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GBP to INR Exchange Rate

When sending money from the UK to India, it’s important to know the current GBP to INR exchange rate, transfer fees associated with your transaction, and how fast your money will arrive. Using CompareRemit, you can easily compare top remittance companies offering British pound to rupee transactions. These companies offer money transfer services that are completely safe and secure!

GBP to INR Today

The GBP to INR today is holding strong due to the weakening of the Indian rupee. COVID-19 affected many different foreign currencies, and they are still bouncing back. With a high 1 British pound in rupees today, now is a great time to send money from the UK to India. You’ll get the most Indian rupees for your British pounds, even at mid-market rate. Before you settle on a provider to make your transaction, be sure to compare your options using CompareRemit.

British Pound Price in India

The best way to transfer money from the UK to India will depend on your transfer needs. This includes speed, fees, network, payments options, and exchange rates. The GBP to rupee exchange rate will continue to fluctuate over time, so it may be in your best interest to create an account on CompareRemit and set alerts for when the best exchange rate of the day is reached. You can also select a target British pound price in India if you are looking to achieve a specific rate.

On CompareRemit, you’ll find the best British pound rate in India today so you don’t have to go to a handful of different websites to compare. We make it easy to find the best rate for you, and transfer you right to our partners’ websites for an easy transaction. Once your transaction is successful, you can track your money and ensure that it reaches its destination safely. To find the best British pound rate today, see rates from our trusted partners listed above.

GBP to INR Forecast 2022

The GBP to INR forecast for 2022 is greatly influenced by the Bank of England’s (BoE) and the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) policies as well as the economies of both countries. In the next few months, the RBI will work diligently to combat high inflation. This will likely limit the upward movement of GBP to INR. However, the currency pair is still expected to rise due to the BoE’s tightening of monetary policy. BoE is expected to increase the interest rate again to 1.5% by November 2022.

The state of the market as we move into the end of 2022 will greatly decide the fate of GBP to INR. However, the forecast at the moment suggests that the GBP to INR rate will open around 94.88 in November 2022, with a minimum of 87.72 and a maximum of 95.71. At the end of the month, the rate is expected to close around 92.57.

In December 2022, the GBP to INR rate is expected to open around 92.57, with a minimum of 89.70 and a maximum of 95.28. The forecast for the end of December 2022 is a close of 92.88.


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