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Spotlight On: Ria Financial

Updated on June 30, 2020 08:42 pm
Ria Financial

Ria Money Transfer, headquartered in California, United States, is one of the largest global money transfer companies in the world. 

Founded in 1987 and now owned by Euronet Worldwide, Inc., a leading electronic payments provider. While Euronet Worldwide is well known for providing electronic payments for banks, retailers, service providers, and individual consumers, Ria Money Transfer offers a wide range of transfer and payment services which include bill payment, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, money orders, and check to cash.  

Ria is among the three primary business segments of Euronet Worldwide. The other two business segments are Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) and Prepaid (ePay).

How do I send money internationally online via Ria?

For the online option of Ria Money Transfer, all you need is an internet connection, a computer, or a mobile device. Users can follow these steps in order to transfer funds through Ria Financial: 

  • Create a free account
  • Insert the amount to be sent
  • Enter the details of the beneficiary
  • Select your payment method
  • Click send and the money is on its way

When you select the destination country on Ria Money Transfer's web source, you will see the current exchange rate and money transfer fees through a popular feature called the price calculator. If you would like to compare multiple money transfer service providers side-by-side, use the CompareRemit comparison portal.

You can also use the Ria money transfer tracking tool that is Track a Transfer, to check your transfer at any time by entering your Order Number, PIN, or reference number that is provided on your confirmation email.

Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

Ria has competitive exchange rates compared to high street banks. Ria fees depend on the foreign currency, the amount you are sending, the payment method, and the country of the recipient. For instance, the rates are different between the online and physical agent location for transferring the same value of money. Compare Ria's exchange rates and transfer fees with other international money transfer service providers on CompareRemit.

Transfer limits

Ria money transfer limits may vary based on a number of factors such as the location of the sender and the recipient, receiving country's limits, the type of service, payment method, and agent location limits. Normally, users can send money a maximum amount of 2,999 USD per day. And the maximum amount for 30 days is 7,999 USD.

If you want to send money above the limits, you can go to one of their agent locations. You will need to provide additional information including an ID and other necessary documentation. This requirement helps in ensuring a safe and secure transfer per AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines.

Payment methods

 Ria provides fast money transfers through multiple payments and payout options. You can even set up your money transfer online through its website or mobile app and pay with cash at a local 7-Eleven convenience store or Walmart. Here are some of the ways you can pay for your international money transfer through Ria:

Bank account - If you pay your transfer using a bank account it may take up to 4 business days for the money to arrive but it is the least expensive option. For bank-to-bank transfer, there is a bank account confirmation process that you will need to provide your routing and bank account number.

Credit card - If you pay your transfer using a credit card then, it may require to charge you a fee but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes. Some of the credit card company may charge you a cash advance fee. You can contact your credit card issuer to know about the detail of the cash advance fee.

Debit card - If you pay your transfer using a debit card then, it may require to charge you a fee but the money usually arrives within 15 minutes.

Cash - Cash payment option is available in physical stores. Ria tracking tool i.e. Find a Location or Ria near me can be used to find any of their location closest to you.

For payouts, beneficiaries can receive money in various ways depending on which country they are and the level of connectivity. If there are no Ria Money Transfer agents near the recipients to pick up the money for Cash Pickup, recipients can opt for a courier delivery option. 

Ria Mobile App

Ria Money transfer App is featured on CompareRemit's best money transfer app series for its speed

Mobile App


The app features available on both Google Play and Apple Store are below: 

  • Manage all the transfers in one place: Ria app users can set comprehensive user-profiles and create a personalized experience and can also easily upload payment information with a camera. Additionally, they can manage the improved functionality of the Price Calculator. Updated reverse calculator functionality is also available in the app.
  • Quickly send money to friends and family: The app main's priority is to help users feel secure sending with Ria. It is secure and reliable with smoother transitions and clear steps, faster repeat transfers, and also allowed the reverse cash payment process.
  • Finding the nearest Ria Location: It allows better location data to find the closest payout and send locations with a clean, easy-to-use user interface by using the Ria near me or Ria Envia near me option.
  • Track all the transfers on-the-go: Improved transfer tracking details redesigned application with the app's modernized visual design, versatile and intuitive process with comfort and experience in mind.

Is Ria safe?

Yes, Ria is a regulatory compliant service provider to send money overseas. Beyond being Extended Validation SSL certified, it is an accredited business with a rating of A+ by a Better Business Bureau.

Identification verification Identity verification: Ria uses sophisticated modeling that allows us to spot suspicious transactions long before any harm can be done.

Team of security experts: Works around the clock 24/7 365 days a year to monitor unusual behavior. 

Payment information protection: Ria never stores your credit or debit card information on our servers. That means your card information can never be compromised in their system.

Rewards and offers

Ria does not offer Reward cards yet. From time to time, Ria may offer Amazon gift cards or similar rewards when you use their services for the first time or for a referral. Ria rewards their existing users with a $20 gift card when the friends and family they have referred completes their first paid money transfer.

They also run offers during a festive season like Diwali or Mother's day. Follow us on Twitter @CompareRemit and never miss out on another offer.

Customer Review 

Ria Money Transfer has over 3000 reviews on Trustpilot. Most reviews rated great to excellent. You can call the following phone numbers if you want to reach their customer support   1-877-443-1399 and 1-800-343-3831 for agent support. Or reach out to them on their social media platforms

In conclusion, Ria money transfer is one of the top money transfer companies in the world, second to Western Union Money Transfer. It was first started as a store providing money transfer service in New York City. After the few years of their initial start, their service had expanded to European countries. In the span of the last three decades, Ria's financial service has expanded quickly to a worldwide network of 397,000 locations in 160 countries. One of the biggest competitive advantages of Ria over other money transfer companies is the convenience and accessibility offered through their wide network, especially in remote areas.

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For many immigrants or individuals supporting their families in the Philippines, understanding the fluctuations in USD to PHP exchange rates is very tricky. Navigating the intricacies of these rates involves examining a spectrum of economic, political, and social factors.CompareRemit is here to make life easier for you, so you can make the best decision with little to no hassle on your part. In this guide, we'll unravel the complexities surrounding USD to PHP exchange rates, providing valuable insights to empower you in making informed decisions for your money transfers.​​Interest Rates: The Currency Tug-of-WarOne of the primary factors that influence exchange rates is  interest rates. When the U.S. Federal Reserve adjusts interest rates, it sends ripples through the currency market. Generally, higher interest rates attract foreign investment, strengthening the USD against the PHP. For individuals, keeping an eye on interest rate differentials between the U.S. and the Philippines can offer insights into potential shifts in exchange rates.Inflation: The Balancing ActInflation, the rise in the price of goods and services, plays a pivotal role in currency valuation. Countries experiencing lower inflation rates often witness an appreciation in their currency. Comparing inflation rates between the U.S. and the Philippines allows you to gauge the potential strength of the USD. A lower inflation rate in the U.S. compared to the Philippines may contribute to a stronger USD.Government Policies: Shaping Economic StabilityGovernment decisions and economic policies, both domestic and international, have large impacts on exchange rates. Policies promoting economic stability, prudent fiscal management, and sound monetary measures contribute to a stronger currency. Staying informed about the policies of both the U.S. and the Philippines will allow you to gain an understanding of the economic health and help predict dips and rises in exchange rates. Trade Balances: A Global PerspectiveThe dynamics of global trade, including exports and imports, definitely impact currency values. A country with a trade surplus, exporting more than it imports, may see a stronger currency. It might be very tedious to stay up to date with trade imbalances between the U.S. and the Philippines, but doing so can serve as an indicator of potential exchange rate movements.Historical Data: Patterns and PredictionsAnalyzing historical USD to PHP exchange rate trends can reveal patterns and provide insights. While past performance doesn't guarantee future results, understanding how rates responded to similar economic, political, or social events can guide your decisions. Historical data offers a valuable tool for predicting potential movements in exchange rates.Practical Tips for Informed Money TransfersStay Informed: Regularly follow financial news and updates from both the U.S. and the Philippines to understand the broader economic context. Regularly read our blogs to stay up to date with all the major money transfer news. Utilize Reliable Tools: Use CompareRemit’s online comparison tool and email alerts to track real-time exchange rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money transfers.Seek Professional Advice: Consulting financial experts or using professional services can provide personalized insights tailored to your specific situation, enhancing your decision-making process.In conclusion, comprehending the factors influencing USD to PHP exchange rates empowers you to make informed decisions when sending money to the Philippines. By staying attuned to economic indicators, leveraging historical data, and adopting a proactive approach, you optimize your money transfers, securing a more stable financial future for your loved ones.

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Top Mobile Apps for Sending Money to the Philippines

As you may already know, there are different ways to send money to the Philippines. The number of options can sometimes be overwhelming. Additionally, sending money abroad traditionally rely on intermediaries and typically charges high transfer fees. There are ways to overcome these obstacles.One of the popular ways to send money to the Philippines is the use of mobile money transfer apps. Money transfer apps have grown in popularity in recent years. Mobile payments have become the norm for paying for almost anything quickly, and securely simply by picking up a smartphone. You can transfer money abroad easily, and painlessly.There are plenty of reasons to switch to a money transfer app—speed, convenience, efficiency, security, ease, and cost to name a few. The best services offer reasonable rates that are well worth the convenience they provide.If you are looking for top mobile payment apps to send money to the Philippines, we've got you covered. In this blog, we list our top picks when it comes to mobile apps for sending money abroad.Checklist to Send Money to the PhilippinesBefore you make your transfer, here is the checklist to ensure you are choosing the best way to send your money to your loved ones in the Philippines. The best way will depend on various factors.Payment method: How do you want the pay for your transfer? You will find several options which include bank account, credit card, debit card, cash, and mobile money based on your transfer provider.Delivery method: How your recipient wants to receive the money? Different providers will offer different payout methods. For example, direct deposit to your recipient's bank account, cash pickup, mobile wallet, home delivery, etc.Transfer Speed: How urgent is your money transfer? Banks are typically slower than money transfer specialists. Different payment methods can also influence the transfer speed.Transfer Fee: Fees will differ on the payment and delivery methods. Faster delivery generally costs more than slower ones. Money transfer companies are cheaper than traditional bank transfers.Exchange Rates: Higher exchange rate mean your recipient receives more money. Since the exchange rate varies by transfer companies, comparing them and shopping around can get you the best deal when sending money to the Philippines.Security: All transfer providers are financially regulated in the countries they operate and are authorized to carry out the transactions so your money is safe. Do pick a well-rated provider to give your the confidence of secure transfer.Steps to Send Money Abroad with a Money Transfer AppDownload the money transfer app from Google Play Store, or the App StoreSign up using your email, Google, or Facebook accountFill in your detailsVerify your accountChoose the currency you want to sendEnter the transfer amountCheck the exchange rates and the feesAdd the recipient's detailsChoose the delivery methodPay for your transferPress SendTrack your transferMobile Apps Offering Money Transfers to the PhilippinesPomeloPomelo is a free app and credit card that uses international credit card networks to let you send money from the US to the Philippines. Instead of sending cash, you can simply send a Pamelo card to your loved ones that they can use at any time, anywhere Mastercard is accepted. And you pay off the card's balance monthly. This also builds their credit score.The Pomelo Card is issued by Coastal Community Bank in Washington state under the authority of Mastercard International. Your beneficiary will get the card in just 10 days or less.To be eligible, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a valid Social Security number, which necessitates having a work permit or being a lawful permanent resident.FeaturesZero transfer feesNo waiting for money to arriveEasy trackingNo standing in a long queueNo unsafe cash pickupsPay it later!The best part is since Pomelo makes money from merchants where the card is used, you get very competitive USD to PHP exchange rates. For Filipinos living in the US, the Pomelo app and card might be the cheapest money transfer provider to send money to the Philippines.WiseWise is an online money transfer company designed for global lifestyles. Dubbed the most international money transfer app, you can hold 50 and above currencies in your Wise account and convert from one currency to another at a low fee.Wise allows you to send money from 59 countries to over 80 countries with no hidden fees and no exchange rate markups to a bank account in the recipient's country. You get multiple payment options when sending money to the Philippines.Features:Cheaper and faster international transfersLow fees and real-exchange ratesAbility to check exchange ratesNo hidden fees & exchange rate markupsSet up exchange rates alertsRepeat previous transfers with no hassleFund your transfers with Apple Pay or Google PayEasy tracking of each step of the transfer XE Money TransferXE is part of the Euronet Worldwide family, one of the largest money transfer businesses in the world which claimed to have processed over $115 billion worth of international money transfers in 2022. Sending money to a bank account abroad is easy with XE because of their transparent rates and user-friendly platform.The XE Currency App offers every feature you need for international money transfers. It is easy, and safe and fees are upfront. It may take 1-4 working days for the money to arrive in the Philippines, however, many transfers arrive sooner.You can also send money to mobile wallets in the Philippines with, GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya.Features:Check live exchange rates in the Currency ConverterSend money in 65 currencies to over 170 countriesMonitor up to 10 currencies of your choiceGet the send rate before you make the transferTrack your money transferHistorical charts for any currency pair in the worldCustomize your currency list to your prioritiesSet rate alerts and receive notifications RemitlyBased in Seattle, Remitly is a money transfer company that focuses on delivering inexpensive, fast, and efficient international money transfers. You can choose to send money from 150+ countries and send across 75+ currencies.Remitly offers a money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. This implies that if you decide to cancel your transaction before it is complete, you will receive a full refund of your money. Remitly will fully reimburse your money if the transaction has already been made but you are still dissatisfied.Funding your transfer can be done via bank transfer, debit, or credit card. And your beneficiary has chosen different delivery methods including direct transfer to a bank account, cash pickup, mobile wallets, or home delivery.Features:User-friendly appSend money to trusted banks in the Philippines such as BDO, BPI, Metrobank & moreUse mobile wallet options such as GCash, PayMaya & Coins.phTransparent feesTwo modes to transfer money-Economy and ExpressPromotional exchange rate for first-time users InstaremBased in Singapore, Instarem provides instance remittance at low cost and zero exchange rate margins. There are no hidden charges. It is one of the cheapest options to send money to the Philippines from the US.Instarem is especially ideal for small transfers. The cash payout option is available in over 21,000 locations across the Philippines with partners such as Palawan Pawnshops, Cebuana, M Lhuillier, LBC, and BDO.As a first-time user, you will be rewarded InstaPoints, which you can use as discounts for later transactions.Features:Check Exchange ratesLow transfer feesNo hidden chargesZero-margin exchange ratesMultiple payments and pay-out options via card, bank account, and cashTrack your transfersSame-day or next-business-day deliveryGet discounts, first transfer bonus, and referral bonus PangeaPangea is an online remittance service provider based in Chicago facilitating easy, secure, fast, and cost-effective international money transfers. You can send money to the Philippines in seconds. You have the option to send money to a bank account directly, and debit card or opt for cash pick-up.Pangea has an extensive cash pickup network in the Philippines including Cebuana Lhuillier, Banco de Oro, M Lhuillier, and more. They have partnered with Cebuana Lhuillier to build Quikz, a money transfer app that will transfer money to the Philippines from the U.S.Features:Fixed transfer fees with competitive exchange ratesNo hidden costsEarn cash through the referral programDiscount rate on your first transferReal-time trackingTransfers completed in less than 30 secs or 24 hoursTransfer amount $20-$2,999Top-rated international money transfer serviceSend money from the US to 25 countries from their appConclusionLike any purchase when you have multiple options to send money, you should compare the money transfer companies and the USD to PHP exchange rate offered by them.CompareRemit App will help you compare seamlessly the top money transfer companies's apps. You will be able to see the exchange rates, fees, transfer speed, and more. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.The app is linked to top money transfer apps, enabling users to be redirected to their chosen money transfer app and make a transfer without any difficulty.Send money to the Philippines with ease by using our online comparison tool to compare providers and get the best exchange rates, lowest fees, and quickest turnaround times!

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Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to send money to the Philippines? You've come to the right place.While there are many delivery options when sending money to the Philippines, one popular option is to send money to the Philippine bank.The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), founded in 1851 in Manila, is the first bank in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It is one of the country's largest and most trusted commercial banks.You can either directly send international money transfers and cash pick-ups to a BPI branch or a BPI payout partner to friends and family in the Philippines. It has 800 BPI branches and 5,800 Member Payout Networks.Over 2 million Filipinos live outside of the Philippines, and many of them provide financial assistance for their families back home. The local economies throughout the country benefit from the remittances made by these immigrant workers. One common option for Filipinos staying abroad is to send money to BPI bank accounts.However, using high-street banks and other traditional providers when sending money from overseas to a BPI location can result in delayed transfer times and costly transfer fees.The good news is that there are specialized money transfer companies committed to transferring your money to any BPI account from outside the Philippines with ease.You can send transfers in hours or even minutes and save money with excellent exchange rates if you use a digital money transfer specialist like Remitly or Wise. In this blog, we discuss how to send money to the Philippines and also list the top money transfer specialists.How to Send Money to BPI Bank in the Philippines?Transferring money to a BPI account is fast, easy, and secure with money transfer companies or their money transfer apps that have flooded the market in recent times. To get started with your transfer:Sign up for a free account with your choice of money transfer companies or download their appEnter your detailsSet the Philippines as your destinationEnter the transfer amountChoose your delivery option (money transfer, cash delivery, or cash pick-up)Enter the recipient’s informationConfirm your payment detailsClick ‘Send’Track you transfer till it reaches your recipientList of Money Transfer Specialists to Send Money to BPI BankWiseWise is a London-based online and mobile payment service company that allows customers to send money internationally from 59 countries to more than 80 countries with transparent fees and real exchange rates.Wise is one of the best international money transfer apps. Wise is great for small to medium-sized bank transfers (up to US $10,000).If you’re transferring to a BPI bank account, you’ll need to provide a BIC or SWIFT code along with details like the bank address.Features:Cheaper & faster & secure international money transfersLow fees & real exchange ratesMulti-currency account option & hold up to 50+ currencies38% of transfers are completed in <20 secs, & 53% of transfers in an hourXePopular currency converter Xe provides money transfer services in 139 currencies to more than 220 nations and territories. It is a popular choice for international transfers due to its low fees and competitive exchange rates.To make the transfer, you will need to provide your recipient’s name, address, bank name, bank account number, and BIC/SWIFT code. You can get a quote for your chosen currency. With XE, you can transfer money more cheaply than with a bank.Features:No fees or minimum transfer amountGreat exchange rates for larger transfer amountWell-known & trusted brandMoney transfers to the Philippines are completed in minutesTransfer up to $500,000 onlineGet in touch with XE currency experts to send moreRemitlyRemitly is a US-based international money transfer service that allows users in 21 countries to send money over 100 countries. It mainly helps immigrants who are looking for cheap, convenient, and fast money transfer services.Remitly can be considered one of the cheapest money transfer services in the Philippines. It supports cash delivery and cash pick-up to BPI locations in the Philippines from several countries. You can send money to the Philippines from the USA (USD to PHP), Canada, the UK (GBP to PHP), Germany, Australia, Singapore, Italy, and the Netherlands.Features:No hidden feesPromotional exchange rates for first-time usersOffer two modes of transfer. Economy (3-5 business days); Express (Delivers within minutes)Sending limits: $2,999 within 24 hours, $10,000 within 30 days, & $18,000 within 180 daysInstaremInstarem is a Singapore-based online remittance service that offers affordable and quick online international money transfers to more than 60 different countries through its extensive global network of over 8000 institutions.Much like Wise, their exchange rates are sourced from Reuters, and their transfer fees are always shown upfront. It notably offers great prices from Canada, the EU, and the US. Although it doesn't deal directly with cash payout providers in the Philippines, you can send money to BPI bank and then pick up your cash at a BPI payout agent there.Features:No hidden chargesGet discounts, first transfer bonus, referral bonusSame day or next business day deliveryBest for small transfersMajority of the transfers are completed within minutesBank account transfer & cash delivery available in the PhilippinesPanda RemitPanda Remit is a Hong Kong-based remittance service provider that offers affordable international money transfer services to more than 30 countries with competitive exchange rates and no hidden fees.It allows for both cash pickup and cash delivery to BPI locations in the Philippines. It also waives fixed fees and provides exceptional rates for sending money to the Philippines.Features:Zero fees on first transferLow fees & attractive exchange ratesTransparent fees Receive money within minutes (as fast as in 2 minutes)Cash pick-up and cash delivery are available100% money-back guarantee if not satisfiedPangeaPangea is a remittance service provider that facilitates simple, safe, and cheap international money transfers from the U.S. to 40 countries. Pangea is not available in all U.S. states. Check to see if it's accessible in the states where you reside.With the ability to integrate with any third party, Pangea's digital-first remittance platform enables partners to provide international money transfers through their partner apps or websites.Features:Fixed transfer feesNo hidden costsDiscount offers for new customersEarn cash with their referral programMoney transfers completed in less than 30 secs or in 24 hoursDaily transfer limit: $2,999Great option for sending money to Latin America & AsiaSend money to a bank account, debit card, a mobile wallet or cash pickup locationsSince exchange rates fluctuate all the time and there are several money transfer companies, each with their benefits and downsides, it is best to compare your options. To find the best international money transfer specialist, compare money transfer services to send money to the Philippines today!

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Personalize your CompareRemit experience with your preferred corridor and receive target exchange rate notifications, seamless transitions to partner apps, and real-time comparisons of top remittance providers at your fingertips.

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