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Taptap Send Payments Co Reviews

Muhammad Asif
Posted on June 12, 2024 05:04 am

My transaction has been completed, but the amount I sent is not reflecting in the beneficiary's account. This means that, although the system shows the transaction as complete, the money has not actually been sent to the beneficiary's account. Additionally, customer service is not providing support. Is there any way to get my money back?

Posted on May 18, 2024 02:06 pm

Posted on March 18, 2024 03:28 pm

Is there a way you could rate less than 1 star? I just realised it is a dupery. Your first transaction is alaways successful afterwards it’s a mistake. You will call and email them they always have problems with their partners locally in every country. Don’t use tap tap send you are on your own as you can’t even raise a complaint to whoever. It’s pure theft as they say they will refund after 3-5 days later on they say they can’t refund If you wish to loose your money, your nerves and all the negativity keep using it.

Posted on March 12, 2024 03:49 am

The transaction has been done for 2 days, but it has not gone yet, and when you complete the transaction, there is only one sentence.verry bed service

Posted on March 04, 2024 08:04 am

Please I don't know what's going on since 20th February,2024 I was sent money via tapsend.. I haven't seen anything You guys have taken the money from his bank account so what's stopping you from transferring it to me?... He worked hard for that money and you guys don't even know why he sent it... please look into this, we have tried reaching your team concerning the failed transactions and you kept saying the same thing. It's not fair... You can't set up an app and scam innocent people of their sweat just because they want to patronise you.someone recommended this app to us... do better please Our transaction id : 1667739492351480431

Posted on October 20, 2023 05:44 am


Posted on October 20, 2023 05:41 am


Posted on October 20, 2023 05:27 am

Hello Guys, my remittance is almost 7 days now and you are telling me that it has been highlighted,escalated...But til now there is no solution and definite date...SO BAD....

Posted on October 18, 2023 11:32 pm

So bad, 6 days until now it was not remitted/received by the recipient.Also,they didnt know the solution.

Posted on September 19, 2023 06:30 pm

Don't waist your time sending money through Tatap Send they unreliable, when you send money it will pending, sometimes over 24 hours, it's a very BAD application, find a different Application for sending money, not Tap Tap.

Dennis kebaso
Posted on August 20, 2023 05:16 am

Its been two days my transaction pending I and taptap keep on giving same story technical issue .have done a test on same number today and send money and it got delivered so am wondering whats this technical issue or am scammed .truly cheap is expensive ill stick to wave anyway anytime .taptap customer care very unprofessional same lie each time you call

Abdul Rahman
Posted on August 15, 2023 08:21 pm

it's very bad company for 4 months i transferred money via tap tap but they booked money from my account because of the technical error transferred didn't work but still didn't get my money back until now

Posted on August 15, 2023 02:25 am

Taptap send is an unfinished project and they are very careless of customers. Do not send your money through here!!! Initially I thought they will send money only to mobile money account but no, they will transaction to any phone number even if the user to not have an active mobile money account. I initiate a transaction base on the understanding that the transaction will not go through if the user doesn’t have an active mobile money account Mistake (unfinished app). With fess hours that the receiver told me that they can access the funds, I tried to cancel but again another issue here (customer do not have ability to cancel a transaction even within one minute of completion). I check the cancellation request process and contacted via email, WhatsApp and even call. Over a week of my request the transaction is still not canceled and they will give the same status of my request being escalated to their partner in Cameroon pending response (unprofessional and careless) they have not been able to set real expectations on when I will have my money back so this can take months!!! This money was for my mom health emergency and I can’t having back on time for her bills and médecines. Please do not use this app to send your money it will at your own risk, because they will not be able to assist you in case of issues with your transaction. Zero customer service!! Run with your money !!!

Posted on July 23, 2023 12:04 pm

My money has not reached southeast bank (Bangladesh) even after giving bank statements they are not giving importance. Why is Tap Tap partner bank Brac bank not transferring money in Bangladesh please check … ID 1495264847477084753…really bad …

Posted on June 16, 2023 08:15 pm

Great promotion - free money! Easy to use. Zero Fees! -The only thing is - it's a fraud! Bait and switch. All Taptap Send wants is your / my personal information and possibly to defraud you from your money. They have no intention to send / remit the cash, that's why such a ""good perks. 2 minutes Instant Transfer - to take money out of your account but not for funds received at the other end. Three hours later - Transfer fail due to "technical" reason. I'm calling in. No explanations of what those reasons might be. In the end because of my complaining my account is terminated. And the reason - that I won't have access to the account and won't be able to provide the transaction ID! This is illegal and fraudulent!

Posted on June 16, 2023 11:23 am

I have been using remittance services for years now and have never had a faster and smoother experience so far, Tap tap send nailed it. All they asked was debit card (I feel safe with it as - if something fishy we can dispute, with ACH it won't be is my belief) and DOB. Receiver's contact and account...

Posted on June 14, 2023 04:45 pm

A few observations from my funds transfer to India: 1. Easy to use 2. Zero Fees - Great 3. No ACH option (would love to have ACH feature) 4. 2 minutes / Instant Transfer - True for taking money out of your account but not for funds received at the other end. Personally, this is considered illegal i.e. deceiving the customer with inaccurate information from banking regulations perspective. More transparency is needed if you want to be successful in this industry. 5. I will update my review once the funds is received in India.

Posted on June 14, 2023 10:53 am

Amazing service. It's literally Tap, Tap and Send! It's straightforward and my remittance is delivered within minutes!


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