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AUD to INR - Today's Best Australian Dollar to Indian Rupees Exchange Rates

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Australia’s remittance has greatly increased over the years, especially to countries such as India. This is due to overseas workers who move to Australia for jobs, and then send money back home to India to help support their loved ones. When sending money from Australia to India, you want to get the best AUD to INR exchange rate possible. The Australian dollar rate today is always changing, and remittance companies control their rate offerings, which is where CompareRemit comes in.

Australian Dollar to Rupee

Using CompareRemit, you’ll always get the best AUD to INR today. How? It’s easy! By using our online comparison tool and selecting Australian dollar to rupee, you’ll be able to quickly scan multiple trusted remittance companies and what they offer when sending money to India. There are many things you’ll want to consider - this includes the company’s offered exchange rate (and how close it is to the AUD to rupee mid-market exchange rate), fees associated with your transaction, and how fast your money will arrive to your recipient.

Best Australian Dollar Price in India

Once you compare this critical information regarding your remittance transaction, you can select the company that fits all of your needs. Maybe you need your money to arrive as quickly as possible - in which case, you might not receive the best Australian dollar price in India, but your money will arrive on time. On the other hand, maybe you are just in search of the best 1 australian dollar in rupees today rate, in which case, you may pay a small transaction fee or need to wait longer for your money to arrive. Either way, we make it easy for you to compare all of your options.

AUD to INR Today

Before you send money from Australia to India, be sure to use CompareRemit to check the real-time Australian dollar rate in India today and to pick the best remittance partner for your individual needs. We transfer you seamlessly to our partners’ websites so that you can quickly sign-up and complete your first transaction. Try us out today!

AUD to INR Forecast 2023

In November 2022, AUD to INR was trading around 54.5, which is an increase from the previous 6 months. From May 2022 to November 2022, AUD to INR actually dropped by -1.69%, with the pair fluctuating quite heavily over the year. The AUD to INR high in March 2022 reached 57.3 and dropped back down to the yearly low at 51 in October 2022.

Since October 2022, the AUD has strengthened against the INR, and is predicted to continue to rise back to 54 to 55 by 2023. Analysts predict that AUD to INR in 2023 will fluctuate similarly to 2022, with the pair trading around 51 in mid-2023 and strengthening back up to 53 or 54 by the end of 2023.


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