How much Indian Rupees can I take to India while I am traveling to India as an US citizen with an OCI Card?

Any foreigner or NRI residing outside India in not allow to carry any amount of INR from abroad in to India.
Non-residents can carry Indian currency upto a maximum of Rs.10,000 beyond Immigration/Customs desk to the Duty Free Area/Security Hold Area (SHA) in the departure hall in international airports in India for meeting miscellaneous expenditures subject to the condition that non-residents will not be allowed to carry any Indian Rupee beyond SHA and that they should dispose of Indian currency before boarding the plane. In order to provide money changing facility to non-residents to convert unspent Indian Rupees with them, Foreign Exchange Counters in the departure halls in international airports in India may be established in the Duty Free Area/SHA beyond the Immigration/ Customs desk. Such Foreign Exchange Counters will however, only buy Indian Rupees from non-residents and sell foreign currency to them subject to usual terms and conditions. Putting up suitable display at these counters, reminding the passengers that the area is the last point for non-residents to possess Indian Rupees (INR) will be the responsibility of the Airport Authorities.

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