Today's Best US Dollars to Sri Lankan Rupee Exchange Rate to Sri Lanka

Below are today's best exchange rates for dollar to Sri Lanka rupee from most popular money transfer companies, in real time, that will help you make an informed decision. Current USD to LKR Exchange Rates.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country in South Asia and is known as the Land of Serendipity. It is known for its outstanding beaches, ancient ruins, and abundant wildlife. Currently, remittance back to Sri Lanka remains as one of their highest contributors to their GDP. When sending money to Sri Lanka, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best USD to LKR possible. Using CompareRemit, you can see the current mid-market dollar to Sri Lankan rupeeas well as see fees, transfer speed, and more from top remittance partners.

USD to LKR today

The USD to LKR today is strong, mostly due to a drop in the Sri Lankan economy due to the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic. However, economists do believe that the Sri Lankan rupee will become stronger with time. Many overseas workers or immigrants in the United States send money back home to Sri Lanka, and CompareRemit helps you find the best dollar rate today. Since the dollar price in Sri Lanka is constantly changing, we recommend checking back regularly or setting up notifications on our website to be notified when the best 1 dollar in Sri Lankan rupees today becomes available.

USD to Sri Lankan Rupee Rates

When sending money to Sri Lanka, you have many online options to choose from. CompareRemit partners with top remittance companies to allow you to compare USD to Sri Lankan rupee rates in real-time. There are other things to consider as well when sending money to Sri Lanka online, including any added fees and transfer time. Some companies may offer an excellent exchange rate, but may charge some additional fees depending on the amount sent. Additionally, some remittance services may take longer, so you’ll want to choose the speed that works best for you.

If you’re looking to find the best US dollar rate in Sri Lanka today, use our online comparison service to understand the mid-market rate along with the best exchange rates that today’s remittance companies are offering. Don’t forget to consider all factors in addition to exchange rates including transfer speed, added fees, and more.


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