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Spotlight On: Ria Financial

Updated on June 30, 2020 08:42 pm
Ria Financial

Ria Money Transfer, headquartered in California, United States, is one of the largest global money transfer companies in the world. 

Founded in 1987 and now owned by Euronet Worldwide, Inc., a leading electronic payments provider. While Euronet Worldwide is well known for providing electronic payments for banks, retailers, service providers, and individual consumers, Ria Money Transfer offers a wide range of transfer and payment services which include bill payment, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, money orders, and check to cash.  

Ria is among the three primary business segments of Euronet Worldwide. The other two business segments are Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) and Prepaid (ePay).

How do I send money internationally online via Ria?

For the online option of Ria Money Transfer, all you need is an internet connection, a computer, or a mobile device. Users can follow these steps in order to transfer funds through Ria Financial: 

  • Create a free account
  • Insert the amount to be sent
  • Enter the details of the beneficiary
  • Select your payment method
  • Click send and the money is on its way

When you select the destination country on Ria Money Transfer's web source, you will see the current exchange rate and money transfer fees through a popular feature called the price calculator. If you would like to compare multiple money transfer service providers side-by-side, use the CompareRemit comparison portal.

You can also use the Ria money transfer tracking tool that is Track a Transfer, to check your transfer at any time by entering your Order Number, PIN, or reference number that is provided on your confirmation email.

Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

Ria has competitive exchange rates compared to high street banks. Ria fees depend on the foreign currency, the amount you are sending, the payment method, and the country of the recipient. For instance, the rates are different between the online and physical agent location for transferring the same value of money. Compare Ria's exchange rates and transfer fees with other international money transfer service providers on CompareRemit.

Transfer limits

Ria money transfer limits may vary based on a number of factors such as the location of the sender and the recipient, receiving country's limits, the type of service, payment method, and agent location limits. Normally, users can send money a maximum amount of 2,999 USD per day. And the maximum amount for 30 days is 7,999 USD.

If you want to send money above the limits, you can go to one of their agent locations. You will need to provide additional information including an ID and other necessary documentation. This requirement helps in ensuring a safe and secure transfer per AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines.

Payment methods

 Ria provides fast money transfers through multiple payments and payout options. You can even set up your money transfer online through its website or mobile app and pay with cash at a local 7-Eleven convenience store or Walmart. Here are some of the ways you can pay for your international money transfer through Ria:

Bank account - If you pay your transfer using a bank account it may take up to 4 business days for the money to arrive but it is the least expensive option. For bank-to-bank transfer, there is a bank account confirmation process that you will need to provide your routing and bank account number.

Credit card - If you pay your transfer using a credit card then, it may require to charge you a fee but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes. Some of the credit card company may charge you a cash advance fee. You can contact your credit card issuer to know about the detail of the cash advance fee.

Debit card - If you pay your transfer using a debit card then, it may require to charge you a fee but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes.

Cash - Cash payment option is available in physical stores. Ria tracking tool i.e. Find a Location or Ria near me can be used to find any of their location closest to you.

For payouts, beneficiaries can receive money in various ways depending on which country they are and the level of connectivity. If there are no Ria Money Transfer agents near the recipients to pick up the money for Cash Pickup, recipients can opt for a courier delivery option. 

Ria Mobile App

Ria Money transfer App is featured on CompareRemit's best money transfer app series for its speed

Mobile App


The app features available on both Google Play and Apple Store are below: 

  • Manage all the transfers in one place: Ria app users can set comprehensive user-profiles and create a personalized experience and can also easily upload payment information with a camera. Additionally, they can manage the improved functionality of the Price Calculator. Updated reverse calculator functionality is also available in the app.
  • Quickly send money to friends and family: The app main's priority is to help users feel secure sending with Ria. It is secure and reliable with smoother transitions and clear steps, faster repeat transfers, and also allowed the reverse cash payment process.
  • Finding the nearest Ria Location: It allows better location data to find the closest payout and send locations with a clean, easy-to-use user interface by using the Ria near me or Ria Envia near me option.
  • Track all the transfers on-the-go: Improved transfer tracking details redesigned application with the app's modernized visual design, versatile and intuitive process with comfort and experience in mind.

Is Ria safe?

Yes, Ria is a regulatory compliant service provider to send money overseas. Beyond being Extended Validation SSL certified, it is an accredited business with a rating of A+ by a Better Business Bureau.

Identification verification Identity verification: Ria uses sophisticated modeling that allows us to spot suspicious transactions long before any harm can be done.

Team of security experts: Works around the clock 24/7 365 days a year to monitor unusual behavior. 

Payment information protection: Ria never stores your credit or debit card information on our servers. That means your card information can never be compromised in their system.

Rewards and offers

Ria does not offer Reward cards yet. From time to time, Ria may offer Amazon gift cards or similar rewards when you use their services for the first time or for a referral. Ria rewards their existing users with a $20 gift card when the friends and family they have referred completes their first paid money transfer.

They also run offers during a festive season like Diwali or Mother's day. Follow us on Twitter @CompareRemit and never miss out on another offer.

Customer Review 

Ria Money Transfer has over 3000 reviews on Trustpilot. Most reviews rated great to excellent. You can also see what our verified users are saying about Ria Money Transfer here. You can call the following phone numbers if you want to reach their customer support   1-877-443-1399 and 1-800-343-3831 for agent support. Or reach out to them on their social media platforms

In conclusion, Ria money transfer is one of the top money transfer companies in the world, second to Western Union Money Transfer. It was first started as a store providing money transfer service in New York City. After the few years of their initial start, their service had expanded to European countries. In the span of the last three decades, Ria's financial service has expanded quickly to a worldwide network of 397,000 locations in 160 countries. One of the biggest competitive advantages of Ria over other money transfer companies is the convenience and accessibility offered through their wide network, especially in remote areas.

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