How Bangladesh is Rebuilding with Remittance
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How Bangladesh is Rebuilding with Remittance

Updated on May 01, 2019 08:53 am

The inward remittances rebounded last financial year with a hike of 14.79% from 2017 remittance of USD 12.8 billion to an estimated USD 14.98 billion remittances in 2018.

After a setback due to a steep decline for the past three years, the trend is picking up. The spike in remittance can be attributed to a few factors. Such as the rise in oil prices, the fall of Bangladeshi Taka against the US dollar, and most importantly increase in adoption of formal channels by the Bangladeshi migrants worldwide.

Remittances (in USD)

Bangladesh Economy

After readymade garments (RMG), remittance inflows are the second highest foreign currency earnings for the Bangladeshi economies. Remittance sent by the Bangladeshi migrants makes significant contributions towards the overall economic development of the country. Here are 5 major Benefits of Remittances to Bangladesh:

  • A direct and positive relationship with poverty alleviation, lifting many families above the poverty line.
  • Remittance forms part of earnings for the entire households providing families with the power to purchase. Thereby, increasing the consumption of essential goods and the standard of living.
  • Positive long-term benefits can be seen on healthcare, and education, and an increase in starting of small businesses.
  • Aid in times of despair. Remittances have helped the country rebuild the lives of its citizen after a prolonged political and civil unrest and from several natural calamities
  • Boosting Foreign exchange reserves. As of January 2019, the country’s foreign reserve is at $31 billion.

Bangladesh Diaspora

According to the World Bank, an estimated 7.5 million Bangladeshis are immigrants around the world and approximately 2.8 million live within the Middle East.

Country wise Overseas Employment


Historically, a large number of Bangladeshi expatriates were unskilled, constituting over 60% of the total population of overseas workers. As of 2018, there has been a significant rise in skilled workers according to the data by the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (BMET).

Catergory wise overseas employment wise Overseas Employment


How Do Bangladeshi Migrants Send Money?

 “Hundi”, an informal money carrier system was very popular amongst the Bangladeshi migrants in the past. In 1974, Wage Earners' Scheme was initiated in order to promote the use of formal channels such as demand draft, traveler's check, telegraphic transfer, postal order, direct transfer, and through ATMs.

The scheme soon became popular among the Bangladeshis working abroad and their remittances have significantly increased over the years. In 2010, Bangladesh joined the 10 billion USD club of remittance inflow. To further strengthen the formal infrastructure, the Bangladeshi government has been closely working with some source countries to penalize establishments allowing informal channels.

Best way to send money to Bangladesh

Although there are several ways of sending money to Bangladesh, the best way of sending money to Bangladesh is online. Online players offer speed, security, and great value. Some of the best players in the market are InstaReM, Wise (formerly known as TransferWise), Xoom, Transfast, Money2Anywhere, and Ria. Companies like CompareRemit provide a free platform to compare the exchange rates, the speed of delivery, fees, etc offered by the top players before sending money.

After the introduction of Mobile Financial Services in 2010, Bangladesh has seen a surge it the adoption of mobile wallets and it is increasingly becoming popular. According to the central bank of Bangladesh, over 5 Million USD was remitted through mobile financial services in the month of January 2019. Top mobile wallet players in the market are bKash, Rocket (Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd), UCash, MCash, SureCash, and of these, bKash, and Rocket tops the list.

The advent of technology has helped Bangladeshis to send money economically with utmost security. The introduction of mobile has enabled them to send their remittances to their families even in the most remote places of Bangladesh. Jim O’Neill, the man who coined the term “BRIC” for Brazil, Russia, India, and China has listed Bangladesh as one of the “Next Eleven” for its potential of economic growth. Join us in following the changes in the industry by subscribing here.

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Transfers can be completed in as little as 2 minutes, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures a full refund if expectations aren't met.PangeaPangea simplifies remittances for users, especially those sending money to Latin America. With a focus on speed and accessibility, Pangea ensures a straightforward experience for cross-border transactions. It offers swift, secure, convenient, and cost-effective global money transfers from the U.S. to 25 countries across Asia and Latin America in under 30 seconds. Verify its availability in your state of residence, as there are certain U.S. states where Pangea may not be accessible.AboundAbound, previously named Times Club and affiliated with the Times of India group, serves as a rewards and remittance app tailored for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Abound enables the transfer of funds from the U.S. to India with attractive exchange rates, providing cashback and rewards. You get competitive exchange rates and no transfer fees when sending money to over 130 Indian banks from the U.S.PomeloPomelo introduces a fresh approach to seamless money transfers from the U.S. to the Philippines, integrating consumer credit with international remittance services. It offers a Family plan for global credit sharing, delivering individual cards within 10 days. Users can send money now, pay later at zero APR, and control card balances monthly at a competitive USD to PHP exchange rate.SBICFor fast money transfers from the United States to India, consider SBIC (State Bank of India-California), a subsidiary of India's State Bank of India. As a full-service bank with multiple California branches, SBIC provides various financial solutions and international services. Key features include zero-cost transfers to any Indian bank within hours, competitive USD to INR exchange rates, and flexible transfer options through the SBIC Mobile App, online, or in-person.PlacidPlacid offers a comprehensive platform for international money transfers, focusing on speed and security. It streamlines currency exchange across 25+ countries through direct affiliations with various banks. It ensures rapid transfers, allowing recipients to receive funds directly in their bank accounts or through convenient cash pickup at local agents. Notably, their spotCash! service distinguishes itself with speed, simplicity, and convenience for recipients.PassToPassto stands out for its commitment to providing cost-effective and reliable international money transfer services. It caters to expats in the UK, offering a mid-market exchange rate and transparent fees, facilitating money transfers to 60 countries and real-time airtime top-ups to 150+ countries. Users can PassTo Plus Points with each transfer, which is redeemable for fee discounts on future transactions.ConclusionElectronic Funds Transfer has revolutionized the way we handle financial transactions, providing convenience, speed, and security. EFTs continue to evolve as technology advances. The future of EFT holds the promise of even greater convenience and efficiency.As we have discussed in the blog, there are various specialized services for a seamless and efficient global money transfer. Explore these options to make informed decisions based on your specific transfer needs.To compare your options for international money transfers, use CompareRemit's comparison tool and find a provider that best fits your money transfer needs!

Diwali 2023 Offers
Best Diwali Money Transfer Deals in 2023

As the joyous festival of Diwali approaches, the spirit of giving and connecting with loved ones in India is more vibrant than ever. To help you make the most of this Diwali season, we've compiled an exclusive guide to the Diwali 2023 offers from some of the leading money transfer companies featured on our platform. With CompareRemit's powerful comparison tool, you can easily compare and contrast live exchange rates, ensuring that you find the best deal for sending money home during this festive season.We have searched across multiple money transfer companies to find the best Diwali deals for you and put them all in one place! Check back with this article regularly as we update the deals available this Diwali season. SBIC Diwali Remittance Offer: Illuminate Lives with Exclusive Rates!State Bank of India (California) is dedicated to making your Diwali celebrations brighter and more special than ever before. Introducing the SBIC Diwali Remittance Offer, where you can send money to India and receive an exclusive exchange rate benefit of 20 paisa higher than SBIC’s regular base exchange rate! This offer is valid for a limited period only, from November 1 to November 16, 2023. To avail this exclusive offer and send your Diwali Remittance, visit SBIC's official website. Terms and conditions apply.ICICI Money2India Diwali Offer: Catch the Money2India Offer and Enjoy Cricket on Sling TV!ICICI Money2India is adding excitement to your Diwali by offering a fantastic deal. Register and transact with Money2India using the promo code WORLDCUP60 before November 30, 2023, to enjoy 1 month of cricket on Sling TV and get an exchange rate that's 60 paise better on your first transfer. New customers will also receive a $10 Sling Gift Card via email upon the successful completion of their first transaction.Explore More Offers Beyond Diwali DealsWhile not every money transfer company is running Diwali-specific promotions, several are still offering great deals this festive season:Instarem Money Transfer: New customers can take advantage of special rates and zero fees on their first transfer up to USD 500 with Instarem.Western Union: Enjoy zero fees on your first transfer.Ria Money Transfer: Use the promo code HELLORIA at checkout for a $0 fee on your first transfer with Ria.Keep an eye on this article as we actively update it with new offers that emerge during the Diwali season. With CompareRemit’s comparison tool and these exclusive Diwali offers, you can navigate the festive season with confidence, finding the best deal that suits your needs. Wishing you a radiant and prosperous Diwali filled with love and happiness!

Diwali 2023 Article 1
Best Ways to Send Money Home for Diwali 2023

As the Diwali season approaches, families and friends eagerly anticipate the festivities, which often involve exchanging gifts and sharing the joy of the occasion. For many, Diwali is a time to connect with loved ones, even if they are miles away. Sending money home becomes an essential part of this celebration, ensuring that the spirit of Diwali reaches every corner of the globe. In this article, we will explore the significance of Diwali, its key dates, and the best ways to send money home for Diwali 2023.What is Diwali and Why is it Celebrated?Diwali, often referred to as the "Festival of Lights," or Deepavali,  is a Hindu festival that signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It usually spans five days of festivities, with each day holding unique rituals and celebrations. Diwali typically falls between late October and early November, depending on the lunar calendar.People decorate their homes with oil lamps, or diyas, light fireworks, exchange gifts, and enjoy festive meals with family and friends. This makes Diwali the perfect season for NRIs to find the best way to send money home to their loved ones back in India. Key Dates for Diwali 2023:Dhanteras: November 10, 2023The first day of Diwali, dedicated to the worship of Lord Dhanvantari (the physician of the gods) and goddess Lakshmi. People buy gold, silver, and utensils on this day.Naraka Chaturdashi (Choti Diwali): November 11, 2023On this day, Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura, signifying the victory of good over evil. It's a day of cleansing and lighting lamps.Diwali (Main Day): November 12, 2023The most important day when families come together to perform Lakshmi Puja (worship) and light oil lamps or diyas to illuminate their homes.Govardhan Puja: November 13, 2023A day to worship Lord Krishna, who lifted the Govardhan Hill to protect the villagers from torrential rain.Bhai Dooj: November 14, 2023A day to celebrate the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters, with sisters applying tilak on their brothers' foreheads.Sending Money Home for DiwaliWith the significance of Diwali in mind, sending money home to your loved ones becomes an essential part of the celebration, allowing them to purchase gifts, sweets, and other essentials for the festivities. Here are some of the best ways to send money for Diwali 2023:01 Online Remittance ServicesOnline remittance services such as Wise, Instarem, Abound, Xe Money Transfer, PandaRemit, etc.  offer a convenient and secure way to send money internationally. They provide competitive exchange rates and multiple payout options, ensuring your loved ones receive the funds quickly.To find which money transfer service is the best one for you, check out our catalog of reviews and guides, all designed to help you see the complete ins and outs of the many remittance services on the market to make the best decision for your needs. We invite you to compare remittance providers using CompareRemit’s comparison tool today to find the best rates, lowest fees, and fastest turnaround times for your specific destination and transfer amount.02 Mobile WalletsMany countries now have mobile wallet services that allow you to send money directly to your family's mobile wallets. It's a fast and cost-effective way to send funds and enables your loved ones to make digital transactions easily.03 Bank TransfersMany traditional banks now offer money transfer services, especially for NRIs. Companies such as ICICI, SBIC, etc. remain a reliable option to get money home this Diwali season. However, they may involve higher fees and longer processing times compared to online remittance services or mobile wallets.04 Gift Cards and E-VouchersConsider sending electronic gift cards or e-vouchers for popular online retailers. This allows your loved ones to choose their own Diwali gifts and make the most of the festive discounts.ConclusionDiwali is a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. Sending money home for Diwali 2023 is a thoughtful way to ensure your loved ones can fully embrace the spirit of the festival. With various options available, choose the one that suits your preferences and budget, and make this Diwali a memorable one for your family.For all of your money transfer needs, visit our homepage for more information on how to find the best option for you and your family this Diwali. Here you will be able to compare exchange rates between the top remittance companies, find the best rates, learn how to get started, receive exclusive offers, and more. This Diwali, light up not only your homes but also the lives of your dear ones with the gift of love and prosperity.

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