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Rasha Abou romia
Posted on June 16, 2021 06:09 pm

Lame process. If you have a slight error in receiver’s information then you lose all your money and they don’t care to help you once they get their fees.. My money was never received by the recipient and I never got a refund back, I swear I wouldn’t use such a way of sending money again

Posted on June 08, 2021 08:17 am

Very disappointing and unethical. We used MoneyGram to send money to a ministry in Haiti. When the recipient went to pick it up, he was told they didn't have enough money. He tried another location with the same result. He then tried again at the original town. We cancelled the transfer. Finally we got the money back, but MoneyGram has refused to refund the exorbitant fees to date. Since December, we have tried and tried to get contact with a real person. All we get is an automated reply.

Posted on May 31, 2021 02:53 pm

They suck! They're crooks! Customer service is always handled by people in India! I made a mistake on my transaction. They punished me by taking $17 off of the transaction just for to correct the mistake!

Vanessa Stringer
Posted on May 19, 2021 12:16 pm

I have never experience such us backwards and poor customer service company. These people out of nowhere closed my account with no explanation other than "not feeling comfortable with the transaction" excuse me? can you not verify nowadays if something is genuine? card information, phone number, address... This was going to be my first time trying to use this company and I am actually glad I did not use it. They are so backwards that they don't have a department in charge of verifying this information? These people are ridiculous. Do yourself a favor Stay away from there!

Rosemarie Henry
Posted on March 29, 2021 07:08 pm

I will not be sending money with your company again. On March 22 2021, I sent money to my son for an important purpose. Instead of the agreed cash pickup, he was given a check which he had to deposit in his bank account. Today is March 29 2021, one week later, and the money is still not accessible to him. He was sent more money via Western Union yesterday, and he got the cash today. ( their offices do not open on Sunday) This is unacceptable and a breach of your agreement. Your company advertises (and I paid for) cash pickup and not check pickup.

Posted on March 23, 2021 11:22 am

Same here. I used them over a month ago. Took weeks for refund. They deleted my account and everything saying I was fraud. Now, greendot has deleted the transaction and never gave me my refund so we are getting ready to file civil lawsuit join up. Most of all it was embarrassing to the person I was sending as a gift for birthday.

Posted on March 03, 2021 05:01 pm

Please don’t use Money Transfer. Without any reason they canceled my transaction and deducted money from my bank. Then they have deleted my account. Now they are telling they did not receive any from my bank account. But my bank says there is money deducted in my account from Money Gram.ScamCompany.

Posted on January 23, 2021 01:15 pm

Horrible! I sent $25 to someone who was then denied the money because Walmart would not accept any of his 3 forms of ID. They charged be $6.50 for the transaction. I have asked for a refund, but they just refer me to the online page. Doing that it says I have no transactions! Therefore they won't even refund the $25 even though they charged my credit card. Never again!

Posted on January 22, 2021 04:19 am

I've been used their online service for years and my last transaction just got canceled and my profile deleted. Without any reason. I'll neve use their service again. Just use other services like Western Union, Worldremit Paypal etc...

King Israel S Prioleau
Posted on January 01, 2021 03:14 pm

I tried to send money to my niece four days before Christmas. They cancelled my transaction and deleted my profile, leaving her wondering when the money was coming. I tried to find out why they cancelled it, and deleted my profile, but all they can say is for "security reasons." I am not a thief and my niece needed the money. WARNING: Please don't use this company find a better more reliable alternative.

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