1 Dólar estadounidense = 122.25 Rupias nepalíes- Los mejores tipos de cambio de hoy de Dólar estadounidense a Rupia nepalí

A continuación se presentan las mejores tasas de cambio de Dólar estadounidense a Rupia nepalí de las empresas de transferencia de dinero más populares, en tiempo real, que le ayudará a tomar una decisión informada. Tipos de cambio actuales de Dólar estadounidense a Rupias nepalíes.

Over the past decade, Nepal’s poverty has greatly reduced due to an increasing number of overseas Nepali migrant workers who are sending money home to their families. It is estimated that today, over 58% of rural households within Nepal are receiving some type of remittances from abroad. The top countries contributing to Nepal’s remittances are India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and of course - the United States.

The USD to NPR is currently very strong, especially after the Nepali rupee hit an all-time low against the US dollar back in March of 2022. This is further contributing to an increase in overseas remittances from Nepalese workers. While it does appear that the Nepal rupee is slowly bouncing back since March 2022, you’ll still want to find the best dollar to Nepal rupee exchange rate before sending money home.

When sending money to Nepal from the United States, use CompareRemit first to compare your remittance options. With our online comparison tool, you can easily see the best USD to NPR today and the different partner companies offering money transfer services to Nepal. Since the dollar rate today is always changing, you may want to check regularly or set an alert on CompareRemit for the best rate or lowest rate today to get the most Nepalese rupee for your USD.

The 1 dollar in Nepal rupees today rate will change daily, but rest assured we will always give you the best options for your money transfer - these companies offer mid-market exchange rates, low fees, and varying transaction speeds. It could be that you would rather receive the greatest USD to Nepal rupee rate, but the transaction may be slower. A faster transfer speed may result in a slightly higher exchange rate or fee - these are things to consider in addition to the dollar price in Nepal. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have access to trusted remittance companies offering the best dollar rate in Nepal today by using CompareRemit.

* Descargo de responsabilidad : Los tipos de cambio, las tarifas de transferencia, los datos de comparación y cualquier otra información de remesas mencionada en este sitio web es genérica y de alto nivel, solo para su comodidad y fines informativos. Los tipos de cambio mostrados arriba, ya sea tipos de cambio fijos o tipos de cambio indicativos, son variables. Es decir, siguen cambiando con frecuencia a lo largo del día; es posible que haya discrepancia en la información de transferencia de dinero como el tipo de cambio. Solo los Términos y Condiciones del proveedor de servicios de remesas en particular son vinculantes. Verifique los tipos de cambio, los detalles del servicio y el acuerdo de servicio aplicable de un proveedor de servicios en particular. Al utilizar la información de este sitio, usted acepta nuestros Términos de Uso.

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