you will need to take into account the following factors.

  • Exchange rates: Get the best value for your money with a competitive exchange rate
  • Transfer Speed: Get be costly but the money reaches your destination faster
  • Transfer Fees: Upfront fees are the best. Be aware of hidden fees & extra charges
  • Payment method: Bank transfer is cheaper than transfer funded by credit card 
  • Destination country: Not all services are available based on the destination country 


PassTo's user-friendly money transfer app that offers fast, cheap, and secure international money transfers with no hidden fees seems too good to be true. But then PassTo's Vice President, Abdelrahman El-Sergani said that they are always looking for futuristic solutions. 

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