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As a global business, managing international payments can be a time consuming and sometimes costly task; using money transfer services for business is a smart way to enjoy a more convenient money transfer experience and get the most value for your company. Remittance companies offer foreign exchange services, international payments,  and global money transfer services for businesses that not only simplify international money transfers, but also help businesses reach their unique goals by providing expert guidance and services.

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Transfer Time 0 - 2 days
Fees No Fees
Transfer Limit No Transfer Limit
Transfer Type Spot Transfers, Forwards, Market Orders
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Transfer Time 3 - 5 days
Fees 0.892%
Transfer Limit $100 - 1 Million
Transfer Type Wire, SWIFT, ACH Push & ACH bank direct
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Transfer Time 2 days
Fees 0.50%
Transfer Limit No Transfer Limit
Transfer Type Online Transfer, ACH Transfer, Wire Transfer

Using a remittance company can help your business more easily manage money transfers and foreign exchange tasks. Business money transfer services simplify everything from paying international employees and suppliers to getting the best exchange rate and transfer fees to save on international money transfers.

Better exchange rates and low transfer fees are just a couple of the highlights of how using a remittance company for business transfers beats using a bank. Banks typically do not offer great exchange rates, and they often charge high fees for transfers, especially with wire transfers. With remittance companies, businesses get a higher exchange rate and can avoid paying costly exchange and transfer fees. In some cases, using a remittance company helps businesses save as much as 5% of their transactions. In addition, clients can always expect the best customer when working with remittance companies.

Money transfer services for businesses bring huge value to companies, and the remittance companies that offer these services are highly reputable, working with the world's leading banks and financial institutions, so you know your funds are secure. Most remittance companies transfer millions, and sometimes billions in transactions each year, serving clients worldwide, simply because they provide their business clients better exchange rates, better service, and better value when it comes to helping businesses manage international money transfers and foreign exchange.

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