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Below are today's best exchange rates for US Dollar to PKR from most popular money transfer companies, in real time, that will help you make an informed decision to transfer money from US to Pakistan.

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Dollar Price in Pakistan

Over the past couple of years, remittances to Pakistan have significantly increased. This is due to the amount of overseas Pakistanis sending money back home. Many Pakistanis apply for overseas employment opportunities in order to earn money to support their families and loved ones in Pakistan. Today, the Pakistan rupee remains a weak currency overall, as the dollar price in Pakistan reaches all time highs. The Pakistan rupee has remained the official currency of Pakistan since 1948, and includes coins and notes. Their currency is controlled by their central bank, the State Bank of Pakistan.

USD to PKR Exchange Rate

Today, the USD to PKR exchange rate is at an all time high, meaning that the US dollar to Pakistan rupee is stronger than ever. 1 dollar in Pakistan rupee today has reached over 200, which has never been seen before. Political experts expect that the Pakistan rupee’s value will continue to fall against the dollar due to government and economic instability.

USD to PKR Today

If you are an overseas worker sending money back to Pakistan, you want to get the best USD to PKR today. This will ensure that your loved ones receive more Pakistan rupees for your dollars. As Pakistan’s government and economic issues continue, it may become even more important to help support your family back home. Using CompareRemit to check your USD to Pakistan rupee money transfer options will help you choose the company with the best rates, lowest fees, and fastest turnaround time.

Since the dollar rate in Pakistan today is always changing, check back on CompareRemit frequently to always receive the best rates for your online money transfer. You want your recipient to receive the most money for your dollars, and now is a great time to take advantage of the dollar rate today and get the best USD to PKR exchange rate.


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