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Hayat Mahmud
Posted on January 18, 2021, 07:54 am

I made for express pick which is only 15 minutes showing in their website. For $500 i have to pay off $11.99 as a service charges. After making transaction recipient waiting in the counter and i receive email to provide recipient id Which doesnt mentioned they need front and back. I provided front page of recipient id. But no body replied to me that they need back of the id page to. Went to their chat portal and they said they back of the id so that they can process transaction. After providing back of the id they said transaction is now in review and it will take 24/48 hours to process which is frustrating to me. After 62 hours i received an email that money is ready to pick up and between 62 hours i request several time to cancel transaction because i already paid same ammount and paid to same guy by western union within 5 i filled a complain to department of finance and hope fully they will fight for consumer right.

Jayasiri De Silva
Posted on January 15, 2021, 06:06 am

I would give this company zero stars .. They have their call center Philippines which is worst customer service they are not helpful at all money is not transferred to person and they dont even answer calls .. They are scam avoid this company at any cost ..

Posted on January 11, 2021, 01:26 pm

0 support, 0 options to contact them, they only know to add "Brussels" on their mails, fancy purple color and graphics and how great they are. Phone "busy", chat "busy", mail "temporarily not available", total scam. Can’t delete account without contacting them. Truly hope that people will read these reviews before wasting their energy with this scam!

Posted on December 31, 2020, 12:27 pm

Awful service. Advertises as being quick and easy yet it has taken over a week for them to process my wire transfer. I am still waiting... Their customer service is terrible and their app often times out as it takes so long for a response on their live web chat so you have to start all over again. They just advise it's being processed and it will be updated in the next few hours - then day after day, still no progress. When you ask for a refund, they say "it's now out of our control". I will absolutely be using an alternative provider in future.

Posted on December 28, 2020, 06:45 pm

Worst service that I have ever used, if you want to avoid wasting your time and stress please do NOT use this company. I have to called more than 10 times to get my issue resolve and they have only reacted when I have threatening to go to the Police.

Posted on December 27, 2020, 10:43 am

From the last one to the first since Dec. 19: Aimee, Sarah, Diana, Annabelle, Jane, Michele, another one which unfortunately I did not get his name, Alex, Jacks, and Jeffrey. I talked, chatted, emailed, sent documents requested with all of them, and none of them were able to help with an issue that was on their end, not mine, since I was using the service sending money to my sister to pay her student loan. World Remit, now Worst Remit, stop my last transaction. I had to send the money to Colombia that day because of the dollar exchange. I have lost time and money. Their ineptitude is enormous, and what it could solve with a call, they could not do it. I will keep leaving a review on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let people know your bad customer service and your representatives' ineptitude until I receive my money back. I had to cancel my last transaction because I understood that there was no way to complete it successfully. Now, I am waiting to receive my money back. Money that they got from my account since Dec. 17. Only Ms. Darfin was able to help me cancel the transition, but still, I need to wait 7 to 10 days. I don't think I will receive my money back at that time based on these people's ineptitude. Also, they blocked my app. I don't understand their problem, but I sent my social security number, ID, bank statement, and all that they requested from me. No solution. I will send this review, my nightmare with them, to their corporate executives, to let them know with NAMES, the kind of inept people they hire as representatives, but even worst, their managers!

Posted on December 22, 2020, 01:18 am

I just sent money to my sister in Dubai using the horrible worldremit. I should’ve read the reviews first. Well here I am adding the bad reviews for worldremit so everyone can be aware. I sent $200 to Dubai and I specifically put Dubai as a receiving country, money was sent. But when I read the receipt, it says The money went to Nigeria! So inconveniently I ended up chatting with one of the guy and thankfully he was able to cancel the transaction, but still, the money that was taken out from my checking account in a split second. And will be refunded in a week. Please everyone, make sure you do some reviews reading before using worldremit.

Posted on December 16, 2020, 07:44 am

Why WorldRemit is suddenly asking for identification verification 72hrs after the transactions have been performed is beneath me. This tomfoolery cannot be tolerated. 72hrs to send money from South Africa to Zimbabwe?? Why would they ask me where I got the money from ?? That is ridiculous. Why ask a person where they got their money from ? How is that relevant to at all. DO NOT USE WORLDREMIT!!!!

Bridgette Ngobeni
Posted on December 14, 2020, 01:11 am

I absolutely regret EVER knowing the existence of worldremit,i used their services 2 weeks ago for the first time,I was told GOOD things about it by a friend im zambia,but when i was told about aploading My ID copy verification ,i felt nervous as i didn't expect the process to involve identification verification,not that i had ANYTHING to hide,but i just thought it would be a simple process.I then decided to cancel the transaction and that was the BEGINNING OF MY NITEMARE,first they asked for my bank statement,things got worse everyday,EVEN after sending bank statement,i didnt want to send it but out of desperation to get my money back i did because when i registered my details,i did state that i was unemployed and there was a question about that,that how did i manage to send money to someone when i do have a job,i sent my bank statement to show them that there was NO criminal activities going on,BUT it was a genuine person sending out money. But the nitemare turned into horror when after sending my bank statement to the person who asked for it,MANY MANY MANY More emails from them started coming asking for the same thing stating that they have been trying to get hold of me,and that i haven't been responding,when i forwarded the email of the person i spoke to,MANY more emails of the same nature came through. I AM SO annoyed and i curse the day i EVER knew worldremit exists,MUST I NOW take a plane and come there personally to give you my details? I'm SICK and TIRED of this NONSENSE. HONESLTY.

Posted on December 08, 2020, 10:28 am

What is wrong with World Remit; Customer Service is non-existent; Chat is unavailable. They want more information given that this was done multiple times before. They never bother to reply. Never again, Changing this service next time on. No more time for running around after these virtual bots.


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