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Send money to the land of smiles with Skrill

Overall - 4 / 5

Skrill knows how important it is for people to feel connected to their family and friends when they’re living abroad. With Skrill there are no hidden fees or commissions when sending money to an international bank account, meaning more money arrives to your loved ones. Send money using just a phone number, it is just one of the ways Skrill is appealing to the Millennials and Gen-X consumers who are ever-more reliant on smartphones. 







Trustworthiness - 4 / 5

Skrill started in 2001 as Moneybookers–an online payment and money transfer service headquartered in NYC and London. It was relaunched in 2008 with new branding and services for people who require multi-currency payment processing. Skrill today offers you pay-as-you-go pricing with no early termination fees. Skrill gives some of the cheapest option for money transfer with very competitive fees and rates. 

In the Apple App store, Skrill has rating count of 4.4 out of 5. In Google Play store, it is rated 3.8 out of 5. Customers are positive about PayPal like functionality for online purchases and payments in the USA as well as overseas, however, concerns linger about glitches in security along with verification processes that leave many frustrated for Skrill to Skrill transfers.



Ease of use - 4 / 5


Skrill gives you both money transfer and an exchange platform in one place. The app makes it easy to deposit, withdraw, and exchange money even from minor debit cards. Using the mobile Wallet for depositing and transferring money is easy and simple. Skrill is an effective way to internationally send money to 200 countries around the world. This is also the first year when Skrill is offering remittance within the USA corridor.


We recommend using Skrill as an effective way to send money overseas, but we are cautious about using Skrill to Skrill service which is expensive, slower, and not well received.


Transfer costs - 3.5 / 5


Although Skrill gives you competitive exchange rates, fees are at 2.5% which some may consider on the high side. Skrill charges per transfer and every time you load money into the account. Skrill doesn’t allow for high transfers unlike others which is a drawback if you want to send higher amount transfers.





Transfer time - 4.5 / 5


Sending money through Skrill can range from same day service to 5 business days. Transfer time is contingent on your payment method and how you choose the delivery of funds.





Transfer details - 4.5 / 5


It’s easy to open an account and access the Skrill Wallet. You can use this to send money around the world or to fund the payment of credit cards, debit cards, or for bank transfers. The beneficiary can receive the funds directly in their bank account and into a mobile Wallet which is also available for certain countries.

4 steps to transfer money

  1. Set up a Skrill account
  2. Add verification details
  3. Establish transfer details for the beneficiary
  4. Click to send funds


Customer support - 3 / 5


A lot of Skrill customer support is automated and thus you may find it challenging to speak to an actual human. To get answers, you have to use the FAQ on the website or email support as Skrill doesn’t have any live chat.   







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