Partners Testimonial

Partners Testimonial

CompareRemit values its partners, the on-going relationship and strives to bring them an excellent partnership experience. We take immense pride is their success. See for yourself what some of our partners have to say about their experiences working with CompareRemit and how our efforts have helped them acquire new customers and grow their businesses. 

"CompareRemit is an excellent platform to find your preferred money transfer provider. We appreciate doing business with CompareRemit, because we share the same belief: Transparency in rates and costs of international money transfer is essential to allow individuals to make an informed decision when sending money back home. Through the CompareRemit platform, we have been able to introduce ourselves to many new Indian TransferWise users."

Inez Miedema

Head of Affiliate & Partnerships


"CompareRemit provides a unique platform for remittance service providers and customers and brings them together. It offers great value to customers, while bringing greater opportunity for service providers to remain in front of the customers."

Roshan Polepalli

Director, Business Development


"Bridge21 believes that transparent, competitive pricing helps people save money when sending money home. The CompareRemit platform makes it easy for people to make a better choice. Their team is great to work with and fast. They've been a great source of new users for our service."

Will Madden



"It indeed is a pleasure to work with CompareRemit. They understand the remittance business and continue play a pivotal role for acquisition of new customers. They are very responsive to anything we need and are an asset to our marketing strategy."

Ahsan Choudhury

Director, Product Development


"We are pleased to work with CompareRemit - one of the largest platforms to compare services for remittances from the US to India. They are very responsive and great to work with."

Anay Shah

Head of International Partnerships


"CompareRemit is one of the best platforms for customers to research exchange rates before they make an international money transfer. It has been a pleasure to work with CompareRemit and we highly recommend every remittance customer reference the site when making a remittance."

Matt Horsey

Manager, Affiliate and Display Marketing


"CompareRemit is quite the resource and has helped companies in more way than one. Not only do they help with acquiring new customers but also learning from customer experiences. The team is very helpful in answering questions and providing well-rounded advice. CompareRemit’s understanding on the industry and clientele helps them help companies through and through. Overall, we would recommend turning to CompareRemit if you have a money sending service of any kind."

Harmit Kamboe

Marketing Manager


"We have been working with the CompareRemit team for over a year. CompareRemit is an excellent platform for money transfer companies to connect with Indian customers. It delivers on its mission of making exchange rate shopping easy and transparent. The team is fair and very responsive to our needs. It is a pleasure to do business with CompareRemit."

Komal Rathi



"CompareRemit is an excellent platform for customers to know about exchange rates, transaction charges, about services and offers details before they make money transfer to India. Axis Bank believes in Customer Centricity, transparency and partner like CompareRemit has helped us to deliver this."


Ranjeet Kumar

AVP - Digital Remittance


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