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GBP to INR 2023 Forecast

Updated on December 07, 2022 12:10 pm
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As with any other currency pair, the GBP to INR exchange rate fluctuates based on supply and demand on the international market.

Inflation rates, interest rates, imports and exports, the political climate, and economic conditions are a few of the key factors that affect the fluctuation of currency values.

Rate Increase by the Bank of England is Viewed as Dovish

Even though the Bank of England is expected to raise interest rates by 75 basis points, which would be the biggest increase since 1989, economists predict that policymakers will take a more dovish stance in the future as the likelihood of a recession rises. 

As U.K. inflation reached a 40-year high of 10.1% in September this year, the Bank is anticipated to increase its main lending rate for the 8th time in a row. However, slower growth momentum and a significant change in fiscal policy are expected to limit calls for further aggressive monetary tightening. 

The new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, dropped the controversial tax cuts at the centre of his predecessor Liz Truss' fiscal policy plan, so there is no longer a conflict between monetary and fiscal policy.

The government's U-turns, which reduced market turbulence, mean that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank won't have to counter the additional inflationary impact of government policy as it considers the possibility of future weaker growth.

In light of what is likely to be a less generous household and business energy cost assistance scheme under Sunak, Goldman Sachs economists on Monday downgraded their 2023 U.K. growth predictions from an annual rate of -1% to -1.4%.

Following Liz Truss' dismal fiscal policy statements in late September, the pound hit a record low versus the dollar. However, with Sunak's appointment and his decision to keep the more moderate Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt, the pound has since recovered somewhat.

Sending Money Overseas 

When sending money to a foreign country, you need to take the current exchange rate into consideration. Take, for instance, the case of sending money from the UK to India. When you send money to India at a time when the exchange rate is favourable, the amount of money that your recipient receives will be higher.

Today’s GBP to INR exchange rate (as of November 27, 2022) is 98.7572 INR per 1 pound as per Pound Forecast.

GBP to INR 2023 Forecast 

Monthly GBP to INR Forecast 2023 



Min-Max in INR




1 GBP/102.05 INR


1GBP/105.11 INR



1 GBP/105.11 INR


1 GBP/103.54 INR



1 GBP/103.54 INR


1 GBP/100.43 INR



1 GBP/101.09 INR


1 GBP/100.94 INR



1 GBP/92.09 INR


1 GBP/99.02 INR



1 GBP/99.02 INR


1 GBP/100.91 INR



1 GBP/100.91 INR


1 GBP/97.88 INR



1 GBP/97.88 INR


1 GBP/96.38 INR



1 GBP/96.38 INR


1 GBP/97.43 INR



1 GBP/97.43 INR


1 GBP/96.94 INR



1 GBP/96.94 INR


1 GBP/97.64 INR



1 GBP/97.64 INR


1 GBP/95.27 INR


Source: Pound Forecast

Even though you can send money through your banks, this is not the best option for sending money abroad. The good news is that the market is flooded with companies specialising in money transfers.

PassTo is one such company that offers money transfer services from the UK to several countries and could be your best option for transferring money from GBP to INR. 

It is a London-based money transfer app that was introduced in late 2019 to offer simple, affordable money transfer services that save time, effort, and money. It primarily targets expats living in the UK.

Reasons to Choose PassTo

PassTo has a lot to offer when it comes to transferring money:

  • Easy Sign-up process
  • Send money to friends and family in over 60 countries worldwide, and expanding
  • Get the best exchange rates
  • Transfer money with no hidden fees 
  • Get discounted pricing for new users
  • Free First 2 transfers  
  • FCA regulated secure platform
  • Get your money transferred in just a few minutes or same day/next business day
  • Send Airtime Top-ups to 150+ countries in real-time
  • Send up to £2,000 per day
  • Earn money using PassTo Rewards Program
  • Multiple payments and delivery methods
  • 24/7 customer service via email, phone, or in-App chat
  • Trust score 4.6/5 stars on TrustPilot

PassTo Features

  • Transparent Pricing and Competitive Exchange Rates

PassTo fees are always shown upfront before you make your transfers. Do note that the fees will vary based on the destination country, the payment method, and the delivery method.

PassTo uses an in-house algorithm that compares the exchange rates on behalf of its customers to provide the best exchange rates when sending money abroad. 

Even though there are several variables that affect the rates, you'll be able to view the best rates for the currency corridor you've chosen so that you can estimate how much money your recipient will receive.

  • Faster Transfer 

PassTo can deliver your money in as little as a few minutes, making it one of the fastest transfer services available. For some countries, it can show up the same business day or the day after.

  • Higher Sending Limits

You can typically send up to £2,000 per day, £10,000 per month, and £50,000 annually. However, the limits will vary from country to country.

  • Multiple Payment Options 

You can fund your transfers using debit cards, bank transfers, and credit cards.

  • Multiple Delivery Methods

Transfer money to bank accounts, mobile wallets, Cash Pickup agents, and airtime top-ups. 

  • PassTo Rewards Program

Refer your 3 friends to PassTo and earn a £50 gift when they make their first transfer of at least £200 each. Your friends will also get a £5 gift each. You can visit their website to learn more about their rewards program.

How Do I Transfer Money Using PassTo?

Here is a step-by-step guide to transferring money using PassTo:

  • Download the PassTo app from the App Store or Google Play Store or visit their website
  • Sign Up & create an account 
  • Verify your account 
  • Set up your preferred payment method 
  • Enter details about your recipient 
  • Verify the transfer details 
  • Press Send!
  • Track your transfer in the app itself

By using PassTo, you can send money internationally with transparent fees, the best exchange rates, and a platform that is both safe and simple to use. Use PassTo to send money from the UK to India today!

To compare all exchange rates, fees, and transfer speeds, use our online comparison tool for GBP to INR here.

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