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Complete Guide to the CompareRemit App

Updated on June 02, 2022 01:53 pm
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CompareRemit is designed to meet all your remittance needs. Find out the answers to finding the best exchange rates, transfer fees, and verified reviews of top money transfer companies.

To download the CompareRemit App, visit the Google Play Store or the App Store.

What Can I Do With the CompareRemit App?

CompareRemit allows you to compare different offers from the top money transfer companies at a click of a button. The CompareRemit App has all the information you need to send money internationally at the best exchange rates and manage finances as an immigrant in a foreign country.

CompareRemit has mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

On the app, you can:

  1. Compare exchange rates in real-time.
  2. Find the latest guide on all things money transfer and immigrant finance.
  3. Set alerts for exchange rates.
  4. Get coupons and promo codes from money transfer companies. 
  5. Read and write reviews on money transfer services.

You can find the iOS version in the Apple Store and the Android app in the Google Store. Or simply search for "CompareRemit App" online.

We recommend updating your app to the latest version as we constantly update our services.

How to Sign Up on CompareRemit?

Follow the instructions below to sign up for CompareRemit:

  1. Download our mobile app from iOS or Android*
  2. Open the CompareRemit app
  3. Sign up using your email address 
  4. Complete your profile and create a secure password 
  5. Verify your phone number and email address 
  6. Customize your notifications and alerts 
  7. Add your preferred corridor such as USD to INR

*CompareRemit does not have a Windows app

CompareRemit is available in select countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Please ensure that your phone number is valid with the correct country code, and you can receive SMS/ text messages.

Creating an account requires entering the following information: First Name, Last Name, valid email address, and a strong password. Kindly use an email address that is accessible readily - it will be used to verify your account through OTPs and be your log-in ID.

After an account is created, you can log in to the app using your email address and password.

What to Do if I Have Forgotten My Password for the CompareRemit App?

It's easy! Click on Forgot Password.

You will have to provide the email address associated with the account to receive further steps. After verification, the old account will be restored to you, with all personal settings and information intact.


If you are unable to log in due to a forgotten password, please do not create a new account. The transaction details, history, and profile settings are not transferable.

How to Redeem Coupons on CompareRemit

Here's is a step-by-step guide to redeem offers on CompareRemit:

  • Download our mobile app if you haven't already 
  • Click on Coupons 
  • Select Get the Offer to redeem 

Clicking on the coupon tab opens a host of redeemable coupons, from first-use coupons to recurring offers. Keep in mind that coupons often come with an expiration date. 

How to Find a Specific Article on the CompareRemit App

  • Download our mobile app 
  • Click on Articles
  • Enter the keyword such as "Loans for immigrants" on the search bar 
  • Select the article that matches your search 


The app has an updated article section on multiple topics and industry news. We have simplified remittances and personal finance for everyday users empowering you to make informed financial decisions - whether you are working, studying, or running a business in a foreign country. 

How to Update My Personal Profile on the CompareRemit App

To update your personal information, click on the profile icon on the top right-hand corner of the app. This will open two tabs that allow you to make changes to the profile and existing password.

Note: To make changes to the password, you will need to input the existing password for validation. 

How to Use the Exchange Rate Calculator on the CompareRemit App

The CompareRemit calculator is a powerful tool that accurately compares exchange rates by various money transfer modes in real-time. 

 Best Value, Best Rate, and Fastest are the three types of filters available.


You can also see the exchange rates of different currencies and compare their transfer fees with one click.

To check out the exchange rate calculator, download the app.

How to Customize Notifications on the CompareRemit App

We value personal spaces and requirements from the app. Therefore, we have designed specific notification alerts for various options and important alerts. 

Based on your preference, you can either turn on or switch off notifications to your mobile and email. To customize:

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Click on Notifications
  3. Choose notifications that you want to receive

How to Send Money Through the CompareRemit App

  • Sign in using your email address and password 
  • Select the currency you are sending and converting to
  • Enter the amount you are sending 
  • Compare the offers from top money transfer companies 
  • Select the option that suits your needs 
  • Click "Send Now"

You can also evaluate the company through which you are doing the transfer. The overview will also showcase the various corridors and currencies supported by that company. You can also choose to see the verified reviews. 

Couldn't Find What You Were Looking For?

Try our CAQs section. 

To access it, click on the menu-bar option on the top left of the app. If you are still unable to find the answers you are looking for, contact us.

You can schedule a meeting with us for specific questions or assistance requests.

To access it, click on the top left-hand menu and click on Contact Us.

We collect and store your personal information based on the consent given during Sign-up. We do not share or send data to third-party organizations. Check out our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Download the CompareRemit App
Download the CompareRemit App
Personalize your CompareRemit experience with your preferred corridor and receive target exchange rate notifications, seamless transitions to partner apps, and real-time comparisons of top remittance providers at your fingertips.
Personalize your CompareRemit experience with your preferred corridor and receive target exchange rate notifications, seamless transitions to partner apps, and real-time comparisons of top remittance providers at your fingertips.

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