USD to PHP - Today's Best US Dollars to Philippine Pesos Exchange Rates

Listed below are today's best exchange rates for US Dollars to Philippines Peso, in real time, from various money transfer companies that will help you make an informed decision to send money from USA to Philippines. Current USD to PHP Exchange Rates.

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The USA to Philippines remittance corridor is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing worldwide. Due to an increase in the amount of money sent to the Philippines from overseas, USD to PHP fees have decreased and more and more people are able to receive better exchange rates for dollar to Philippines pesos. When sending money to the Philippines, you can use our online comparison service to see the dollar rate today along with fees and transfer speeds for some of the top remittance companies on the market today.

USD to PHP Today

The USD to PHP today is always changing, so we recommend setting exchange rate alerts by creating an account with CompareRemit, or by downloading our mobile app. You can also check our website regularly to see what our top remittance partners are offering and what the current mid-market exchange rate is for 1 dollar in Philippines peso today. You want to get the best value you can for your dollar, resulting in more Philippines pesos for your recipient.

Sending money to the Philippines has never been faster, safer, and cheaper than it is today. The dollar price in Philippines increases as the dollar strengthens, allowing you to receive more bang for your buck. We have seen a significant increase in the amount of Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, who travel abroad to work for their families. They send money back home to support their loved ones, while earning more money abroad than they could in local currency.

Being an OFW comes with great responsibility, and when sending money home, you want to get the best US dollar rate in Philippines today as possible. We invite you to use our comparison tool to always get the best USD to PHP rate to help ensure that your family and loved ones back home get the most money for your dollars. The OFW community continues to support the Philippines in terms of funding education, living standard, healthcare, household income, and more.

Current market rate is a huge factor when it comes to the USD to PHP today, which is why it is always changing. Compare your options and find the best fit for your needs by using CompareRemit to discover the dollar rate today along with remittance fees, transfer speed, pickup options, and more that are available to you and your recipient.

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