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Everything You Need To Know About FCNR Bank Account

Updated on April 09, 2020 12:42 pm
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FCNR bank accounts have always been an effective investment tool for NRIs in India. With the coming of Union Budget 2019 and recent regulatory changes, the FCNR investment route has become one of the most lucrative options. 

Interest rates have been revised. It has been proposed to merge NRI portfolio investments with foreign portfolio investment (FPI). This will not only encourage increased NRI investment in equities but also in bank accounts with assured returns. FCNR accounts are one of the key investment options in such a case. If you are investing in realtly in India do not forget to read the article on "Investing in Property in India".

Let’s find out everything about FCNR accounts including their benefits and constraints so that you are able to make an informed decision when investing in India.

What is FCNR?

A Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) bank (B) account, also sometimes known as FCNR(B)), is a term deposit account that allows you to transfer your foreign income to India in the same currency as your resident country. This helps you to effectively hedge against exchange rate risks. According to RBI guidelines, any Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) can open an FCNR account in India. On a change in residential status, FCNR (B) deposits may be allowed to continue till maturity at the contracted rate of interest. 

What are the salient features of an FCNR account?
  • FCNR is a foreign currency-denominated account.
  • FCNR is not a savings account. It is a term deposit with a minimum tenure of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. 
  • Interest income on FCNR accounts in nontaxable in India.
  • Both principal and interest are freely repatriable in your resident country.
  • It is possible to avail both rupee and foreign currency loans against your FCNR deposits.
What makes FCNR (B) particularly attractive?

Among the many account choices available to NRIs such as NRO and NRE, FCNR (B) accounts are particularly attractive because they are the only ones where you can invest in your resident currency. In case you wish to withdraw your funds, you can get back exactly what you invested without being penalized twice for exchange rate fluctuations.

What currencies are permitted under the FCNR scheme? 

According to the latest RBI circular in October 2011, FCNR permitted currencies are the ones that are freely convertible. These include the US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Danish Krone, and Hong Kong Dollar among others. 

Do you need to pay income tax in India?

Interest from FCNR deposits is exempt from Indian income tax.

Are there any repatriable restrictions on FCNR deposits?

Both principal and interest in FCNR accounts are freely repatriable. You can do it either by internet banking or through the branch.

What is FCNR loan?

An FCNR loan is a loan in foreign currency that is availed by NRIs or Indian corporates against an FCNR deposit at select Indian banks according to RBI guidelines. 

It is possible to utilize your FCNR (B) deposits and raise funds against them both in Indian and foreign currencies. FCNR loans are usually available to both corporate and non-corporate clients.

Where can you avail loans against FCNR deposits?

Ideally, you can avail a loan against your FCNR deposit anywhere in the world. However, banks may have different policies regarding the repayment of these loans. You will have to check on these policies before applying.

What is the difference between FCNR, NRO, and NRE accounts?

An NRO and NRE accounts are both rupee-denominated account whereas an FCNR account is a foreign currency account. You can only open term deposits with FCNR accounts. Through the NRE/NRO route, you can open Savings, Current, Recurring, and Fixed Deposits. While NRE is a Tax-free and freely repatriable account like an FCNR. NRO is taxable and only the interest after taxes is repatriable. Know more differences between an NRO and NRE.

What are the benefits of holding an FCNR account?

The benefits of holding an FCNR account are numerous. 

  • First and foremost, FCNR allows you to invest your earnings in the currency of your residence country. This helps you to protect yourself from the volatility of exchange rates.
  • Second, you don’t need to pay any income tax on your FCNR earnings in India. And the interest and principal are both freely repatriable.
  • Third, you can avail of a loan in any currency you want against your FCNR deposit.
What are the disadvantages of holding an FCNR account?

Holding an FCNR account also comes with a few disadvantages as listed below.

  • You can only open fixed deposits of 1 - 5 years tenure with an FCNR account. If you choose to close your account before one year, you may not earn any interest.
  • In the event of a financial downturn, banks may not be able to pay back your funds at the end of the tenure. 
What are the interest rates on FCNR accounts?

Interest rates for FCNR deposits vary with the currency. FCNR rates can be as low as 1.3% for GBP and as high as 3% for USD. Additionally, FCNR rates can vary with the bank and the tenure of the deposit. Make sure you take all these factors into account when determining the right fit for you.

What are the maximum and minimum tenure of FCNR deposits?

The minimum tenure of an FCNR deposit is 1 year and the maximum is 5 years. If you withdraw within a year, no interest is paid. If it is withdrawn within the tenure, a penalty may or may not be levied depending on the bank.

Which banks offer FCNR accounts?

It is important to understand that you should always invest your hard-earned money with a reputable bank especially when it is a fixed deposit that you cannot withdraw as and when you like. The bank needs to have the credibility that it can pay you back after the tenure is over. 

A number of banks in India offer FCNR accounts to NRIs and PIOs. Here are the top few;

How can you open an FCNR account?

You can open an FCNR account by sending remittance from overseas, by internet banking if you already have NRE or NRO accounts, or by sending or submitting a request to the branch directly.

Is it possible to open Joint FCNR accounts?

You can open joint FCNR accounts with fellow NRIs. As part of foreign exchange liberalization, you can also open FCNR accounts with Indian residents who are your close relatives.

How can you transfer your funds to FCNR account?

You can transfer funds to your FCNR account through any of the following channels.

  1. Directly from your overseas bank account through a wire transfer or personal cheques.
  2. From another NRE or FCNR account.
  3. Proceeds from Travelers Cheques when you are visiting India. You would need a currency declaration form if the amount exceeds USD 5,000 or equivalent.
What are the documents required for opening an FCNR account?

You will require the following documents to open an FCNR account.

  1. Valid passport copy
  2. Proof of NRI or PIO status
  3. Overseas and Indian address
  4. Indian PAN card copy
  5. Passport-sized colored photographs
  6. A filled-in account opening form
  7. All these documents need to be attested by the Indian Embassy or a public notary or equivalent in your resident country.

These are the salient points that you need to keep in mind before opening an FCNR account. It is a good option if you are looking to avoid exchange rate risks and earn a decent tax-free return while living abroad. If you are wondering what is the best way to send money to India, simply click, compare, and send on CompareRemit

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We are thrilled to announce Remitly as a trusted money transfer partner of CompareRemit. As a top choice for many immigrants, Remitly offers a blend of reliability, competitive rates, and user-friendly services. This quick review will guide you through the ins and outs of Remitly, highlighting key features, safety measures, and customer feedback.[Disclosure: This article contains affiliate link. If you click through and make a money transfer, CompareRemit may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.]What is Remitly?Attractive Offers From Money Transfer PartnersRemitly is a digital money transfer service designed to provide a fast, secure, and cost-effective way to send money internationally. Founded in 2011, Remitly has grown rapidly, serving millions of customers worldwide. The company’s mission is to tirelessly deliver on their promises to immigrants saving, spending, and sending money across the world.Whether you’re supporting family abroad or paying for services, Remitly simplifies the process with its intuitive platform.How Does Remitly Work?Sending money with Remitly is straightforward:Sign Up: Create an account on the Remitly website or download the Remitly app.Remitly Login: Log in to your Remitly account.Enter Transfer Details: Provide the recipient’s information and the amount you wish to send.Choose Delivery Method: Select how the recipient will receive the funds (bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet, etc.).Complete Payment: Pay for the transfer using your preferred payment method (bank account, debit card, or credit card).Track Your Transfer: Use the tracking feature to monitor the status of your transfer.Remitly AppThe Remitly app is available for both iOS and Android devices, offering a seamless user experience. 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Sending money internationally is a vital task for many immigrants supporting their families back home. When finding the best money transfer service to send money with, you might be tempted to pick your remittance service provider based on whoever has the highest exchange rate. However, it is important that you look at more than one factor. Money transfer fees, the corridors the money transfer service offers, promotional offers, and money transfer speeds are just some of the factors you should look into before you decide on the best money transfer service for you. In this article, we will mainly be covering money transfer speeds. While the process seems straightforward, understanding transfer speeds is essential to ensure timely and efficient transactions. This article will delve into why money transfer services can't instantly transfer money, the factors influencing transfer speeds, and how to compare and choose the right remittance service using CompareRemit.Why Can’t Money Transfers Be Instant?Money transfers involve multiple steps and parties, which can cause the money transfer process to take some time. Here are some reasons why transfers aren’t always instant:Transfer Method: Bank transfers, wire transfers, and online money transfer services all have different processing times. Online services often provide the fastest way to send money.Payment Method: How you fund the transfer (bank account, credit card, debit card) can affect speed. Transfers funded by credit cards might be quicker but could incur higher fees.Transfer Amount: Larger transfers may undergo more rigorous checks, resulting in slower processing times compared to smaller amounts.Service Provider: Different remittance companies offer varying processing times. Some prioritize speed, while others focus on cost-effectiveness. It's essential to research and compare the transfer speeds of different providers.Verification Processes: Financial institutions must verify the sender’s and recipient’s information to prevent fraud and comply with regulations. This verification can take time.Bank Processing Times: Banks typically have set processing times, often limited to business hours and excluding weekends and holidays, which can delay transfers.Regulatory Compliance: Different countries have various regulations to prevent money laundering and illegal activities. Ensuring compliance with these regulations adds time to the transfer process.Intermediary Banks: Transfers that involve multiple banks or financial intermediaries can take longer as each institution has its processing times and procedures.Destination Country: The country to which you are sending money also plays a role. Transfers to countries with advanced financial infrastructure tend to be faster. For instance, sending money to India might be quicker compared to less developed regions.Time of Transfer: The timing of initiating the transfer also plays a role. Transfers initiated during business hours on weekdays tend to process faster than those initiated on weekends or holidays.Anti-Fraud Measures: To protect against fraudulent activities, money transfer companies implement rigorous security measures. While essential, these measures can slow down the processing of transactions.Preparing for Money Transfer SpeedsTo ensure your money reaches its destination as quickly as possible, consider the following tips:Plan Ahead: If you know you need to send money by a specific date, plan the transfer well in advance to avoid any last-minute delays.Verify Recipient Information: Ensure all recipient details are accurate to prevent any issues that might delay the transfer.Choose the Right Service: Use CompareRemit to evaluate different services based on their transfer speeds, fees, and reliability. This tool allows you to see all the factors that will influence your transfer experience.Consider Time Zones: Be mindful of time zones, as transfers initiated during business hours in the recipient’s country may be processed faster.Find the Fastest Way to Send Money Internationally with CompareRemitWhen selecting a remittance service, prioritize your needs and preferences. Getting the most for your money is important, but the highest exchange rate is not always the best answer. Getting a high exchange rate but having your money recipient wait days or even weeks to receive their money is not the best deal. Use CompareRemit's comparison tool to identify the fastest way to send money internationally. Compare the processing times offered by different providers to find the fastest way to send money abroad.

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Personalize your CompareRemit experience with your preferred corridor and receive target exchange rate notifications, seamless transitions to partner apps, and real-time comparisons of top remittance providers at your fingertips.

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