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Best International Money Transfer Apps

Updated on Nov 12, 2019
Money Transfer Apps

In the era of digital payments, the rise of money transfer apps is a natural consequence. Most money transfer companies have launched both their iOS and Android apps that you can use to send money internationally from the convenience of your home or anywhere with an internet connection. Connectivity and easy accessibility made possible by our smartphones offers us the luxury of being able to send money from anywhere. New entrants like Wise, Remitly are working on Mobile-first models, where most product features are optimized for Mobile.

Weeding through the best Apps to transfer money internationally, we have listed our find of the top money transfer apps and their best features for you:

  • WesternUnion: Easy to send, Simple to receive. Known for its large network of over 500 thousand agents locations across the world, the incumbent is still dominating the market supported by strategic digital innovation. Through their app, you can make an online money transfer to more than 200 countries around the world instantly or find a WesternUnion agent near you to send money internationally. Western Union has less competitive exchange rates and usually, charges for transfers below USD1000. 
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  • Ria: It is an easy-to-use app with a great user interface, prioritizing the speed of transfers. Your money can reach your recipient within 15 minutes. Repeat transfers are even faster. Money can be transferred via bank deposit, cash, or home delivery. And the recipient does not need to have an account to receive the money in their bank account or pick up the cash. You can also track these transactions on the same app. 
    CompareRemit's favorite feature: Speed
  • Xoom: Staying true its Silicon Valley roots, Xoom has one of the most advanced technical features. In addition to sending money online, you can also reload phones and pay for utilities in other countries using their App. Depending on the type of transaction which includes transaction history, payout location, payment instrument, and delivery method, the fees and limits on transactions vary. This PayPal company provides real human customer support in multiple languages and languages like English and Tagalog are available 24/7. 
    CompareRemit's favorite feature: Customer Support
  • Wise : This new entrant has a clean and user-friendly interface. And you can hold and convert your money into 28 currencies including all major currencies like USD, GBP, and AUD. Wise offers the best exchange rates and charge a transparent fee. The offer exchange rates at mid-market rates. Put simply, mid-market rates are the rates you see on Google. You can also follow us on Twitter @CompareRemit for daily exchange rates. 
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  • InstaReM: InstaReM offers zero-margin FX rates which they directly source from Reuters. The World Bank has ranked them in the top 10 cost-effective platforms in multiple payment platforms. The user interface is easy on the eyes and interactive. Make sure you take advantage of their loyalty program which you can redeem against your money transfers. In addition, they have an Excellent score on TrustPilot
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  • Azimo: It is an award-winning app with over 300K five star reviews. Customer support in 8 languages and zero debit/credit card fees when you send money through Azimo. The first two transfers are fee-free and transfer within one-hour available in over 80 countries. Check out on CompareRemit's Offer's page to stay updated on the latest offers. The app also offers Face ID and Touch ID for convenience with additional security. 
    CompareRemit's favorite feature: Speed
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