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Irisnelda Seymour
Posted on July 14, 2021, 07:17 am


Posted on July 09, 2021, 06:09 am

DO NOT USE REMITLY. This company is completely incompetent. They were over invasive taking information before they would even attempt to send money. They said the transaction was complete but my recipient never got the money. They made us do all the legwork in trying to find out what happened and over three weeks later they told me it would be an additional 7-10 business days to simply get my money back (so for practically a month my money was held up). I talked or chatted with 15 or 20 different customer service agents and they never helped me out. They could not explain their fee structure (most of their profit is on exchange margin; make sure you understand this because they are not actually cheaper than other companies... companies that actually can perform the service).

Posted on April 28, 2021, 08:46 pm

Scammers, thieves, liars and cheaters!!! Please stop using this service immediately. We are struggling with a transaction which was supposed to be completed 5 days earlier and it is a big amount, just to give you a heads up that they are transferring small amount instantly but amount which are bigger than 500 CAD dollars are going to be a nightmare for all customers, go and read customer reviews, almost every single person is crying and struggling to get their money back from them and some individuals are even struggling to get their money back from them for the past 1 year. They have no Supervisor/Managers available to talk to us and the moment you ask for a Supervisor/Manager their CS will drop your call. When you call them they say their wait time is less than 5 min but it will take you anywhere from 15-25 min by the time they connect you with CS. I have phoned them more than 20 times and spend hrs and hrs with them and spoken with multiple reps(located in India, Philippines and South America) and they have no clue whatsoever about our transaction as to where our money is sitting at. All i have been hearing that it will take 24 hrs, 6 hrs, 2 business days and finally one rep told me 10 business days to investigate our transaction. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. SIMPLY SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES TO STAY AWAY FROM REMITLY.

Posted on April 22, 2021, 12:36 pm

You can be a Remitly customer and send thousands of dollars and then go through a verification process which you provide all the information and they say everything‘s fine you’re good for a whole year and then two months later they stop your transactions and want you to be verified all over again. You send them bank statements and government IDs and then they finally call you and ask stupid questions like what Like what is your direct deposit. You tell them it’s money you’re paid from work they keep asking stupid questions and then when they hang up they cancel your transaction lock your account and send you an email there was suspicious activity when there was no suspicious activity it was for verification again and again and again. You cannot talk to them on the phone. They cannot understand anything. They just repeat the same things over and over. There’s no such thing as being a good reliable customer you are not treated as a good customer. You are treated like you just showed up and they are suspicious of you

ala albouchi
Posted on March 31, 2021, 09:20 am

I wish I could give it 0 stars. This is a lousy app; money has never been received. Please don't use it—waste of time and money.

paul morgan
Posted on March 19, 2021, 12:56 am

Terrible Used them for over a year then all of a sudden I was locked out. They just decided something looked suspicious, not even the decency to ask me about it just closed the account with no dialogue and no warning . Wasnt even told it was closed until I tried to send and found out I couldent log in . Totally in considerate money grabbing service. Also one of themost expensive to use. My advice avoid them !!!

Posted on March 01, 2021, 11:39 am

I tried sending money using Remitly for the second time and they put it on hold. The had all my documents verified when I made my first transaction. But then they asked me for my residency proof and I provided my bank statement after which they blocked my account stating that they suspect something suspicious. I tried calling to the costumer service and I waited for 1h 13 minutes with the Virtual assistant but the call was never connected. When I tried chatting they said that they can't help me, they can't provide any reason for blocking my profile and asked me to use some other transfer service. There are many options available and I don't mind using any other services - but I think it's a scam to get your personal details first and then they use that to do something illegal after blocking you from using their service anymore.

Hai Le
Posted on February 04, 2021, 10:02 pm

I have used remitly for a year now. The service getting worse. It happens to to me over 7 times now with the worst experiences in my life. I send money to Vietnam through vietcombank and remitly helped me to do that. However I request to complete my transaction after 5 days of holding my money n not send it to my family. They first asked to submit my bank statements then paystuff within 90 days. I submitted the most recently to them then they ask me to send them another paystuff after 48 hours of waiting I called n ask for the update. Man, no one no remitly agents would know how to help! So I asked what happened to my money? They said that their partner hold on to it n have not yet processing it. I then told them it reached over 48 hours after I provide all documents they needed. All I received was “sorry, there is nothing we can do, it’s up to our partner”. I was like “ what?”, “when your partner has all what they required after 48 hours they don’t even do anything?”. Of course remitly agent couldn’t answer that simple questions. I don’t know what remitly can do for their customer when it comes to this! Remitly has no idea how to act or help to make sure their customers right is protected. Customer should have the right to check on, to know what happened to their money, to know what remitly do to keep their promises, and if you want to send money in urgent, remitly doesn’t worth to use! My advise, you should remove remitly app from your phone then call them and say bye!

Tuyet Nguyen
Posted on February 04, 2021, 05:49 pm

The WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever. I've been using it for a year using it for many transactions. But recently when I had an issue (I chose Express service, supposed to be Within 4 hours as on their advertising, but turned out 5 days as the Economy service), I tried to called few times to find the answer, they Kept Putting me on Hold for more than 15mins, and when I tried to reach out to them, they just Ignored me so that I would hang up the phone myself. Had to keep calling back

Posted on February 01, 2021, 11:08 pm

I never got a such worst experience with any other online money transfer.I used express mode to send money formedical emergency.Fund did not reach ontime as per expected delivery date/time and the medical emergency became serious issue due to thier delay. DO NOT TRSUT THEM AND TAKE A RISK OF YOUR BE LOVED ONES if you are sending for any medical emergency purpose.

Posted on January 29, 2021, 03:27 am

I transferred a big amount through Remitly from UK to India. Remitly confirmed that the funds have been delivered to my bank account in India so transaction has been completed. When I checked my India bank statement after almost a month, I couldn’t find the transaction and money. When I contacted Remitly customer service, the lady on customer service was very rude. She said the money has been sent to the account. When I told her that the money hasn’t been received in my India bank account and requested to identify where the money has gone, she refused to discuss any further details and said money has been sent and nothing can be done. When I contacted the bank in India they confirmed that the funds where sent back due to some error in the transaction. They also provided me a report of this returned transaction. Remitly accepted that the funds were returned when I supplied this report to them. Remitly held my money for almost around a month without my acknowledgement until I identified that the money hasn’t been transferred. Their app as well as the customer service person repeated confirmed that the funds had been delivered when that wasn’t the case. I required to chase up continuously with Remitly to get my money back and had a very stressful time. I will never use their service ever again.

syed t mumtaz
Posted on January 16, 2021, 12:25 pm

Not a good service..and customer service sucks. A big NO.

Posted on January 16, 2021, 12:35 am

I have been a Remitly customer for almost 3 years and have made 120 transfers to the Philippines. I had a brief issue about 2 years ago where they asked for bank statements. At the time I was disturbed by their untimely request for financial information. Yesterday my account was blocked after I transferred 44,500 PHP. The recipient is expecting the funds in the next couple of days and Remitly blocked the payment after issuing me with a payment receipt (which I had already forwarded onto the recipient). I tried to contact Remitly Sydney almost 20 times today and their phone service was not working. I managed to get another number online and had a faulty recorded message. To solve my issue the only choice was to use the Remitly chat option. I had several chat sessions and chatted with 5 Remitly representatives for at least 6 to 7 hours. They representatives were: Ela, Pradeepkumar, Princess, Geron, and Marinela. They kept on asking me the same questions... I uploaded many bank bank statements from different accounts. They didn't understand that MasterCard and Visa direct debit card numbers are different from the actual bank accounts they are linked to. Ohhh, man they tried my patience. My second last chat session was with Geron and it lasted for more than 1 hour. He claimed he had no knowledge of my previous sessions so I had to repeat my issue all over again for the fourth time. Two Remitly representatives I chatted with admitted the Sydney office had phone issues but not Geron. Geron kept on telling me my phone was ringing and I wasn't answering it. They behaved like suspicious investigators who had valid reasons for denying me my transfer to the Philippines and kept asking for more and more financial information. Don't rely on Remitly, they will gaslight you, frustrate your transactions, embarrass you and degrade your good name (with those who are expecting timely money transfers) WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. I will be making enquiries to see if I can make a formal complaint to the Banking Industry Ombudsman's Office and do my best never to use Remitly again. DO NOT TRUST REMITLY TO DELIVER. Tip for consumers: Their internal account security processes have false triggers which inappropriately cancel transactions in transit and lock your account. Then you have to spend days with their customer service staff (who are on the wrong pay grade to help) who cannot resolve the issues that the Remitly internal processes and systems cause. Products used: 120 Money transfers from AUD Australian dollars to PHP Philippine pesos. Mostly cash pickups and some direct transfers to bank accounts.

Posted on November 05, 2020, 11:36 am

Amazing rate, easy transfers. Use my referral link to sign up and receive bonus credits. Hurry up!

Samuel Wagner
Posted on October 26, 2020, 04:59 am

Don't use them. They take your money and never return it.

Jerry Benner
Posted on October 23, 2020, 01:30 pm

I sent a money transfer to Tanzania to Violeth Lothern who had received money previously so their info was already in the system. When they went to collect the cash their ID spelling of their name was in their tribal spelling and slightly different from the name on file. They were refused the money. That was on June 27, 2020 and I have spoken to 5 different agents who all declare this will be solved in 48 hours. I have never had a Case File to refer to and each time I start over with the entire story. I recently had a different friend visit the Bank Manager at the CRDB bank in Arusha, Tanzania and was told the funds were transferred back to Remitly. I really question why this does not get handled correctly, I am a regular user and have continued to send money to various people without any further issues, including to the intended recipient Violeth Lother as she had to pay wages for a Project I am managing.My transfer History still lists this tranaction asDeliveredwhichIhadconfirmeditwasnot!

fleapi f
Posted on September 29, 2020, 11:25 pm

I put on the trust at the begggining but now has turn the scam services, worst customer services with no help or clear answers to what you follow up with. I made transfer of $2500 CAD on August 15th unfortunately was failed to go through, I made cancellation and was expecting my refunds within 2 to 3 business days, as of today September 15th I have not received anything. I first email customer services and told me should received with 7 business days, then I waited until August 26th which should be the 7business days checking my account no refund, I called my bank to see if there was any pending funds from world remit and there was none and could see any deposited credited from them. I have been back and forth with emails and calling and they keep tell me finace department will send me anything as of today and I call them once I give my case number

Posted on August 21, 2020, 06:23 pm

Remitly promised to deliver the amount till a certain day which included the verification. However, they took more than promised time to verify the details and after verification extended the delivery date to two more days than the promised date. We are stuck now and recipient will be penalized of delayed payment

Posted on August 19, 2020, 02:06 pm

I have been using Remitly since couple of months and never faced any issues. One of the best and trusted platform for remittance worldwide.Use link for $15 discount

Davinder Singh Kanda
Posted on August 09, 2020, 11:48 pm

Totally fraud Totally scam I transfer on 22 July 2020 Still money which is big amount 1469$ not in the hands of receiver not in sender a hand . And we call 8 times yet they don’t know where money is is it childish game if they know the path how money travel how come they don’t know where money is secondly they send it’s somewhere in Mumbai a bank thirdly they said they are under their agents duity who is in India how come they treat with their clients I have all their written contents chats and recording proofs regarding various comments I ll surely sue them with proper my hospital notes of medical treatment of their harassment I ll not leave them like that

Posted on July 08, 2020, 12:09 pm

Worst service ever used in my life I transfer money 2 times in my brother account with small amount 3rd time i made a high amount transaction After one day it's showing still in progress Then got a msg from remitly ant my brother I'd. If u didn't have why u allowed previous transactions Chatted with them they are saying forcsecuritu reasons I attached and next day again asking for Id What the he'll is going on Ok again provided to Next day chatted with them nd reply is Indian bank is now reviewing the transaction Next day again pending transaction So better I went for cancellation I got advised money will be transferred into my account in 10 Business days It's all fraud and scam plz don't use this Just imagine out of 10 if they are using same policy with 2 customers and they have e.g. some hundred thousand customers And they hold some million $$$$$ for some customers for 10 to 15 days It's good source to generate interest income without inputting any capital With out raising money through shares No need to pay tax on this illegal interest money generated in black market Just keep customers money for some days and give it back to them It's Totaly fraud Plz don't use this They are not humans In this covid 19 time , I've to take care and support my family back in India As a common man , if our funds were not distributed on right time bcz of these people How we and our families got mentally harassed by these mafia people Plz don't use this fraudulent app

Posted on June 22, 2020, 04:22 pm

I see some names on here for Positive reviews is the same guy ,.. be aware... Remitly is a scam and they do their own Positive reviews. Search hte web for other reviews.

Nathan OShea
Posted on June 22, 2020, 01:16 am

So Bad, there's no Zero star option. I sent my first transfer and had to call them to confirm who i'm sending money too. Second transfer i need to submit my ID + Bank statement They then Cancel my transfer, Cancel my account. You can then not contact them, no email support, no live chat and no phone support. the first transfer took a week, when other transfer company's take no longer then 1 working day to Thailand. Waste of time and money dealing with these guys, avoid.

Posted on June 18, 2020, 05:13 pm

Posted on June 18, 2020, 05:13 pm

Remitly is the worst service provider I have seen so far. They are super fraudulent in their transactions. I initiated transactions with them on promotion rate, 5 transaction got cancelled, that too not immediately, you will know the status later. Then I initiaited one more, they asked for more info, I uploaded all the details, then they left a mail saying its on hold Still the site had a popup saying we need more info to complete the transaction, so I thought it will not work as I have provided all the info. 4-5 days passed nothing happened and after 18 days suddenly when the market rate was high they processed the transaction for 2999$, and all tht money went into an account in India to someone whom I had already transferred the money through other source when Remitly did not work. I was so surprised. Chatted to the customer care, they are of no use just saying transaction processed we are sorry. who the hell will wait for 20 days to transfer the money and that too when market rates are they are sending your money at a lower past promotional rate. This is the way they make money. They are disgusting, will waste your time on customer care , no point of escalation, they can deduct money from your account anytime. Never ever go with their services.

Posted on June 18, 2020, 07:18 am

I have been using Remitly since couple of months and never faced any issues. One of the best and trusted platform for remittance worldwide.Use the referral link to get instance 15$ credit and best rates on your first transaction. Referral link=

Posted on June 09, 2020, 03:31 pm

Using this for almost 2 yrs and always delivered the amount INTIME with Worry free remittance from USA ,Hope this was helpful and also u can use for 15$ Free discount on your transaction at remitely

Posted on June 04, 2020, 07:39 am

Hassle free remittance from USA. Best rates!

Posted on August 26, 2020, 08:50 pm
Thank you for trusting our service. We look forward to serving you again.

*Your Remitly Team
Vijay P
Posted on June 01, 2020, 02:01 pm

I signed up, sent in ID and sent some money to a friend (Gcash). I used online Chat for some help. Later it gets rejected. I try to sign in to Chat but it says my account is locked due to suspicious activity. (I just signed up earlier.) I follow the "Get Help" link and it goes to the Help section. It says Phone and Email are disabled due to COVID virus. Chat seems open but I have to login - but I CANNOT login. They have me stuck in a loop and no want to contact them. Did anyone there think of this situation or is this just a scam site? I left voice mail on their Seattle number but no return call. I don't understand how COVID impacts them. It is an online company.... people can work home on the computer and phone. I think based on what i read here and many other sites... its a scam.

Posted on May 21, 2020, 04:24 pm


Posted on May 19, 2020, 07:04 am

I signed up, sent in ID and sent some money to a friend (Gcash). I used online Chat for some help. Later it gets rejected. I try to sign in to Chat but it says my account is locked due to suspicious activity. (I just signed up earlier.) I follow the "Get Help" link and it goes to the Help section. It says Phone and Email are disabled due to COVID virus. Chat seems open but I have to login - but I CANNOT login. They have me stuck in a loop and no want to contact them. Did anyone there think of this situation or is this just a scam site? I left voice mail on their Seattle number but no return call. I don't understand how COVID impacts them. It is an online company.... people can work home on the computer and phone. I think based on what i read here and many other sites... its a scam.

Posted on May 12, 2020, 02:15 pm

Worst business ever, my payment of 850.00$ did not go through because I did not have a driver's license or a passport but the money was taken from my bank account , they cancel my transaction and now the want they want a transaction # which i don't have because the transaction never did go through, can't reach them due to the covid . They promise to deposit the money in my bank account and they said it would take 24 to 48 business day and still no money was refunded to me yet, went I did finally was able to talk to someone he did not even register our conversation on my file because went they answer me through email they dont have a clue about my case They give me the Mary go round for 10 days now , this company is not worth your precious time and its enough do drive someone over the edge, what a awful service they should be close as far as I know

Bilal Mohammad
Posted on May 05, 2020, 01:06 pm

My review is in regards to Transaction IDs R97471560296 and R25600808418 Horrible experience. Scheduled a payment, they asked for recipient ID which was provided, then they made some lame excuse of "suspicious activity" and canceled the transaction. Contacted support, the support agent told me "After careful review, this transaction was cancelled to ensure we comply with our Risk and compliance policies." I said this is very generic, give me a specific response that I can fix. she replied "well this is just verification processes we need to compliance" - again a generic response. I asked what is that they were unable to verify. she replied: "that is a process that makes risk department . If you want I can escalated the transaction to that department so you can received a contact from them I they can answer to that question in specifically way" I agreed and created another transaction. which was also canceled without being given any valid reason. Support was in broken English and mostly generic - the company failed to live up to the standards of customer service. I would very strongly advise everyone to find another source to transmit your money instead of wasting your time with these people and frustrating yourself and the receiver of the money.

Posted on May 03, 2020, 08:54 pm

Absolutely terrible, stay far far away! I initiated a transfer and was notified a few hours later that it was canceled, no reason given. All attempts to contact them were futile. And I can't even delete my account, I have been locked out. God help me now!

Posted on April 27, 2020, 08:44 am

They are cheaters company. Pls don't go for this remitly app. They took my Canadian $471 and so far no help and it's been a week. don't trust this company ever . Extremely worst experience ever

Mabel H
Posted on April 14, 2020, 11:47 am

Mabel reviewed Remitly “WEBSITE IS NOT USER FRIENDLY” 4/14/20 They wanted me to pay from my debit card which has no security code at the back. Canadian banks does not issue debit cards with security codes except if it is visa debit. I contacted Matt Oppenheimer, the owner to assist me to connect to my checking account so I can pay from it but he never budge. I have used World remit and Wave on several occasions and they dont ask for security codes on debit. Their system takes you straight into your checking account and they charge from it. Money is transferred to recipients in seconds but most of the time they have low exchange rates so I decided to try Remitly and I have regretted it. They promised a "locked in rate" but did not honour it. Their motto is "PROMISED DELIVERED" but it is just a "B.S."

Andrea Pena
Posted on April 14, 2020, 09:07 am

Por favor NO usen esta compañia. Transferi un dinero a mis padres el 4 de Abril y es 14 de Abril y aun no se lo han depositado. No tienen ningun tipo bueno de servicio al cliente. Esta compañia se esta aprovechando de las personas.

Posted on April 13, 2020, 07:50 am

Guys be careful as they have debited my account when I have canceled my transaction. This company offers no customer service and the support team is clueless and cannot provide any contact number of any senior management or support to correct their mistakes.

Posted on April 07, 2020, 02:38 pm

This was such a freaking nightmare!!! Just to send money and then to get any service, it just really sucks! Not to mention the fees are very misleading. They kept the transaction on hold for over 4 days!! There's no one on the phone and then the chat takes forever. I had over 99 people ahead of me. Waited for over an hour to get any help. I didn't want them to keep my money or charge my card. I don't trust this company. They asked for so much info like ID copy, card account statement and then they close the account. I used xoom, western union and it was so easy unlike remitly. I saved all the chats, receipts, in case. I really think it's a scam and they just gather your info. BEWARE!

Mohammed Ayub Khan
Posted on March 31, 2020, 05:27 pm

First time using Remitly and found very Good !! and timely transferred money to Pakistan to bank account, I will recommend to all to use their service.

Posted on March 29, 2020, 01:35 am

Absolutely terrible. Customer service does not respond. Charged my CC and then jerked me around for 2 days asking for more personal information until finally denying the transfer. CC Charge is still pending. I was simply trying to use a credit card to send $100 to Colombia. Avoid at all costs

Posted on March 16, 2020, 01:45 am

Staff were rude to me. Staff provided me with varying information (thanks for wasting my time). Staff asked me questions that are personal e.g. why did your transaction decline, and my employer’s details. I wouldn’t recommend Remitly.

Frank Fakir
Posted on March 06, 2020, 11:56 am

I would not recommend Remitly to my friends and family. They claim they won’t charge you fees to send money to Africa if you send $1000 or more. At best very misleading. They won’t let you send more than $900 per transfer because that is their limit to send money to Ghana. They charged me $4.99 for express service but my receiver got the funds on his mobile in 2 hours ( express fee $4.99). Remitly team associate took my private information. Passport ID the last 4 of my SS# then she decided to block my transfer because she didn’t like the answer I was sending money to my attorney in Africa. I am using a better app without paying for transfer fees n the money is transferred within 5 seconds not 2 hours and no interviews anytime you send money. I personally didn’t put up with their abuse and you should do the same.

Satish Vishwakarma
Posted on February 29, 2020, 06:57 am

I am consistently using Remitly since long...and the service is awesome. They are maintaining the same standard since long so I love it. Thanks Remitly for marvelous service.

Posted on February 20, 2020, 07:44 am

Remitly is 100% truly very worst money transfer service I have ever used. not even ok. it’s the worst service company I’ve ever interacted with. They showed front face good. but they are beyond the very worst. This third rate joke of a company has no place in the financial services industry. I use TransferWise & Transfat primarily and WesternUnion or MoneyGram once in a while in a pinch. I found out about Remitly and gave them a try and I cannot believe what I have just went through. The amount of time wasted. And the amount also cheated. without myself knowing confirmation transection, they confirmed my transfer processed. Now I got fine from the bank $450. its not small amount. The incompetence. I understand the need for outsourcing to India and the Philippines to pay people $100 a month to answer your calls. But do you have to hire the shoddiest most incompetent phone slaves in existence. Their call centers are a joke, who answer my call he is very rude(bullshit guy). please guys Stay far away!!! They are a joke! Not even remotely worth the time and pain to save a couple bucks.

Mahesh G
Posted on February 10, 2020, 05:47 pm

Not delivering money on time. It happened multiple times. First time when they mentioned as delivered but money not deposited. After multiple follow ups for a month, they deposited the amount. They waste the time by just sending emails to partner bank. And same issue happened again. There is some problem in their software for sure. The solution they have given for me is to remove the account of receipt and set it again every time when we send which doesn't make sense. So better don't trust it for better rate or just references. Want your money safe go and find some other options.

Posted on January 18, 2020, 02:28 pm

Bad experience I try for 3 times For refund I have to wait 10 working days!!!!

Posted on January 06, 2020, 02:06 pm

I’m writing this to prevent so many more people from experiencing the absolute headaches that Remitly causes over and over to their customers. Their Indian and Philippines call center employees are rude and incompetent, will leave you on hold for over an hour. And then laugh in the background when you complain. This company should be shut down as I’m sure they are violating numerous laws. BUYER BEWARE!

Posted on January 06, 2020, 02:05 pm

This service is atrocious. It is incompetent. Their customer service is rude, demeaning, and uneducated. Please save yourself the pain and use a different way of sending money. I made them refund my last transfer after the storm of @!#%#$% I had to go through just to send some money. They should be banned. Read the reviews on RipOffReport or Pissedconsumer or here or any other place.. 1000s of negative reviews

Naveen Kumar
Posted on January 04, 2020, 04:36 am

I have been using Remitly for the last 4 years , all of my transactions have been smooth till date , they have never delayed the remittance even by a single day. Also, the exchange rate is always the best , at least when ever i have used their service. Recommend this.


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