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Wise is a fast, award-winning money transfer company built for lives without borders and dedicated to making the remittance process quick and easy for its users. Wise allows people to send money to 55 countries worldwide, including India, the USA, the United Kingdom, and many countries in Europe. Wise don’t hide a markup in the exchange rate you see and give you the true, mid-market exchange rate - independently provided by Reuters - plus a fair, low cost fee that’s clear and upfront.  

Founded in London and launched back in 2011, Wise has attracted world renowned investors and gained countless awards for its innovation in the money transfer industry. Wise operates in the US through licensed banking partners who are registered with FinCEN, the US Treasury Department that supervises financial institutions for compliance. Wise has become one of the leading money transfer companies thanks to its convenient online platform and upfront cheap fees, never charging any hidden fees in the exchange rate.

Due to this, Wise is trusted as a transparent and reliable money transfer company. Using the real exchange rate and removing all extraneous fees, Wise allows their customers the ability to send money abroad at the lowest possible cost.  


What's Good About Wise

Provides Mid-Market Exchange Rate independently provided by Reuters and free from markups. 
Customers have transferred $5bn using the platform - an approach that has put over $200m back in their pockets
FAST Transfers with NO Hidden Charges


Please Note: With a straightforward money transfer process, users can expect a transfer time of 1 to 2 working days. Sometimes the transaction does take longer, due to TransferWise’s thorough account verification process, the currencies involved and Upload Money method chosen (as well as bank holidays etc.). As long as TransferWise receives the USD deposit in the first 24 hours from order setup, the USD exchange rate is fixed for your transfer. With ACH Bank Debit payments, the rate stays locked beyond 24 hours providing a 'successful' attempt is made within the first 24 hours.
To learn more, visit Understanding Why does it take Longer to Send Money Overseas?




CARACTERíSTICAS (Actualmente mostrando las tasas de USA a IND Cambiar)

La tasa de hoy
$ Cantidad
₹ Tasas de cambio
$0 - $36000
Tipo de Cambio
The rate-lock with transfers from the US applies for 24 hours starting the moment the transfer has been set up. If during these 24 hours funds arrive (if customer sends the funds via domestic wire) or a connection to the bank is made (if customer uses ACH Direct Debit) the starting rate (the mid-market rate at the moment of transfer set up) will be used. If the funds don't arrive or no connection to the bank is made in 24 hours, the current mid-market rate at the moment of conversion will be used.
Tarifa de transferencia
Depósito bancario
$ Cantidad
La tarifa
Up to $36000
Tiempo de Transferencia
Depósito Bancario
Hasta 1 Hora
Tipo de Transferencia
  • Transferencia ACH
  • Transferencias Cablegráficas
Límite de Transferencia Diaria
₹100 million to private customers
₹1.5 million to businesses
Información de Atención al Cliente
Mon -Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm (EST)
Sede de la Empresa
London, UK
Tipo de empresa
Proveedores de Remesas
La aplicacíon móvil
Empresa Establecida
Actualización por Texto (SMS)
Actualizaciones por Correo Electrónico
Preguntas Frecuentes del Proveedor
Programa de Referencia
Característica Clave
Send Money easily and quickly with low cost money transfers and no hidden fees in the exchange rate.
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Reseñas del usuario

Ali Argun
Publicado en August 09, 2023 11:28 pm

They show me the fee when I send the money but after transaction is completed, I saw that they got x2 fee. it is a scamming

Publicado en August 07, 2023 06:17 am

I've used Wise since 2018 (over 5 years) with only minor problems. Out of nowhere, they abruptly deactivated my account and promise to refund my money (haven't received anything yet) without explanation other than to say it's within their discretion to terminate NEW ACCOUNTS. HELLO, I've had this account for 5+ years with no issues on my part whatsoever. No accountability from this company, poor customer care and completely ridiculous. Over the years I've recommended their services to several people. But everyone I've recommended has complained and closed their accounts. I'm thinking about taking legal action. You can't treat Consumers that way!!

Joseph Stewart
Publicado en July 05, 2023 03:43 pm

Do NOT trust this organization! My first and only experience with international payment via WISE, was absolutely abominable! First, they couldn't link to my bank account, using both automatic and manual attempts, using perfectly valid routing and account number information . . . then, in effort to try an different approach, they botched the uploading of drivers license photos (front and bank) . . . then, their website stated "there was a problem, try again later" . . . then, after countless hours screwing around with their website, they finally approved the transfer, but failed to finalize it for DAYS . . . They're a freaking JOKE, period! Run don't walk from these inept clowns.

Publicado en June 28, 2023 02:20 pm

I used Wise for the first time to transfer money to HKG in May 29, 2023. However my money transfers was rejected ALL 5 times without any explanation. And then Wise closed my account without an explanation nor notification to allow me to transfer my money back to my own original home bank account. I have no way of logging into my Wise account since it was closed down by Wise. I had sent numerous emails and made calls to customer services and asked where is my money and I didn’t get any updates to whereabouts my money is currently and no way of getting my money back to me. It is a FRAUDULENT company because I went to the local registered office and there is no physical office. This is a SCAM and a BOGUS company. DO NOT use their financial services because you wont see your money if they decided to pull the plug on your account. What they list in their website is utter rubbish and fraudulent. Today is June 29, 2023 and I still haven’t heard from Wise or received a refund of my money. BEWARE and warned.

Publicado en June 26, 2023 12:29 pm

Tried sending money from my French account to my US account. Wise cancelled the transfer and hasnt refunded me after 5 weeks. They are scamming people and should not be trusted. Stay away from any financial institution that can freezes your funds for as long as they please. Customer support will not help you. They are trained to say anything needed for you to hang up and not call again for a couple of weeks.

Publicado en May 29, 2023 10:28 am

I ordered money transfer. Money was not thansfered or returned. For many days "veryfinng" it application it shows "sent", but in confirmation "returned". In fact money looks to be stolen. Calling, writing doesn't solve anything. Stay away from them!

Nicolas Neidhardt
Publicado en May 18, 2023 06:27 pm

Wise repeatedly suspended incoming transfers from my main clients in Germany for no reason. The apologetic customer service never answered my questions. For the past five days, I've been attempting to resolve this issue by contacting customer service multiple times. However, like most customer service representatives, they only offer sympathetic phrases such as "I understand your frustration." The information I received from Wise is quite alarming. It appears that Wise utilizes artificial intelligence to identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions. Strangely enough, after five years of recurring transfers from my German client to my company in California, the system suddenly flagged something as suspicious. This is perplexing, as the transfers have always included a sequence of letters and numbers that serve as my client's accounting references. Despite my client's explanation of these references, the transfer and the associated funds vanished without a trace. When I inquired about the whereabouts of the money, the staff at Wise were unable to provide any answers. Subsequently, some technical individuals claiming to represent Wise contacted me, and we spent numerous hours attempting to rectify the issues with my account. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. At this point, it remains unclear whether the money is being returned to my client, returned to my account, or stuck in limbo. The staff at this supposedly remarkable bank have been unable to provide me with any information, and after five days, my money has yet to be returned, as is the case with my client. I have been calling Wise twice daily, explaining the situation to their customer service, but for five days, no one has been able to resolve my problem. When entrusting my finances to a financial institution, I expect a significantly higher level of service. This unprofessionalism raises serious concerns about the security and safety of my funds. Undoubtedly, this has been the most dreadful banking experience of my life, and I strongly caution others against using Wise. Considering the harm caused to my company and the strain on my relationship with my client, I am now pursuing legal action against Wise.

Publicado en May 13, 2023 11:11 am

I had several WISE accounts for couple of years. It worked properly. I had conflict with their staff couple of days ago. They have asked me about photo of my passport. I did it. They asked my about my selfie. I did it. They asked me about my gas bill. I did it. They have asked me for the invoice for my payment. I said no, because it is something which I never had shown to any other bank. They are blocking me now more that £3000 in payments.

Publicado en April 26, 2023 08:38 pm

I was trying to send from INR to EUR. A lot of documents were asked and shared with them but they were asked again after I had received confirmation from them regarding the same documents. Very poor transparency after all the documents were shared. They mentioned they were still checking the documents. After waiting for a couple of days, they wanted more documents to be shared. If 3 months bank statements showing salary credit is not considered salary proof, then only they woukd know, what is! Horrible experience and all that came out after the whole excercise of document sharing and waiting for 3-4 days was a 0.

Mark Wong
Publicado en March 04, 2023 02:27 am

I had a Wise accountant for a few years without any problem. Then recently I transferred some addition funds in because I was expecting to make a trip. I was notified that I had exceeded the limit that could be held and that I needed to transfer some funds out. I did that immediately but the Wise system said it would need 8 days for my funds to be sent back. In the mean time Wise deactivated my account without any communication and have not responded to any of my queries. I would recommend people by to touch this platform. Service is terrible and they hold your funds for much longer than reasonably necessary.

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