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Today, the Canadian dollar is the 7th most traded currency on the foreign exchange market. It is actually considered a commodity currency because of Canada’s amount of raw material exports. The CAD to INR exchange rate is fluctuating at a high rate, meaning that the Canadian dollar is becoming stronger against the Indian rupee. Sending money to India from Canada today means that you’ll get the most Indian rupees for your Canadian dollars. When sending money, be sure to use our CompareRemit online comparison tool to find the best CAD to INR today.

In order to get the best Canadian dollar rate today, sign up for CompareRemit’s best rate notifications to receive alerts daily. It does appear that 1 Canadian dollar in Indian rupee today is increasing, meaning that the rupee is falling against the Canadian dollar. Getting the best exchange rate of the day allows you to understand the mid-market rate, which you can use to compare against companies offering money transfer services.

If you are planning on converting your dollar to Indian rupee, you have many options to choose from. You can use our online comparison tool to look at the many companies offering CAD to Indian rupee money transfer along with their fees, speed, exchange rate, and more. This allows you to pick the service that works best for you and your needs, as well as assuring you that you’ll receive the best Canadian dollar price in India.

The Canadian dollar to Indian rupee will fluctuate over time, so check back regularly on CompareRemit to understand when the market rates are ideal for your transfer. Transferring money using one of our partner services is fast, low cost, and completely secure. Check our company reviews for more information regarding each partner and our spotlight articles for more in-depth guides on how to use their services. Use CompareRemit to find the best Canadian dollar rate in India today!

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