Fintech Awards 2021: Which Ones To Attend & Why
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Global Fintech Awards To Attend In 2021

Updated on January 28, 2021 01:58 pm

International business awards honor the hard work, dedication, creativity, and achievements of top companies, institutions, and individuals. The financial technology (or FinTech) sector is no different. In fact, financial services make up one of the largest segments of the awards marketplace.

The Global FinTech Awards bring the spotlight to companies and individuals with the most disruptive technologies, innovation, and initiatives that are shaping the future of financial services. 

The FinTech sector has especially stood up and provided innovative yet reliable financial services and solutions during the global pandemic last year. The FinTech awards are here to give the deserved recognition and celebrate the achievements of the FinTech communities around the world.   

For the companies and individuals winning a business award, it is a chance to enhance their brand awareness and build higher credibility. Besides winning awards, such events are a great opportunity for networking and learning the latest industry trends. 

Do keep in mind that some of the awards websites are not updated with entry deadlines but the timeline tends to be similar from year to year. The dates given here are only tentative and are subject to change. Check for any latest information by visiting the websites or get registered to get notifications concerning the entry details and deadlines.

Top 10 Global FinTech Awards That You Should Attend in 2021

FinTech Awards 2021 by FinTech Intel

The FinTech Awards 2021 by FinTech Intel will consist of 4 events: The UK FinTech Awards, EU FinTech Awards, US FinTech Awards, and the Asia FinTech Awards.

FinTech Intel is the global market intelligence platform for FinTech and financial services technology providing market information, news, reports, and insights on the rapidly growing global FinTech industry. 


UK Fintech


The launch of FinTech Intel's inaugural Asia, European, and US FinTech Awards 2021 will give the much-needed platform to celebrate the incredible FinTech communities in these regions.

While the winners of the UK FinTech Awards 2021 will be announced at an in-person event on 20 May 2021 in London, the other three events will be held virtually on 27 and 28 April 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual event will have a pre-recorded broadcast to be streamed online to announce the winners.

The awards are divided into 25 categories to cover the full spectrum of FinTech products, services, and solutions, and also recognize the achievements and successes of the firms and the commitment of leading individuals of the industry. 

As there are a lot of categories to choose from, it is wise to go through each category and choose the ones that best demonstrate the company's strengths. 

Independent panels of experts from around the globe will assess the entries, come up with the shortlist and finally select the winners. 

Entry Details: Either a written submission of between 250 and 1000 words per category or a three-minute video. Read more on how to enter the awards here.

Entry Deadline: 26 February 2021  

Winners Announcement: 20 May 2021 (UK event); 27&28 April 2021 (US, Asia, and Europe event)

Website:, ,,

Benzinga Global FinTech Awards

Benzinga, a leading financial media outlet in partnership with Envestnet I Yodlee, a financial data aggregation and analytics platform recognizes disruptive innovators in the financial services space with the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards.




With more than 25 award categories that cover from APIs and accelerators to Robo-advisors and wealth management software, the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards celebrates and recognizes the most outstanding and disruptive companies across the FinTech sector. 

Whether the event is to be held virtually or in-person, participants have the chance to meet and connect with over 450 rising FinTech companies, startups, key industry players, investors from around the globe, and several attendees from companies such as WorldQuant, Third Point, Citadel, etc.

Entry Details: Not available yet

Entry Deadline: September 2021 (tentative)   

Winners Announcement: November 2021


FinTech Breakthrough Awards




The FinTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies and innovators that stand out in the crowded FinTech market. The award categories include payments, wealth management, personal finance, RegTech, InsurTech, fraud prevention, and security, personal finance, business or consumer lending. 

Entry Details: Not Available yet

Entry Deadline: January-February 2021 (tentative)  

Winners Announcement: April 2021


FDATA's Global Open Finance Awards

Hosted by the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), The Global Open Finance Awards celebrate world-class technology, innovation, companies, and individuals that are responsible for the delivery and the realization of 'Open Banking and Open Finance' to the marketplace. There are several awards categories that companies can enter such as Open API standards, security management, payments, open finance, consumer savings, etc.




The FDATA is a not-for-profit organization representing FinTech operating in Open Banking and Open Finance. FDATA works with governments, policymakers, and regulators to create a healthy and ethical competitive financial landscape besides providing innovative financial solutions that empower consumers to take control of their financial lives through better financial decisions.  

Entry Details: Not yet available

Entry Deadline: October 2021 (tentative)   

Winners Announcement: December 2021


Central Banking FinTech & RegTech Global Awards


Central Banking


The FinTech & RegTech Global Awards are hosted by Central Banking to celebrate innovation and excellence in the financial sector including FinTech and RegTech communities.

Companies all over the globe can apply for these awards in various categories that meet their business model which includes FinTech Provider, RegTech Provider, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence Initiative, Technology Provider for Financial Inclusion, and Cyber Resilience Initiative. 

Entry Details: Not yet available

Entry Deadline: June 20219 (tentative)  

Winner Announcement: September 2021


The Innovators (Global Finance)

The Innovators Awards are presented by Global Finance, a monthly financial magazine with 34 years of experience in international financial markets and a circulation of over 50,000 and readers in 191 countries. The awards recognize the trailblazers in the banking and financial sector and are considered a trusted standard of excellence for the global financial community. It is headquartered in New York with offices around the world.

The call for entries to The Innovators awards include banks, technology providers, and non-bank financial institutions to be awarded titles such as 'The Most Innovative Financial Institutions', 'The Most Innovative Technology Companies' globally, 'The Best Financial Innovation Labs in the world, etc.

The Top Innovations awards are also region-specific: Asia-Pacific, North America, Central, Eastern & Western Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa in categories like Corporate Finance, Payments, Trade Finance, Cash Management, and Islamic Finance.

Entry Details: Not yet available 

Entry Deadline: March 2021 (tentative)   

Winners Announcement: September 2021


Financial Innovation Awards (FIA)




Financial Innovation Awards (FIA), organized by The London Institute of Banking & Finance began in 1998 to recognize and celebrate new initiatives and technologies that are revolutionizing the banking and financial services industry globally.

The awards categories include Payments Transactions, Financial Inclusion, Payments Platform, Technology, and FinTech Partnerships, Mobile, and Open Banking.

Entry Details: Not yet available

Entry Deadline: August 2021 (tentative)  

Winners Announcement: November 2021


The Banker: Innovation in Digital Banking Awards




The Banker, a global financial intelligence firm since 1926, recognizes and celebrates companies, banks, financial service providers that are transforming the digital banking experience with its Innovation in Digital Banking Awards.

Digital transformations in the global financial industry have led to the development of new products and services that focus especially on the needs of the clients-whether retail customers, corporates, or small and medium-sized enterprises. 

The awards categories also include artificial intelligence/robotics, mobile channel, and payments, FinTech partnerships, technology joint ventures.

Entry Details: Not yet available

Entry Deadline: May 2021 (tentative)  

Winners Announcement: August 2021


Future Digital Awards FinTech & Payments


Future Digital


Future Digital Awards FinTech & Payments is presented by Juniper Research, a leading analyst for digital technology market research, technology data, market forecasting, and consulting.

With over 10 years of experience in FinTech & Payments research that covers topics like extensive FinTech market size estimation, FinTech trends, payments, money transfers, blockchain, mobile wallets, banking, digital payments, and security.

The awards are divided into categories like Banking Innovation, FinTech Innovation, Payment Innovation, Retail Innovation, Fraud & Security Innovation, and Judges Choice.

The final winners are selected through a rigorous set of criteria that are finally confirmed by the Juniper Research judging panel.

Entry Details: Not available

Entry Deadline: August 2021 (tentative)

Winners Announcement: September 2021


The Banking Tech Awards


Banking Tech


The Banking Technology Awards hosted by FinTech Futures is in its 21st year in recognizing and celebrating innovation and top performers in the FinTech sector. The awards are attended by key industry leaders and specialists.

The categories for the awards consist of Best FinTech Partnership, Best Use of AI, Best Use of RegTech, Best Emerging or Innovative Technology, Best Core Banking Solution Provider, Best Open Banking Solution, and Most Innovative Banking Technology Provider. Leadership awards such as Women in Technology, Rising Tech Star, Tech Team, Tech Leadership are also included. 

Entry Details: Not available yet

Entry Deadline: September 2021 (tentative)    

Winners Announcement: December 2021



The FinTech awards listed above are by no means an exhaustive list of all FinTech awards available in the world. The list provides a glimpse of the numerous options/categories that FinTech companies can participate in that match their strength or story and get nominated in that specific category.

The awards are extremely credible and offer great opportunities to companies to gain international recognition and exposure. 

It would be wise for the FinTech companies to research the financial services awards or FinTech-specific awards (national or international) to see whether they fulfill the criteria and requirements of the awards and increase the odds of winning such prestigious awards.

Given the uncertainty of international travels due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we encourage you to plan thoroughly and getting travel insurance that covers medical emergencies.

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