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6 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling Abroad

Updated on Apr 12, 2022
Money being kept safe

Keeping your money safe at any given time can be challenging and when you're traveling, it can be even more difficult. The following are some handy tips that you can use to protect your valuables while traveling abroad:

1. Use Credit, Limit cash

Using a credit card saves you from unauthorized charges should someone get ahold of it. Cash, on the other hand, can cause you to overspend and is far more likely to be lost or stolen. Want to feel safe? Tuck a credit or debit card in your wallet - look for cards that do not have a foreign transaction fee - and prepare to spend only as much as your next statement can cover. Supplement it with some ready cash.

2. Avoid Secluded ATMs

The more visible you are, the better. Try to plan your trips to ATMs for the daytime and if you do need to go at night, you'll want to find someone you trust to accompany you. It is recommended that you choose ATMs that are in your hotel or are near busy areas, and if you have a vehicle, use drive-up ATMs. The more public these Automated Teller Machines are, the more protected you and your money will be.

3. Use A Money Belt

These money belts and their derivatives, such as a bra stash, crocheted money pouches (that can be worn as necklaces), or travel underwear with secret pockets, remain invaluable for storing your money. You can keep your passport or driver's license in there too.

4. Use A Dummy Wallet

Want to deceive thieves? Stuff a cheap wallet with a few bills and some spare cards that could have appeared in your junk mail. This will lure pickpockets from the real target and could save your life in the event of a hold-up. Don't check for where the real wallet is until you're at a safe spot.

5. Carry An Anti-Theft Bag

Some bags that are designed for travel come with features such as cut-proof, steel-cable-reinforced shoulder straps; slash-proof fabric; and locking zippers. these are ideal for stashing money since it slows down thieves, deterring them from grabbing your valuables. Never place your bag out of site.

6. Use Small Bills

They're less apt to cause roving eyes, easier to exchange and certainly easier to use in these typically cash-dependent countries, most of which are unlikely to have the change for massive bills. Convert into $1, $5 or $10 bills to be safe.

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