Remit2India is part of Finablr, a global platform for Payments and Foreign Exchange solutions. With deep regulatory know-how, technology expertise and industry-leading partnerships, Finablr companies provide a broad array of tailored and trusted financial solutions for consumers and businesses. With a global reach spanning 170+ countries, Finablr companies processed over 150 million transactions in 2018, managing nearly USD 115 billion for customers. Remit2India offers both guaranteed and indicative exchange rates.

Remit2India is a secure online money transfer service provider that offers money transfer service to India from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

In order to send money through Remit2India, most of the services require the sender to use a bank account. In the US, one can use the ACH transfer system to transfer money. The transfer time for ACH transfers is 5 working days. Customers can transfer money to any bank in India. Sending large amounts of money using wire transfer through Remit2India is secure and hassle free.

The money can be received directly into the bank account. The money can be deposited in all the bank including 11,000 SBI branches across the country. All transactions can be tracked through Remit2India Status Tracker.

There are no transfer fees while sending money from the US to India for money transfers over $999. For sending money to India from the UK, there are zero transfer fees for any transaction amount. Remit2India claims that there are no additional hidden fees associated with the services.

But what is attractive about Remit2India is their referral program. It allows both you and your friend whom you refer to receive referral money. Users can earn INR 2,500 for every referral and his/her friends can earn INR 500 too after 1st transfer.


Ultimately, Remit2India provides an excellent exchange rate that is quite a good proposition for NRIs in USA, UK and Australia. Remit2India is also a good platform if someone wants to send a large amount of money as this is a secure online platform with no sending limit.

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